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Meredith Murphy is an artist, writer and teacher who consciously channels non-physical energies and fields of light. Through Expect Wonderful, Meredith offers her activation gifts and abilities, and the energy fields Meredith channels offer great expansion and support for living a joyful, clear and abundant multidimensional life.

A life-long intuitive, Meredith had many early life experiences of opening to the fullness of her being, and feeling the amplification of becoming Universal. This flowed very naturally into her creative work in music, writing and art. Meredith's direct access to knowing and larger fields also significantly informed her  professional life -- with over 20 years in leadership development, business consulting, organizational development, change management and career coaching -- Meredith was a well known presence in both Chicago and Los Angeles business communities. In her work advising entertainment/creative industry and internet executives and teams, Meredith often shared direct knowing, and what she now recognizes as channeled guidance, with her clients and teams. During a sabbatical for study which began in 2003, she began to discover her expansive "history" and connection with Archangel Michael, which opened up the remembering of her multidimensional nature. A clear knowing of the divine plan for collective planetary ascension and memories of prior lives where she had ascended and worked with Archangel Michael, and other Ascended Masters, as well as her star family connections, became part of her conscious awareness. In November of 2009, Meredith received the guidance to focus primarily on ascension related work and formed Expect Wonderful.

Expect Wonderful by Meredith Murphy offers many pathways to assist and celebrate you, in your remembering, and in opening to the fullness of your being and opening to the world. As you become a living, conscious, multidimensional channel of your own Divine Essence, or Universal or I AM energy, Expect Wonderful provides a means to explore this more fully, to share openly and directly about all that is awakening within you and to be honored in the process. Expect Wonderful offers twice monthly global webinars, an ongoing community affiliated with Archangel Michael, channeled messages and guided meditations as well as workshops and practicums to support the further expansion of the light from within and to practically live in your true knowing amidst the many levels of reality now available. All of these experiences meet you in your full knowing and provide a setting where this is fully acknowledged and supported. Creating and holding the space for these community experiences Meredith's work offers an ability to collaborate and influence collective reality as a body of light, to cultivate your own upward spiral energy patterns while supporting and seeding our collective reality with these momentums and the coherence of Universal Being.  

Meredith enthusiastically embraces this lifetime as an opportunity for extending into form and experiencing joy and an endless unfolding of our Universal capacities within our Human experience. As we learn and practice new ways of opening up to all that we are, and also opening up to the world which has shifted into a higher dimensional expression, we expand and uplift the civilization and culture of our planet, opening up new potentials within All That Is and having great fun as we create and remember. 

Ultimately, Meredith sees herself networking with Light Beings across all planes and dimension, delighting in the uniqueness of each of our roles and perspectives. She is always interested in conversations and open to collaboration with sovereign partners in this great unfolding.  Please feel free to join the Expect Wonderful mailing list, visit the Expect Wonderful Facebook community and join in a global collective experience to support your self-expression and joy.  Meredith lives in the City of Angels -- Los Angeles, California -- at the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains in the small community of Pasadena. 

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