Being Alone: Why Mastery Involves Times of Solitude

Greetings Beloved!I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and we welcome this gathering. We surround each of you in a specially created vector of Unconditional Love. A vector of nonlinear space that is uniquely opened as each of you read these words from your own space and chosen time.

The present phase of linear time on your planet is a uniquely opportune juncture for self-review and chosen solitude. Masters many of you, particularly those above the age of 49, the seventh 7 year cycle, find yourselves in a state of solitude, after spouses have passed, relationships terminated and marriage contracts have ended. And although this path is at times quite lonely, quite difficult and may feel 'unnatural' for many of you, it is with purpose. So we tell you to use this time wisely, embrace it. You are on the cusp of a great graduation.

Now there is a recurring message in many of your religious texts that says "For everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven"

Indeed there is a time for solitude. Divine Solitude is a noble condition, and one that offers quantum leaps in terms of growth, when understood, and recognized for its profound purpose.

You see the Divine-Self is ultimately, conclusively alone in its final pursuit of omnipotence.

In your terms, the soul enters the earth alone, and the spirit departs the earth alone. Ascended Masters that walk the Earth, have for millennia sought solitude in their incarnations before achieving Mastery. So it is with many of you now.

Dear Ones, Many of you who find yourself alone at this time, are of the belief that you must find a partner. Many of you seek your 'soul mate' your twin flame. Yet we tell you, in many cases among the advanced souls, you are alone because you have planned it. Indeed it is a special and noble undertaking. It is time for Divine Solitude.

Solitude for those seeking sanctified light, for those seeking, what is termed 'consecrated enlightenment' chose specific periods in their life plan, to be alone for a time. This does not mean you will always be in solitude, it simply means for a time you have chosen it to 'work on the self'; to achieve self love. Among souls seeking Mastery, approximately one of every three or four lifetimes, is a lifetime chosen for solitude.

Loving the SELF is a Requirement

Love of self is a condition that many, especially those from Christian heritage, have lost. Christianity with its teachings of original sin taught you that you were flawed in your nature, that you needed forgiving. You spent lifetimes prostate asking forgiveness for who you are. You lost your sense of your divinity, and found it easier to give than to receive. Balance was forfeited.

Now, we tell you that as the Earth transforms to the new Crystalline Age, the nature of energy resonance and the dimensional grasp of the planet is expanded. There is a lessening of the influence of duality/polarity for those of you that choose to extend beyond the third dimension.

You may ask whether solitude or partnerships bring greater advancement to the soul. The question is timely and especially pertinent for many of you in the dawn of the Ascension.

The short answer is that both coupling and solitude have their divine purpose.... and we underline the word BOTH. Much is gained in being in committed loving relationship. This is the natural circumstance in most sojourns on the plane of Earth.

But Masters, we tell you that there is also great purpose also in solitude. It is in fact a requisite.

It is no error that great numbers of you on the finals steps of the path of enlightenment are alone in this period. Now is the prelude to the coming Ascension. If you are among these, we tell you that perhaps your solitude is appropriate. Perhaps it is as it should be. You see it is how many of you planned it.

Yet many of you feel that the loneliness is too much to bear and that you must pursue a partner...the elusive twin flame. Dear Souls, there is much confusion around the concept of the twin flame, the 'soul mate', and the role and nature of optimal partnership in Mastery of Self.

Solitude and Nondependency

Solitude is intended to be a period of sublime reverence of self. Your life and your experience in this plane is your own creation, your own living tapestry, woven by your individual belief. Within solitude, the soul is prompted into self-review, and opportunity is given to dive deeply into the deep waters that flow within you. To swim in the ocean of SELF, and in so doing rediscover the love within, to learn what a brilliant spark of God you truly are.

Relationships are a method of reflecting the affectivity of your belief system, and giving you feedback on what, simply stated, is working, and what is not. Detachment requires the individual to explore the self, to reacquaint with the inner horizon, and this facilitates and necessitates sovereignty. Sovereignty is the prepotency of Mastership.

A relationship of two sovereign nondependent humans has greater balance, greater creativity, and greater longevity than a pairing of two beings co-dependent on one another. Do you understand?

