Cutting Edge Consciousness Show

Cutting Edge Consciousness Show

This radio series (and YouTube Videos) examines new ideas, exploring new ways to think of, and view, the world. Film-maker Barnet Bain ("What Dreams May Come", "Celestine Prophecy" etc.) joins life coach and author Freeman Michaels to discuss the "cutting edge" of consciousness.  They are bringing together thinkers from many areas and disciplines to discuss the human experience. From scientists to philosophers, from theologians to sociologists, they are looking at old questions with new and exciting information, bringing you some of todays great visionaries to probe the possibilities and ponder our human potential.

Barnet and Freeman have a unique relationship with many of today's thought leaders.  These are more than just interviews they are wonderful conversations.  Jean Houston, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Don Miguel Ruiz, Gary Zukav, Jack Canfield, Will Artnz, Lynne McTaggart, and many others have joined them on the show.

The show airs on KVTA (1590  AM) in Southern California along with the Unity.FM network, Stitcher Radio and iTunes.


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