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30 September, 2011Turn the Dial To Accessing, Allowing & Releasing3832

Carolyn Ann O'Riley

30 September, 2011Heaven #3962 Willingly or Unwillingly2383


30 September, 2011The Morning Blessing: Evolution295

Rev. Angela Peregoff

30 September, 2011Seeking The Light of The Intellect4713

Ronna Herman

29 September, 2011Heaven #3930 What Makes You Happy?2987


29 September, 2011Thank You Thursday: Life's Work2148

Hillis Pugh

29 September, 2011Weekly LightBlast: Forgiveness2639

Jamye Price

29 September, 2011The Flexible Reality of Life3551

Shanta Gabriel

29 September, 2011Energy Forecast - What Is 'Really' Happening Right Now?10621

Emmanuel Dagher

29 September, 2011A Note-Worthy Wake Up Call3719

Stefanie Miller - A Magical World

28 September, 2011Uncertainty's Promise500

Karen Downing

28 September, 2011There is No Need to Review, Relive or Blame the Past292

Brenda Hoffman

28 September, 2011Entering Into the Sacred Dialogue2233

Circle of Light

27 September, 2011It Is Time To Release The Pain In Your Heart4109

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

27 September, 2011The Morning Blessing: Take Big Bites1200

Rev. Angela Peregoff

27 September, 2011Gaia Point Activation: New Angelic Chakra - Star Seed Upgrade 15281

Shekina Rose / Blue Ray

26 September, 2011Importance of Meditation & 9th Gateway Experiences524

Kara Schallock

26 September, 2011Align, Integrate, Take Action350

Uriel Heals

26 September, 2011To Decide or to Choose?4982

Sarah Biermann

26 September, 2011Powerlessness and the Power of Love2637

Circle of Light

26 September, 2011The Week Ahead: Inner Authority and Strength are the New Temple of Peace252

Rev. Angela Peregoff

26 September, 2011Light is Light 2089

Sarah-Jane Grace

26 September, 2011The You Within is the You Without406

Uriel Heals

26 September, 2011Getting Straight And Getting The Message: September's Libran New Moon 4003

Lynda Hill

26 September, 2011Me, You and Us357

Uriel Heals

25 September, 2011Weekly Forecast: September 25 - October 1, 20113981

Karmic Tools

25 September, 2011The Secret of Personal Magnetism 5805

Owen Waters

24 September, 2011Step Into the Miracle You Already Are2374

Circle of Light

24 September, 2011Trust you are cared for, safe, & protected3143

Ann Albers

24 September, 2011The Sacred Geometry Of A New Era3568

Center of the Sun

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