Your Role is to Prove New Earth is Reality

Dear Ones,

Even though you might not yet have created something of great importance to you, you have started the process of doing so. Have you not found yourself dreaming endlessly about a particular physical manifestation? By doing so, you formalized your biggest dream for yourself.

If you have delayed this piece by sending energy to daily issues, do not fret. It is not yet time for you to focus on your dream.

Those of you who have felt the need to focus – despite your surprise that such a dream is upper-most in your mind – have more than started your process.

Many of you think such is similar to your 3D creation lessons. That is true to a certain extent – for many of you, including Brenda, did create what you dreamed of in your 3D life after much time and effort. Your new earth creation process is much more rapid and easier. For you no longer need to move through layers of naysayers – including yourself – to create that which you dream of.

Perhaps you do not yet believe you will create your dream piece in the near future for it has not yet been proven to you by you. Besides, what does ‘near future’ mean? Next week? Nest year? Tomorrow?

Before you can fully believe and help generate that belief in others, you must create your dream. That is your ‘job’ now.

Many are waiting in the background to see if you can prove your new life and skills by creating something extraordinary. It does not matter what your dream is. You merely have to note what you have thought/dreamed of the past few days and you will know what it is you need to create for yourself in your physical world.

If you remember from last week’s channel, you will most likely create something extraordinary to you and others in your physical world, before you venture to other dimensions and venues.

Some of you will create health. Others financial abundance. Others a new relationship. And on and on. Only you know what dream has filled your head the past few days. That dream is what you want/need to create to fully attach yourself to this new earth transition.

For it has been somewhat difficult for you to believe in this new earth as you learn of countries and other humans acting out 3D hostilities and of still other entities ill and hungry.

Even though you have deep faith in this transition, that faith is tested daily – which is little different from various religious denominations that state all will be well tomorrow, after earth death or sometime in a future that never arrives or arrives so long after the dream that you are not certain you created it.

So it is that you must – Is not that a fun thought? – allow yourself to create the item you have dreamed of very soon. Then you and others will know without a doubt that this is a new world and you have entered your new life.

You are beyond the dreaming, moving on faith piece you held for eons – or in this life for decades. It is time to prove to yourself and others that new earth is not a faith-based transition, but a transition based in the reality of now.

So it is you must create your dream for yourself and others. Is that not a wonderful task for you to complete?

Now some of you fear you are not able to complete this part of your new earth role. That you are creation handicapped. Such thoughts are merely eons of fear coming to the surface.

You do not need to sit in a darkened room meditating, praying or something similar. You have dreamed your dream the past few days. Now it is time for you to create.

Your various segments, cells and dimensional beings know full well that you must create your dream now – and all are playing together to create that dream. Allow that to be. And know that your piece is, in a way, complete. For you have dreamed your dream loudly and profusely throughout your being the past few days. Your segments are now wrapping your dream and sending it to you.

Your only requirement is to tell others of your dream fulfillment in whatever way is right for you. For others are in the emotional place you have been – wondering if new earth is merely a dream. Your job in the next few days is to prove that new earth is reality.

Not everyone is at this creation stage. For many of you, several dreams bounce back and forth, but none are concise. When your time arrives, know that you will focus on the one piece most important to the new earth you, despite other areas that seem to need your focus also.

So it is that it is time for those of you now in the spotlight to create the one dream that has consumed you the past few days – and to share your fulfilled creation with others. So be it. Amen.


nikos.v.3 16th September 2014 7:15 am


dreaming Freedom

( : <- This is not me.|

Emma852013 16th September 2014 9:55 am

Thank you Brenda :smitten:
I am dreaming of love and have been spreading it high and wide, yet the one who is closest to me doesn't seem to understand it. So I'm dreaming of a mutual loving relationship, praying for it actually, as I have been for days, months, probably years.

Blessings to all, may all live their dream, their highest and brightest reality!



Ant 16th September 2014 11:08 am

Brenda, your messages are always full of hope. If your messages are from the Angels, why then are some Angels' messages full of doom? Specifically, Christina Lunden's article in today's Spirit Library. Have the Angels talked to you of WWIII and the horrors that are coming?


Brenda Hoffman 16th September 2014 1:19 pm

What a wonderful dream for us all Nikos! Thank you so much.
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,

Brenda Hoffman 16th September 2014 1:29 pm

Hi Ant,
My messages are from me of the past, present and future with a few 'guests' thrown in here and there.

I've never been concerned or frightened of 'dark' energies and have never experienced any issues about, with, for or in frightening energies for the past 40 years.

But then, I've made a concentrated effort to not accept messages of gloom and doom - that's just me. Others need/want to explore those aspects for various reasons.

