Kelly M. Beard

Kelly M. Beard

I am a writer, speaker and, for over 13 years, a professional intuitive astrologer. I am currently focused on identifying and studying the various planetary cycles in our lives and how we can maximize their potential and access our own authentic rhythms & cycles. My special interests include lunar cycles, the midlife transits and the Divine Feminine energies of the Asteroids.

I host several Tele-Classes each month, when we go over the current planetary alignments, available energy and how to direct it consciously, each of us fortified by the potent group energy.  For those doing the conscious work and seeking to better understand themselves, there are also custom reports and personalized goodies each month (based on your birth info) that you can receive as a Power Circle Premium Subscriber.  I am based in the Tampa/St. Petersburg/Clearwater areas of Florida / USA but travel regularly throughout the United States. With over 50 countries logging in to my site daily, I hope to add international travel very soon.

I love working with individuals on their development, dynamic groups exchanging ideas, energy and support and collaborating with others ... as we all navigate *now*.  Details and More can be found at:

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