July Energy Reflections: The Fruit of 2012

The fruits of 2012 are beginning to ripen.

The theme reflected in the energy currents collectively right now is one of harvest, along with deep unearthing and re-grounding.   The empowerment is to elevate our life and shift into a manifest wholeness mirroring our transformation since the March Equinox. The wizard approach to this is gentle perseverance and amused confidence. 

Yes.  In a true hint of the zero-point and our emerging multidimensionality, it's time for ripe fruit and up-turning the earth. In the same way the Zen story says that the moment we place our oar in the water we are already at the other side.  There is a mystical quality to things right now where we see and already feel the benefit of doing the work even before we've begun.  It's revealing that shift to the inner planes that we've been experiencing more and more--where we know the fullness, the Holus-Bolus aspect of things right in their inception.  It's the glimpse of living life feeling the blueprint, the template, the holographic map of things and living from this innate clarity and coherence.  It's your key to trust. 

Revisiting the deeply entrenched ways of creating our experience that don't serve is is helping us access and clarify layers of energy. This is a natural way of elevating patterns and ways of being.  We're drawn to notice deep roots and themes in our ways of being that have impeded our joy.  This may be frustrating and painful because what's happening first is that we notice this old limiting way of being everywhere and we see the quality of where we want to be everywhere, and sense it's time to be there! Perhaps we feel impatient. Clumsy in our effort to create this even though we feel the right-timing of things. 

Your sense of this right-timing is accurate.  You can trust this. There is tremedous support for personal change at deep and empowering levels of life right now.  To embrace this we simply have to sense the whole and then gradually build the bridge in our reality from here to there with our focus and our perseverence. 

This is the grounding part of things where we stay in our life, present and we plant new thought-forms, more empowering ways of being and doing are selected and through our devotion to them, our acts of love, we spiral upward in our expression of life. 

Life is becoming increasingly multidimensional.  We're experiencing energy of many streams of our being and they're merging.  Lots of us are retrieving our light-body patterns from other life experiences and resolving these into wholeness. Through this courageous and masterful dedication, we are expanded and increase our energy presence here and now.  You may be doing this even if you're not consciously remembering another life, but feeling layers of emotion around patterns of behavior or thought.  It helps us participate in the opportunities right now more fully to elevate our perspective.  Then we can appreciate the clarity we're experiencing when we have these strong feelings about old patterns; we're really being shown what's ripe and can move.

We're starting, in this experience, to taste the fruits of 2012--the year of multidimensionality and unity.  This is in essence our whole purpose here--to tap into and remember our multidimensionality and to move our unique vertical spiral of expression into greater wholeness, and to feel deeply and confidently, our unity with all life. 

A beneficial gaze at yourself right now is gentle attentiveness and encouraging love.  Don't fall into old patterns of having "tried to shift these things before and here they are again."  Stay in the present moment, empowered, wise and clear as to who you want to be and revise reality accordingly. 

Loving you always.

Blessings and light,



kay 12th July 2012 7:37 pm

Nice one, Meredith. Thank you. The wizard approach of gentle perseverence and amused confidence feels exactly right.