Ailia Mira

Ailia Mira

Ailia Mira expresses as merged channel, a writer, and an artist. As a walk-in* she offers a unique perspective for integrating divine essence with biological matter. She is a catalyst for remembering, reorienting and reclaiming your expanded capacities and her work is available through Expect Wonderful. Ailia is an embodied member of the Council of Radiant Light. She is an Angelic being and her essence is Divine Composition. She functions as a Divine Capacitor; her presence seems to catalyze expansion, elevation and increased capacity in those she encounter. She creates space for light to move to the next higher level of expression.

Ailia is a conscious, merged channel for Higher Light Beings, particularly the other members of the Council of Radiant Light. She also channels Archangel Michael and works with various Brotherhoods/Group Minds as well as the Galactic Dragons.  She loves to connect and co-create with other planetary transition team members.

Expect Wonderful was founded by Meredith Murphy, the previous occupant in this body and also an also an embodied representative of the Council of Radiant Light. Once complete, Meredith walked out and Ailia walked in (Mar-May, 2013).  All the work shared by Expect Wonderful up until May 2013 was created by Meredith — an entirely different soul in this body. Everything from May 2013 onwards, is an expression of Ailia

Ailia lives in sunny Southern California with her Border Collie Lily, and 2 Siamese Cats - Oberon and Sofie. She loves flowers, animals, trees and water…beauty and light inspire her.

For details on the "pay-what-you-want" Freedom Fests, the Conscious Channeling Program, Membership in the Legion of Light, as well as individual appointments and other programs, please visit her website: or her interactive Facebook page

*A walk-in is just another way of coming onto the planet; a benevolent form of birth. A walk-in is not the original soul/spirit in the body. A walk-in comes in all at once, or over a period of time and the previous soul “walks-out.” 

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