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Hillis Pugh is an author, inspirational writer, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Like many, Hillis was not living his highest path and had to altered his own self-belief. Being able to be an example of life-in-action is feeling good and why He is inspired to write. Hillis used his writing as a creative outlet to voice his perception of the world, through his inner-verse. Through the expression of his words, Hillis invited readers on a journey of his world, letting them know they are not alone, that we are one. His poetry writings included everything from self-reflection to sensuality to how he views the happenings in the world. With deeper personal experience, his poetry has become more spiritual. The spiritual connotation of his words aided in assisting others to see the light and joy in which they were born into. From this new openness and awareness, Thank You Thursday was born.

Thank You Thursday started as weekly blog dedication to sharing life’s gratitude. This blog, now book, provides insightful messages to our daily lives. As a species, as humans we have countless things to be thankful for. By finding gratitude in his own life, Hillis has become a channel to convey messages of gratitude to share with others. He has shown us we can find gratitude in any life situation.


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