There's no right or wrong, merely messages that feel most right for you.
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,

Brenda Hoffman 16th September 2014 1:31 pm

Hi Emma,
Great! A specific dream. You're on your way. I'm wondering if the one closest to you won't shift somehow - into a more loving pattern or move on so you can create the love you want. Fascinating times indeed.
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,

Peter fox 16th September 2014 3:12 pm

Hi Brenda- I have never dreamed of anything specific but Nikos' comment
got me thinking and I think freedom is also what I think I really want together with experiencing "the peace that passes all understanding" My
Instinct tells me that from this base we will be able to manifest anything
we like on the material plane although the paradox will be (always a paradox!) that we won't feel the need to! Joy,itself,will be the greatest gift.
By the way I,too, have been very tired lately- feels to me like lots of our
energy is needed to process the accelerating rate of this transition.
I had my first (introductory!) feeling today of "being in the world but not of
it"- as usual with these things it didn't last that long but WOW! that did
feel like freedom! Thanks Nikos! Keep up the great work,Brenda, and love to all! Peter.

Brenda Hoffman 16th September 2014 4:14 pm

Hi Peter,
I loved Nikos' comment too. Freedom to be is indeed what we're all moving to and in. And that freedom includes anything and everything that gives you joy. How wonderful is that! WOW is sooooooooo right.
Blessings, Love and Sparkles to You and All!

spiritdiver 16th September 2014 8:49 pm

I dream of a life filled with peace and joy. And as many of you say the freedom- Personally for me to receive, appreciate and really experience the beauty of all the realms spiritually and nature spirits supporting this in and around me. For that deep passionate love in me and also shared with another (in addition to my son and others) in my life. And, to give of this gift in being a creative spirit of light myself. I am grateful to the universe and source for leading me in this direction and I am asking to continue to open to that perfect place of love, abundance and acceptance and always continued greater awareness.. To be light, happy, creative and free.. Ok, Brenda, (so much thanks to you and your message!) and for others to see and experience this in me! I think it's happening, I am heading this way..

kdawn 17th September 2014 5:35 am

Thanks Brenda,

I'm sort of "caught between two worlds", if you will. I've had repeated messages to focus on what I want (& possibly to even recreate the past...or how I think of it anyway). But then I've also seemed to be led to work on integrating emotions from childhood. Though I've focused on that so much, & I really don't want to give more energy to that. Perhaps it's just to get me to realize to allow the emotions to flow and embrace the child as we create the new.

I keep feeling like I must deal with the past because I seem to attract more trauma/drama. But then it could just be that my focus on the past is what's been attracting it, and my focusing on the new will just take a bit to come into form, as I focus more on that and raise my vibration to match it.

I've focused on my dream for many years...but so much unbelievable stuff has happened that I'm left barely able to function & wondering how I ever signed up for this. :crazy2 Guess it's brought up all that "not good enough" stuff from childhood. So I'm back at square 1. :)

We are being made & creating aNEW tho', right? :-\\\\

nikos.v.3 19th September 2014 2:02 pm

kdawn, does the idea to master the emotional sounds good to you?

One other idea I have is that sometimes "a pebble" .. a planet or an aspect in the sky is being moved so to speak and feels like "all of the difference".



Brenda Hoffman 21st September 2014 10:32 am

That's wonderful Spiritdiver!! Thank you so much for sharing.

I apologize for the delay in answering your wonderful transition sharing - we've been out of town since Wednesday.
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,

Brenda Hoffman 21st September 2014 10:38 am

Dear KDawn,
Yes, we're creating a new path and yes, you're on the right track.

Just allow yourself to be - which is extremely difficult with that past stuff as I well know. But maybe the most direct path to your new being is thru your old emotional stuff.

I'm thinking that your wonderful line,"Perhaps it's just to get me to realize, to allow the emotions to flow and embrace the child as we create the new." is your inner being speaking to you.

I wish I could wave a magic wand for you and all others who are working thru their pain. I so hoped for that when I was working thru mine. Blessings to you as you move thru them.
Love Brenda

Brenda Hoffman 21st September 2014 10:40 am

Thank you Nik!
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,

LordJesusChrist 21st September 2014 8:43 pm

The Good Force be with you!

Nice posts, Brenda! Thanks for sharing & keep it up!
For the believers, today is a new heaven & a new earth!

Live forever & prosper! Alleluia! Amen!
:smitten: :coolsmiley :angel: :thumbs:

Master Melvin M. Lusterio also known as the One True Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God
Lamb*Spirit*King of The New Jerusalem forever...!

Brenda Hoffman 22nd September 2014 5:43 pm

Hi Master Melvin/LordJesusChrist,
I'm so pleased you resonated with my blog this week. Thank you.
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,


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