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Lynette Leckie-Clark

Lynette has been guiding souls through the wisdom of spirit for many lifetimes. In this lifetime, Lynette's soul contract has again included bringing enlightenment to those who seek it, through teaching the sacred knowledge channeled to her from the Ascended Master Kuthumi and other Ascended Masters of the White Brotherhood.

Master Kuthumi introduced himself to Lynette some years ago and expressed his wish to work through her as his chosen channel. Lynette followed Master Kuthumi's requests to bring his teaching and knowledge to mankind through this website, books, meditations, and Master's own three channeled teaching courses to awaken all to the world of Spirit, to their soul knowledge, a world of Love.

Master Kuthumi channeled these courses to Lynette to enable all to gain Enlightenment and Ascension.

Master Kuthumi speaks.
"It is time for man to receive the sacred ancient truths he has long forgotten. Alone he will not achieve enlightenment. However with higher learning, deep clearing and healing, he will reconnect the inner matrix of his very cellular structure, reawaken his higher centers and gain ascension. The time is Now. Through knowledge comes understanding, and understanding releases fear."

Lynette is a clairvoyant, medium, international speaker, crystal healer, a Reiki Master/teacher, astrologer, author, radio clairvoyant, and an ordained minister of the Christian Spiritual Churches of Australia. She has been honed and polished by the Masters and speaks with a number of them on an daily basis. Lynette walks her talk 24/7. Her psychic abilities, her many healing and teaching skills, together with the Master's wisdom and guidance, make each teaching, each reading a remarkable experience. Many have said after completing Master Kuthumi's channeled course for Transformation and Enlightenment "This experience has changed my life"

Giving channeled guidance, teaching and inspiration with Master Kuthumi is Lynette's way of life. She believes everyone can create their own life, their own reality through knowledge and understanding. This is her gift to mankind in this lifetime - to assist in that process.

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