Ultimately each soul must clearly define SELF in order to gain Mastery. Self Mastery is embodied in periods of planned detachment. It is that period in which impeccability is crystallized. And we tell you Dear Ones, crystallization, through impeccability is a necessary phase of Self- Mastery. It is a calibrational juncture in the multidimensional sojourn. One enters the void, the great mystery in the quest for fortitude and sovereign vision, alone, without a shoulder to lean on. And in the process, one discovers sublime wholeness and self completion.

Do not misunderstand our meaning; there is great validity in coupling, in the natural aspect of soul mate. But conclusively one walks the path of Mastery in sovereign detachment.

One becomes enlightened when one learns to transcend the physical self. Each of you must endeavor to the final conquest of what we term as 'impeccability'. Impeccability is the crystallization or uniform clarity of the soul, and it is a necessary virtue of Mastery. This involves release of dependency, the release of all that does not serve your divinity. It is a rebooting and reprogramming of all you are.

We have told you that the language, the fabric of higher dimension is sacred geometry. Impeccability is the geometric clarity of the soul mind. By defining oneself through impeccability one becomes crystalline, and thus more capable of Divine Consciousness within the geometric light of coherent higher planes. It is only accomplished by deciding who you are, what you believe, and then living it. Recognizing your truths, and aligning fully to them.

Question to Metatron: Are you saying that loving relationships, such as marriage, are not our ultimate union?

AAMetatron: Remember that in the highest realm you are in sacred Oneness, each a part of the Divine One. So in terms of duality experience, the answer to your question is yes. In this context, YES! Masters, in highest reality, you are a unified plural consciousness.

Relationships in the linear duality experience are a means to the end. We are saying that loving relationships are a sacred, joyful tool of achieving Self Mastery, but that ultimately in each soul's journey; there is requisite ultimate growth into sovereignty. The sovereign self is a sufficient self & truly has no dependent need of another. Such conceptual dependency can be a deterrent to Mastery.

In truth you merge in sovereignty with your other half. The other part of your soul that separated in duality expression. Each of you have a male and female component, and the other half is re-merged in the Integral Divine Self before rising into higher realm.

Many of you consider a soul mate and twin flame the same. Only the syntax is in parity. The true meanings are different. The twin flame is the other half of the same soul, split in duality, and these are rarely in physicality together. The 'soul mate' is in our terms, another soul with whom you have contracted to grow together within physical duality, as a means of development and exploration of love with another soul. Movement toward common purpose.

The seeming paradox in linear relationships, that of the 'soul mate' concept (not the twin flame) is that a relationship of two non-dependent sovereign beings, has greater joy, greater balance, greater interface with the divine, greater opportunity for advancement than a relationship based on co-dependence. Do you see?

In this time, in this now, many of you are actually merging with your etheric (non-physical) twin flame, and molding your sacred fullness into one physicality in order for you to enter the crystalline realm in wholeness. In most cases this soul reconnection is accomplished in solitude or in sovereign non dependent relationships.

So we say embrace your chosen period of SOVEREIGN SOLITUDE, it is the sign of your souls intent to enter into Crystalline Mer-Ka-Na Mastery.

The Divine Feminine

We add that many who are in this life, of the female gender, have chosen particularly effacious roles in the balancing of the planet at this time. Is it not true that the planet has been imbalanced in an overage of patriarchal energies for millennia? That is why it would appear that a vast majority of those drawn to the 'New Age' are female, you see, to anchor in the Divine Feminine. Females have been conditioned and labeled in your current paradigm as the 'weaker sex'. Nothing could be farther from the truth!

Many of the females, who find themselves now in single status, are conditioned to feel they must have a partner. Again, we say, embrace your solitude. You chose it, we honor you for the path you have chosen.

The ideal for the planet, is not to be female or male, rather a perfect balance of BOTH, but it is at the moment still in an imbalance of patriarchal resonance. We honor those of you in female biology, you're strength is indeed progressing in creating the nurturing balance.

