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Gillian is a Visionary, a Seer, born with the gift of knowing. She is a clairvoyant psychic with advanced channeling abilities. She has been a Metaphysical Teacher, Messenger and world known Trance-Channel, for over 35 years She works with the Councils of Light, Mary Magdalene, Merlin, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Mother Mary, the Pleiadians and many other energies of the Christ Light.

She teaches transformational workshops using cutting edge information and techniques that she receives from the higher dimensions of Light. Gillian teaches many Advanced Light Acceleration Classes & Transformational Seminars hoping to help others to get ready for the infusions of Higher Light.

Gillian has extensively researched many world religions, esoteric beliefs, the paranormal, metaphysics, Sacred Geometry, Sacred symbols and Quantum physics, developing a well rounded polished interpretation of these truths and there effects on today's every changing world.

Gillian at this time writes for several magazines world wide. Namaste Magazine (South Africa), Channelings Magazine (South Africa), also several magazines in Australia and Paradigm Shift in the United Kingdom., Her work is also translated into several languages and seen in magazines in Denmark, Netherlands, Slovenia, Germany Australia, and South America. SEDONA JOURNAL has discovered her unique style of writing and has featured her in several of there magazines.

She hosted her own Psychic talk radio show for 2 ½ years and has been a guest speaker on several national radio and television shows including UFO LIVE, and THE WISDOM CHANNEL, and Fox TV.

Gillian is a popular speaker at Body, Mind Spirit Expos. She has the unique ability to take profound truths and delivery them to the public in a humor filled and digestible form. While she was speaking at the "11:11 Gathering of the Elders Star Knowledge Conference" this year, she was asked to give a message to the people of South America via satellite television, as she did this Mother Mary channeled through and spoke to the beautiful people of South America.

In her search for truth she and her husband John, have traveled to many sacred sites in the United States, and several in other countries including Egypt and all of England, Ireland, and Scotland and several journeys to Alaska the crown chakra. She feels that "we are the Sacred sites visiting the Sacred sites, without our energy and light they would just lay dormant and silent."

Gillian now lives near the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee with her sacred partner/ husband John. The energies of Florida were over loading their systems and they headed for the mountains to find some peace without energetic interference. The Smoky mountains are the oldest mountains in the world being in existence from the beginning of earth. The wisdom and truths they have to teach and share are deeper than the earth. herself.

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