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13 August, 2017Avalon Returns Through the Solar Eclipse412
Goddess Light
16 August, 2017Broken Biscuits 315
Sarah-Jane Grace
14 August, 2017Which Side of the Veil Are You On?522
Uriel Heals
9 August, 2017Sirian Lyran Lion's Gateway: NEW Star Codes have been Delivered 1393
Lisa Transcendence Brown
13 August, 2017Energies of Now 1020
Kara Schallock
14 August, 2017Micro to Macro Dream Time789
Brenda Hoffman
12 August, 2017The Eclipse Doorway - Your Opportunity to Step Forward2071
13 August, 2017Inspiration for the Week - Grounding Excess Energy -953
Shanta Gabriel
13 August, 2017Weekly Forecast: August 13 - 19, 2017956
Karmic Tools
5 August, 2017Dissolving The Shell 1472
Ann Albers
1 June, 2017The Dial to Nowhere788
Alan Cohen
11 August, 2017Heavenletter #6104 There Is a Preciousness in Life539
10 August, 2017The Principle of Spiritual Energy Generation990
Owen Waters
5 August, 2017Lion's Gateway Focus1763
Lisa Transcendence Brown
10 August, 2017Future Forming1184
Jamye Price
29 July, 2017Open The Doorway 1354
Ann Albers
1 August, 2017Perfecting Your Skills As A Co-Creator1462
Ronna Herman
9 August, 2017The AHA Moment – Help and Divine Assistance1436
Uriel Heals
8 August, 20178~8 Lion's Gate Portal to Embody Your Soul's Highest Reality2430
Shanta Gabriel
5 August, 2017Empathy's Purpose820
Rebecca Couch
7 August, 2017From Emotional Upheaval to Discovery1246
Brenda Hoffman
7 August, 2017August's Partial Lunar Eclipse1692
Lynda Hill
6 August, 2017Inspiration for the Week - What is in Your Consciousness? 971
Shanta Gabriel
7 August, 2017Weekly Forecast + Eclipses: Aug 6 – 12, 20171327
Karmic Tools
17 July, 2017Your Reality and A Balanced Frequency1264
Goddess Light
3 August, 2017Eclipses, Emotions & Expansion2204
Dana Mrkich
4 August, 2017Life Under A Lunar Eclipse: Nothing Is Quite As It Seems2927
Sarah Varcas
1 August, 2017August 2017 Energy Report: Incoming Energies That None of Us Could Fore-See3356
Lisa Transcendence Brown
2 August, 2017Empowering the Easy Way1066
Ailia Mira
3 August, 2017Divine Communication1030
Jamye Price