Truly the over-soul is androgynous, self-contained. Self-sufficient. That does not mean that love is not the frequencial basis of the soul, indeed it is the highest vibration. It is the resonance that is produced by the Ascended Soul to the Cosmos, and reflected back as a collective harmonic of crystalline love. There is a time when those of you have played the role of soul mates, will individualize, and in your terms, part in joy. The evolved soul in achieving omnipotence, will become consummately self sufficient, and in so doing radiate spectacular unconditional love to ALL. That is as it should be, as it must be. It is how you Ascend.

Embracing Sovereignty

The final graduation of the soul is not done in pairing, you see. It is done within the Divine SELF in universal harmonic to the All that is. Do you understand? This is the activation of Self to the divine resonance of the Quantum Crystalline Field. Separation must osmatically occur before the final collective reunion, it must occur to allow for the final coalescence into the ALL THAT IS.
It is who you ARE. It is the IAM that I AM.

Our point here, is that if you find yourself in Solitude, recognize its purpose. If you are in a relationship refine it in beauty to the greater love of non-dependence. You will indeed discover the love expands and the relationship becomes more splendid in non dependency; just as you are discovering relationships of co-dependency are imbalanced one way streets, and fail.

In sovereignty humanity will see themselves in this framework as being 'whole' and not being their partner's property or someone's 'better half'. Each will bring their integral, whole SELF in fullness, in robust flow of energy into relationship, in a manner that often does not occur today. There are pre agreed points that allow for freedom of choice and for change, even if that change is to end the partnership. In sovereignty individuals share their best, without compromise of ideals. Each will recognize the divinity of the other, and retain the integrity of SELF.

They will afford their own promises, promises and choices of a new paradigm, but there will be avenues and opportunities of adjustments and the ability of reviewing terms. This will allow for greater recognition of the SELF. These will be designed to prevent energy blockage and reduce dysfunctional marriages and divorce complications and lawsuits, you see.

Some relationships in these terms will indeed last a lifetime, some will not. But the archetype of sovereignty will better support both, based on choice and mutual agreement of each individuals terms. And as such independence becomes joyful , devoid of one partner being dominant and imposing their beliefs, morality and will over another.

Humankind, in mass today, truly does not recognize or understand their soul, their divine SELF. Self is unfortunately regulated to the realm of ego personality by the masses. It is true that a higher degree of the light quotient is awakened on the planet now, than has occurred at any other time, but it is still only about 10% of the population of eight billion plus that has awakened. That is a sufficient number to bring about the Ascension, but much has yet to be done.

Religion in the New Paradigm

Religion in the new paradigm, must be individualized, must truly recognize the nature of SELF the nature of the DIVINE SOUL. None of your world religions truly answer these questions today. None of your religions answer the questions of mans true Cosmic Extra-Terrestrial multi-dimensional origins. And that must come to understanding in the new paradigm. None of your current mainstream religions can accurately and completely express the true history of man on the earth. As such, there is no one true religion on the planet today. Most are bought and sold on preset regulated templates. Each claim to know the path to God, to be able to lead the way to God, yet none truly do. Each has its dogma, each has its hierarchy and controls.

Man searches for GOD more fervently now than at any other time in on the planet, and so this seeking in itself has the potential to bring in the light. Few religious teachers are true teachers, scholars perhaps, but not true teachers, you see. Others are charlatans, even within metaphysics and the so called 'New Age'. Few who make claim to channel Ascended Masters or Angelics truly do.


When integrity is not maintained the connection to true spirit is disconnected, and all who are human are subject to fall in and out of integrity. Truly the way in the Ascension is the ability of each soul to rise into his/her higher self. Look inside and find your own divinity within your heart. Not through blindly following a guru, evangelist, channeler or spiritual leader, but through SELF. Accept only what you discern individually to resonate as true, Dear Ones, and do not give your power to another. Each of you can and must channel your higher selves. Study, look, listen, discern, review and only accept what resonates within you.

