Housework: Finding joy in routine tasks

I spent the morning doing dishes, baking a cake, washing and folding laundry, and cleaning floors and countertops.  And… I enjoyed every minute of it.  Now, before you think I may have lost my mind, keep reading .

Over the years I’ve found that doing household tasks can be a pleasurable experience when I have the time to enjoy them.  If I’m rushed, they become a nuisance and a chore.  Now that I’m home for the summer, I’ve found great satisfaction in working in my garden, sweeping floors, washing, drying, and folding laundry, and organizing spots around the house that have become a bit too cluttered.  With space and energy, household tasks can actually feel like a self-care practice – the chance to quietly be with my thoughts, a great way to stretch my body, and the opportunity to create the kind of order and cleanliness that brings me joy and peace of mind.

A week ago, I posted a note on Facebook about finding pleasure in doing laundry, and I was surprised to see how many comments my note received.  Seems there are a whole bunch of us who enjoy household tasks.  People said things like:

Washing dishes helps me experience the present moment.

Ironing my partner’s shirts gives me a chance to share my love.

Doing laundry gives me a sense of accomplishment.

Weeding my garden gives me wonderful time in nature.

My household routines make me feel grounded and secure.

Keeping the main rooms picked up creates beauty all around me.

For me, doing routine household tasks has become a powerful way to quiet my left brain so I have access to wisdom, insight, and terrific creative ideas.

So, how about you?  Ready to fall in love with housework? Now don’t groan.  Instead, read this week’s Take Action Challenge and discover something unexpected!

Take Action Challenge

This week, take a block of time when you don’t feel rushed and choose a household task to enjoy.  You might clean out a closet while listening to music, sweep the floors in a rhythmic pattern, or wash and dry dishes in the peace of absolute silence.  You never know, you might discover a joyful act of self-care that you’ve long forgotten .

Check out this video from Nancy where you get to see what happens when robins build a nest and have babies.  It’s great! You’ll find it here.  Thanks, Nancy!



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