Does Money Really Matter to You?

Money matters. And it matters to you, as much as it matters to anybody else you know.

It matters because it is a symbol for worth, for accomplishment, and for the ability to survive. Money has been around for a while, and it's going to be around for some more time, as it looks now. And it's not so much that money is the answer to everything, like many would have you believe, but money represents empowerment for many people, on so many levels. It is a tool that is now ingrained in the mass consciousness.

You may tell yourself that you don't want to be a part of this mass consciousness, and that you don't care so much about the money. You say that you only care about having a decent life, and being able to do what you want. To do what you're here to do, as a human being on Earth.

So, why would you then want money? Well, that's a tricky question. And you can observe how you are already caught in a conflict. You don't actually want money, you just want to be able to have, and do whatever money will make available to you. You don't want money just to be able to buy groceries and look at them. You want money, so that you can buy your groceries, and in turn the groceries will serve the purpose of nourishing you. You don't want the money for a car, just to look at the car. You want the money, so that you can buy a car, which will be a way for you to move between places.

Most of the people think of money in these terms. Yet, you actually feel a conflict when it comes to wanting the money. Why?

It is because you don't want to feel needy, as if you are not able to provide for yourself. And money is triggering this very feeling in you. It is awakening in you the fear of survival, which is the number one fear that will dominate your subconscious world. This fear is the very reason why you feel stuck many times. That's when you turn around, and say that you do want the money, because that's your measurement for being in control, and for feeling successful. When you feel that you're able to control your destiny, you move through life without fear, and that's what you are striving for.

So, how can you reconcile this conflict between wanting the money, or not? How can you move through life without experiencing the creeping fear that you don't have enough money?

1. First, you understand that money is only a tool for creating a happy life for yourself.
2. Second, you reflect on your needs, and how you can meet them with your money.
3. Third, you deny fear any presence in your mind, telling you stories about how you don't have what you need.
4. Next, you review, and give thanks for what you already have.
5. Now it's time to create a plan of action, and choose your priorities.
6. Then make sure that you set your intention, and your focus for reaching your goals.
7. After that, move out into the world, and act!
8. Finally, release all that you believed money will bring to you.
9. And lastly, be willing and be ready to receive the rewards of your effort.

When you practice this frequently, then you will no longer be caught in the mind game of "Do I want money, or maybe not?" and "Will I have enough money, or not?" Your life will no longer be dominated by these conflictual thoughts, which rob you of your energy and resources. Instead of that, you will be fueling your creative projects and your daily activities with excitement, and your higher level thoughts. And these, in turn will create more money and prosperity in your life.


withlove 21st July 2014 5:22 am

Thank you Alexandra & Dan, for breaking this issue down so clearly and beautifully.
This has certainly been true for me, in addition to church and community teachings that money is the root of all evil (Thankfully I've overcome that and have to guard against those recurring beliefs). The challenge I have is creating a plan of action that is aligned with my joy and passion. Because of my IT expertise and experience, I tend to revert to that, as doing anything different and joyful is met with constant obstacles, resistance and difficulty. Pursuing an IT action plan is also difficult, probably because it's not aligned with my passion, but those are the opportunities available.
Ascension and this new dimension brings many new adventures and paradigms. I am so grateful that it is All about LOVE. May Love and Light pamper all of you. Mandy

Eyewitness 8th August 2014 3:07 pm

Oh my.... you make success sound so easy. Having been homeless more than once or twice in my life I find this whole commentary fascinating. The whole problem with poverty is not that life is about suffering... its just that we need to change our attitude and start 'intending' to Not Be Dead Broke. But I wonder... what about Karma?? What about mental or physical limitations? What role does luck play if any?? Listening to you, one might get the idea that all they had to do was think happy thoughts and nothing bad could ever happen. All Is Love.... surely you don't beleive this? Help me to understand how YOU manifested money in YOUR life please. So far, my whole life has been one of cause and effect... and I have NO idea how I caused it. Im just looking for the truth you see... not more feel good philosophies about how my every desire is just a breath away. Every spiritual teacher you can name is a 'success' because they write books telling others how to be a success. Not because they 'manifested' money in their lives. That much should be obvious to everyone, even you. :)



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