The way to the divine, Masters, is through the sacred sovereignty of SELF, and in the Ascension, the way to the higher SELF is through self-definition, and seeking that aspect of God inside each of you, with the great desire that is embedded in each of your souls. Study, seek, and work ! There is little hope for the lazy. You are here to make known the unknown ! Work at it ! Be a warrior of light within duality, for the true battles are within for self mastery. The path is not easy. But within Self Mastery lies an energy so exquisite that it fuels all you require to move forward, and there is another level above each you ascend to. Consciousness ever expands.

You Are Never Alone

Oh Dear Human, We truly do  feel your occasional despair and longing, and know that we want you to know that we honour you, know that you are never truly alone. Spirit embraces you, and we are especially available for you to find solace and comfort in the walk of divinity that you are undertaking. For we assure you, that you have chosen to be exactly where you are, and there is a great reason, a noble aspiration and goal in your celibate secular aspect.

It is the very sense of resulting loneliness that so often feels bittersweet and hollow, that compels you to seek the rich ocean of wisdom available to you in rediscovering the vast solace within  your own divinity.

So we gently urge  you to understand that this, for many Master Souls is precisely why you are outside of relationship at this profound time on your planet.

You are then not alone because of a failed relationship, you are not alone because you are incapable of finding a partner. Indeed you are in noble solitude because you have chosen to move higher, to focus on the inner soul. Every soul enters in solitude, and will depart to higher realms in solitude. But that solitude is an opening to your true nature of plurality consciousness, you are reconnecting to the bigger part of you, and that part does not know loneliness. Lonely only exists in duality.

Dear Hearts,  use this time wisely, and embrace it., for you have chosen a path that Masters  on the 'Cusp of Graduation'  often select.  We know it is not easy, but the very real pain you at times feel, is the motivating driver of inner reflection. You are on the cusp of a great quantum leap. 


Discover your path. Discover yourself. Love yourself, love one another, love the divinity inside you and inside every one ! Discover the multidimensional aspects of your true Soul. That is the nobility of solitude.

And thought the path is at times quite difficult and lonely , know that such is the challenge of duality, for above, you are whole, and lack no thing. In the higher realm, Masters, you are in your sacred nature of integral wholeness, in complete and abundant bliss.

I am Metatron,Lord of Light, and I share with you these TRUTHS!

You are Beloved.

...And so it is.


Re: Being Alone: Why Mastery Involves Times of Solitude
by patrice 13th April 2011 7:40 am

i have gone through this recently. i lost alot of friends through death or moving away and a few through treachery. it occurred to me this very thing you write about is what i am supposed to experience. i am moving to a new place, with more room to set up my massage table and practice healing on myself everyday, to practice all i've learned but had no time to do because of work and everyone elses needs. i will experience that solitude to be with the masters instead of humans and will be able to accelerate my growth as much as i want.
i appreciate this artice as confirmation of my doing the right thing at the right time

i have been going through the same thing, and yes, surrender is the key. thanks for sharing. i can use the confirmation

Re: Being Alone: Why Mastery Involves Times of Solitude
by LauriLumby 13th April 2011 12:14 pm

Thank you for this very well-timed channel. I have also found this "aloneness" to be true in a very dramatic way that has to do with "standing in my own energy." For the past many years, I have felt an overwhelming drive that I was supposed to "form and gather spiritual community." That desire SUDDENLY disappeared and in replacement came a profound desire to stand alone. And,it does not feel like an aloof, "I don't play well with others, so I might as well just be alone," it feels grounded, whole, authentic. With the "spiritual community" piece, there was always a restless anxiety that accompanied that vision. And, I do not need to doubt this call to standing alone as I look to the great teachers: Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Ghandi, the Buddha, they were all surrounded by people, but they really stood alone. This was a completely unexpected development for me, and I welcome it with open arms!

Lauri Lumby
Authentic Freedom Ministries

Re: Being Alone: Why Mastery Involves Times of Solitude
by A La Lansun 13th April 2011 3:36 pm

I see yet another real purpose for The Tonti Connection. Go to and read the PREVIEW on the home page re Enter Our Eternal Mate. It just all came together for this time.

Then click Blog tab and The Tonti Connection. and The Hare - Logos Read about this inner partnership I have lived with for 56 years and only now fully understand its purpose.

