Meredith Murphy

Meredith Murphy

Meredith Murphy is an inspirational speaker, writer and artist, in essence, a translator of experience. A conscious channel, she collaborates with non-physical energies who share spiritual guidance and teachings. Since 2009, Meredith has made this work available online to anyone seeking expanded awareness and clarity and those awakening to their multidimensionality. Expect Wonderful is a place that acknowledges the unity of life and the unseen world, providing a dogma-free zone to explore all of this and the emerging capacities of human potential. 

Expect Wonderful by Meredith Murphy offers articles, events, programs and services to share the uplifting energies and perspectives that come through Meredith's channeling. Over 30,000 people regularly tap into this work to enhance their lives. Distinguishing Meredith's work is a direct and humor-filled approach combined with over 20 years experience in business. Her work consistently provides encouragement and practical ways to experience life more directly and with expanded insight, freedom, spontaneity and confident self-expression. 

Meredith lives and works in Southern California. She is also a painter, who is inspired by art, architecture, jazz, long dog walks, watching light reflected on the water, big trees, beauty and directness in communication or expression. 

For details on the "pay-what-you-want" Soar Fests, the Legion of Light, as well as individual appointments and other programs, please visit her website: or her interactive Facebook page

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