Channelings featured on Spirit Library

Many of the pages on Spirit Library contain 'channeled' information. In this page we want to help those who are not familiar with this practice understand what a channeling is.

About Channeling

Channeling is the process of communicating with any consciousness that is not in human form by allowing that consciousness to express itself through an individual, the channeler.

The most common form of communication with non-physical consciousness has been with people who have passed on, but that is usually referred to as "mediumship" rather than channeling. Channeling usually refers to accessing higher knowledge in order to support spiritual growth and to gain greater clarity about one's life.

Channelling is a method used to access information from entities that are supposedly more evolved and could therefore enlighten us as we move through the evolution of consciousness and back to source.

TitleAuthor / GroupEntity / EntitiesDate
The Obligations of Being & Doing
Uriel Heals
Archangel Uriel
15 July, 2014
Reopening the Pleiadian StarGates and Earth/Star Being Reconnection 333
Shekina Rose / Blue Ray
The Blue Ray
15 July, 2014
Landing on Your New Path
Karen Downing
6 July, 2014
Heavenletter #4970 Lily-like Sensitivity
4 July, 2014
The Purpose of Money in the Material
Expect Wonderful
Archangel Michael
3 July, 2014
Accessing the Wisdom of Your Heart
Shanta Gabriel
Archangel Gabriel
27 June, 2014
Dimensional Potential
Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
The Council of Light
26 June, 2014
Money and Abundance
Jeshua Channelings
Mother Mary
24 June, 2014
Inspiration for the Week - Be grateful For all That You Are
Shanta Gabriel
Archangel Gabriel
22 June, 2014
A Powerful Triple Realignment Is Here!
Center of the Sun
The Star Elders
20 June, 2014
Heavenletter #4954 Your Soul Does Not Take Offense
Gloria Wendroff
18 June, 2014
Pause and Redirect
Carolyn Ann O'Riley
Archangel Michael
17 June, 2014
June 2014 Solstice: Got Bumpy Lately?
Joy and Clarity
Saint Germain
17 June, 2014
We are Not Complete Without You
Pamela Kribbe
Mother Mary
16 June, 2014
Stop Energy Vampires In Their Tracks
Center of the Sun
The Star Elders
15 June, 2014