You do not have to feel alone or be alone. You can have a loving and powerful partner through your solitude period that also creates divine balance within and without.

I know. I met mine in 1955! And only learned the full purpose for this ancient temple's return and wonderful connection for Woman in 2009 - 10!

It may be in your DNA!

A La Lansun


d Update to THE TONTI CONNECTION and The Hare: Greek Symbol of Logos Incarnate,read and then join us March 24, 1 PM Eastern for Teleconfence on subject. Only cost your LD phone charge.
Log on: Click Blog.

Re: Being Alone: Why Mastery Involves Times of Solitude
by maniktwin 15th April 2011 9:19 am

I spent all my 20's celibate and raising my children. I met my husband at 30, I am grateful for him, but have been pulling away. Like Greta Garbo, I want to be alone.

Re: Being Alone: Why Mastery Involves Times of Solitude
by Sparkler 18th April 2011 12:00 pm

Synchronicity in this article is quite profound for me. A long time ago, many lessons were gather with two marriages! Despite having two sons, I feel alone. Currently, a health challenge has resulted in me feeling more alone than ever. Quite a while ago, I recognized that there is purpose to being a single female; however, this new situation is precipitating a deeper connection with Self and significant emotional pain.
This article has given me a more expansive view of life as a human, as well as comfort that this is the path I chose. It helps me feel more secure as the journey continues.

Thank you for the wisdom, as well as the support and comfort.


Re: Being Alone: Why Mastery Involves Times of Solitude
by Lovingspirit280257 20th April 2011 3:47 pm

I think times of solitude are of value when you find yourself alone. However, after a rough divorce, that has really knocked me out emotionally for 6, after spending 15 years together, i can hardly call it planned.
It wasnt my choice, my desire, but my exwife, who was found to love another. One cannot but help but look back from time to time, and really consider ones self, and where i may have gone wrong. The combination of events, even to this day, remain emotionally traumatising, however, i do believe to be coming out of a very, very, long tunnel of darkness.
Love is a risk, however, the rewards are equally, if not, more rewarding. I still believe this to be true. However, finding another piece of my jigsaw, is proving extremely hard and discouraging, at my age, and what i am looking for.
It is indeed, a very strange world, when life can and does change direction,at times, very abruptly. Those in love, dont see the risk, those forcibly outside it, want desparatly to be back inside it. The battle is to be content whether in or out.


Re: Being Alone: Why Mastery Involves Times of Solitude
by k 20th April 2011 9:45 pm

Lovingspirit, I am sorry, I know what you are experiencing is painful. In my search for love I have found that the love I have sought is really not in this world. At your point of experience I know that is not what you want to hear, but as you go inside, meditate and reach out for the higher realms the loneliness eventually goes away. When you can love yourself and have faith that you are surrounded always by loving beings that we are not always able to sense with our limited abilities you will heal. Listen to good music created by loving spiritual people (not the cry in your beer stuff), meditate, use guided meditation if needed and do not feel like a victim. Your soul asked for this experience, this pain will pass, and you will be wiser and stronger if you use this as a learning opportunity not a defeating spirit stiffeling event. Reach to the higher realms for the love you seek.

For me solitude in the forest has been healing. Connecting with nature has helped me clear so much negetivity. My higher self brought me to this forest and I am so grateful.

Re: Being Alone: Why Mastery Involves Times of Solitude
by k 21st April 2011 12:46 pm

We learn from painful experiences. They force us to take a look at ourselves, they can be the staff and the rod that forces us back onto the path. They get our attention to break our focus on the every day routine and examine ourselves and the world around us. They are a blessing in a way, but painful. Fortunately we eventually work through them and like the phoenix we rise again.

Re: Being Alone: Why Mastery Involves Times of Solitude
by Baaska 8th May 2011 10:28 pm

I agree with Lauri. This resonates very well with me also as I have been feeling good about all the recent changes happening and living a semihermetic existence but had a nagging little voice telling me I should be spreading the word or forming a group.

I have been happily (well mostly) married for 38 years and we both grant the other beingness even if we screw up and that's probably why it has lasted.

Love, B


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