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Lightworker is a non-profit corporation dedicated to spreading Light through Empowerment. Lightworker is a place to help you re-member who you really are and why you are here.  Our greatest hope is that we may help you to re-member what you planned for yourself before you were born into this life.

The Group first came to Steve Rother in 1996 and since then has given information for a evolving planet that has filled several books now translated into 18 languages.

Lightworker Archives

15 July, 2017A Call to Re-member ~ Awakening Your Perfect Self1431
15 June, 2017Transitioning into Spiritual Mastery 2234
15 April, 2017Do Something Different 2883
15 January, 2017Four Big Shifts of 20175787
21 June, 2016 Update for Planet Earth ~ Overview for Lightworkers4242
15 February, 2016Practicing Humanness2473
15 December, 2015Fulfilling the Vacancy of Light ~ A Time of HOPE2551
15 October, 2015The Age of Three's ~ New Rhythms of Triality3289
15 August, 2015Remembering Your Tone3475
15 July, 2015Subtle Influences ~ The Dwarf Planets Ceres and Pluto2435
15 June, 2015The Time of Love ~ Energy Exchange4129
15 May, 2015Mucis from Home ~ The Rhythms of Life2034
15 April, 2015 The Blending of Dimensional Realities ~ The Orthogonal Matrix4895
15 March, 2015Fifteen Minutes of Magic4083
15 February, 2015The Job of Lightworkers 5611
15 December, 2014The 26,000 Year Cycle - The Next Planet of Existence 9511
15 November, 2014E-Family Steps Up 4523
15 October, 2014The Grand Reset 5669
15 August, 2014No More Right or Wrong 3717
15 July, 2014The Golden Key ~ The Balance of Power4244
15 June, 2014Waves of Advancement ~ Owning Your Mastery through Responsibility 3999
15 April, 2014Update on the "Late" Great Planet Earth 8220
15 March, 2014New Abundance ~ Towards a Third Wave Economy 7101
15 December, 2013Rhythm Resonance ~ When Your Name Becomes a Smile816
15 October, 2013The Energy in the Room - The Collective Voice of the Third Wave4269
15 May, 2013November Harvest ~ Re-seeding Planet Earth8291
15 April, 2013Meteors - The Seeds of Life 5471
15 March, 2013Puzzle Perspectives ~ A New Look at the Puzzle of Life4933
15 February, 2013Smile Your Way Home ~ Harmonizing the Fabric of Time3737
15 December, 2012A Lesson In Time #2 ~ Dimensions of Multidimensionality4293