The Spark is Lit

The following was channeled Easter morning, Sunday, April 16.

Dear Ones,

Today is a joyous day and an example of the possibilities for your earth. For different reasons, today is one of peace and joy for many – peace and joy that is echoing throughout the globe as you prepare for the coming days ahead.

Perhaps you do not feel joy for you are not of a particular faith or you do not sense a reason for joy during this time of chaos. It does not matter for even those who do not understand the ‘vibes’ of joy, proclaimed throughout Christianity today, are receiving them. For indeed, any spark of light is now expanded far beyond what you of the earth expect.

That is not to say that the spark of joy fire if you will, will remain lit, only that you can use that spark to increase the flame. For many of you are upset about recent earth happenings and have not yet envisioned those pieces stopping or even slowing down.

Today the global spark was lit. Tomorrow is when you will begin to sense – not necessarily see – but sense, the world shifting in ways you did not expect to happen for quite some time.

Those of you not of a Christian faith or any organized faith are wondering why this particular Easter day is so instrumental. Suffice it to say that this religious holiday of joy is happening at the same time that joyful energies are pummeling earth.

The spark has occurred. And what follows will surprise even the most ‘jaded’ among you. For that which seemed lost, will be found. And that which appeared heavy and irretrievable will shift.

The spark of today – Easter, the former ‘heathen celebration’ adopted by Christianity – is the spark for which you have waited.

Perhaps you will not sense anything for a few days. Or maybe you are feeling joyful as you read these words. It does not matter for the spark has been lit.

All that is required of you is to fan the fire, the spark, by delving more deeply into your joy. For even those with the heaviest thoughts prefer experiencing joy more than fear.

Some of you believe that our last statement is contrary to all you have learned about those wishing to remain in control over others financially, politically, or personally. Such is true. But that was then.

There will indeed be a few holdouts – those who wish to remain solidly in 3D for this lifetime. But as of today, their numbers are greatly diminished. And this you will note even via your media coverage.

This is indeed a day of joy which will continue throughout your life on earth in this lifetime. For you have been ‘playing’ with the fire of joy without creating a spark much larger than yourself and a few friends.

Today that spark is the start of the global fire of joy. Allow that to be. Knowing that your only role is to remain joyful so others ‘catch’ the fire of joy within you. And knowing that such is not only possible but commendable.

So it is you have completed yet another phase in this ever-widening path of joy and love.

You are all miracle workers in the largest sense of the phrase. Allow yourself to accept your piece of this miraculous tapestry knowing that the tapestry has become much larger the past few hours because of your ongoing efforts.

Perhaps you are now wondering how you will verify our proclamation. Such is not necessary. You do not need to count, monitor, probe, or even expect. For such is so. So be it Amen.



Rayofhelios 18th April 2017 2:26 pm

Ahhhh! Now we're at it! I woke this morning, and I came outside to sit in the morning quiet by myself (partner upstairs readying for work, and me just having heard I have the day off work with no responsibilities, really, except to do what I love most; contemplate life and ideas and commune with myself about what life is about.

I looked out over our garden; noted how much growth has occurred since planting a few weeks ago. And then I just looked out through my own eyes and watched my solitude unfold; silent gentle breezes shifting the new budded leaves of the maple tree, birds swooping by...seeing the white towel on the cloths line also moved by invisible air that shows another evidenced manifestation of life which I take for granted.

In all this, I thought, "I do love my life," and it's only very recently that I could even seriously think this and mean it!

Is this a Miracle?! What died at the time of my conception...and continued to die through all my trials and tribulations and is, now, resurrected FINALLY and allows me to see life?!

Perhaps, now I know. Thank you, Lord!!


kitegirlcoach 18th April 2017 7:37 pm

#Rayofhelios beautifully described! Here in Sydney, I have had one of those "wired" periods again for the past 3 days (since Sunday). Very little sleep, though I've moved beyond being grumpy about it and realised I don't actually need it. Very little to eat. Lifted, happy. For a while now I've been feeling completely stuck about what I want to work on next. The New Years insight and resolution was to take up what I've missed so very much throughout 18 years of child raising. Dance!
Three weeks ago I was introduced to the most wonderful flamenco teacher. The money arrived in time to do her classes for all of this month. I've now done 3 as they are once a week after not flamenco-ing for more than 25 years. The body doesn't look like it used to and doesn't move quite so easy - yet - but, my goodness the rhythm stirring in me is a spark lit just like in this article.
Last night's lesson the teacher brought in two guest teachers, both from Spain here for a few months. I cried all the way home I was so very grateful to have been in their company. Magnificent young dancers! I'm on my way.

Annabelle Drumm
Sharing changes in the World Shift of Consciousness

Brenda Hoffman 19th April 2017 5:46 pm

Dear RayofHelios,
Creating more miracles as the unexpected becomes part of our daily life. And so you have.

What a wonderful message, RayofHelios! Thank you for sharing with us and infusing your beacon of love and life with the joy of being!
Blessings, Lots of Love and Joyful Sparkles,

Brenda Hoffman 19th April 2017 5:51 pm

Hi Annabelle,
Another seeming miracle announcing the joy of life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!
Blessings, Lots of Love and Dancing Sparkles,
PS. I haven't allocated much time to my computer inbox lately as I've been having way too much fun playing, lunching, giggling and laughing - plus like RayofHelios, checking my flowers and reading great books as I lazily watch butterflies flutter about. Life is indeed good.

Rayofhelios 20th April 2017 8:39 am

Brenda and Annabelle,

Thank you both for sharing what is so very encouraging. It IS encouraging to be part of be drawn in by name and being given...being handed a story that validates, and knowing what was offered was seen as the same.

This is a very precious seeing the invisible breezes moving leaves on trees or cloths on the closths line while being aware that, too is a mirricle; not just the physical manifestation of wind moving a thing (or two), but the AWARENESS of it.

I never really acknowledged how that worked until recently, and here yet again, I'm aware of movement caused by a power I can't see but can feel in my very heart. Isn't that what this is about?

It's simple. And it's humbling.

Thank you both, again, for validating "Mirricles."


Brenda Hoffman 22nd April 2017 10:26 pm

Dear RayofHelios,
And so it is that miracles - big and small in our view - are our now part of our earth lives.
Blessings, Lots of Love and Ongoing Sparkly Miracles,


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