Karen Bishop

Karen Bishop

A spiritual writer for over ten years, I have written hundreds of articles about our spiritual evolutionary process, along with ten books about the ascension process, how it unfolded, and how each and every one of us was affected. As a guest on various radio programs, along with my writings, I was been blessed to have thousands of readers worldwide. With my work in this arena now complete, it was time for some "me" time and to simply enjoy life for a while. My magnet immediately pulled me to my grandchildren and to a quiet, simple town away from the hubbub of ordinary life (well, "the away from the hubbub" part was really not new for me!). I was lucky this sweet little town and my grandchildren were both in the same place. For a year I lived and breathed children. They were my sole companions and closest friends, and I was indeed renewed (along with the added companionship of a very special forest and the nicest and friendliest town residents I had yet to have encountered).

As time went on, I felt a very new anchoring arriving along with it. A communicator at heart, I was beginning to get "stopped up" and needed an outlet once more. . . so it was very natural that the children were what drew me in. Prior to my work as a spiritual writer, I worked with children in several different arenas, primarily as a teacher. . .but I have to say that we spent more time playing than learning! I could never get enough of them! As I downsized and started over from scratch with a very new life, I found myself returning to the children, only this time, through my passion and experience with writing. The Charlie Rivers . . . no ordinary boy juvenile chapter books were the result, and I couldn't be more thrilled. And bringing the energy of the children to the fore-front at this time in our spiritual evolutionary process has a very significant purpose as well!

As detailed in one of my last books in the spiritual arena, Heart in the Night (offered here on this web site), our children now hold the most pristine energy of the heart and of the new world, as our old world makes its departure. I am very blessed to have them in my near vicinity now, each and very day. Their presence has greatly enhanced my life. I don't know what I would do if I could not spend time playing with them every day. I am also very lucky to be in that child-like space of their innocence every time I pick up my pen to write the Charlie Rivers books.

I live in a small town in western North Carolina where I am currently writing my first Charlie Rivers book and simply enjoying life.

I can be reached through the postal service at: P.O. Box 1053 Pisgah Forest, North Carolina 28768

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