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31 January, 2017Heavenletter #5912 Momentum Is Your Life’s Bread748


30 January, 2017Weekly Forecast: Jan 29 - February 4, 20171140

Karmic Tools

30 January, 2017Reviewing Your 5D Global Actions1685

Brenda Hoffman

30 January, 2017The Spark Is Back - February 20172880

Emmanuel Dagher

29 January, 2017What To Do When Fear and Anger Take Over1111

Cheryl Richardson

29 January, 2017Inspiration for the Week - Making Exalted Choices for Life 1046

Shanta Gabriel

29 January, 2017Expansion of Consciousness Changes Physical Body Density 2023

Lisa Transcendence Brown

28 January, 2017Embracing The Adventure...1342

Ann Albers

28 January, 2017Finding Calm Amid The Storm1795

Dana Mrkich

28 January, 2017Empowering Love728

The Love Foundation

27 January, 2017February 2017 Ascension Energies3596

Jamye Price

26 January, 2017Creating Light Fields of Blessing and Gratitude1383

Shanta Gabriel

25 January, 2017Whole and Wholeness1572

Uriel Heals

24 January, 2017Catalyze Your Rebirth with Your Voice1416


24 January, 2017Healing and Understanding The Ancient Battle Between Men and Women1382

Gerrit Gielen

24 January, 2017Implementing the Galactic Schematics for Higher Evolution Existence1776

Lisa Transcendence Brown

23 January, 20172016 Left Us In a Dimensional Hollow2088

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

23 January, 2017Celebrate Your New Segments!1588

Brenda Hoffman

22 January, 2017Transcending Human Fear, Survival and Non-Belief Illusory Programs1554

Lisa Transcendence Brown

22 January, 2017Inspiration for the Week - One Way to Bring More Balance in Life 1196

Shanta Gabriel

22 January, 2017 Your Higher-Self Will-Power Must BE Stronger Than Your Human's 1223

Lisa Transcendence Brown

22 January, 2017Weekly Forecast: January 22 - 28, 20171389

Karmic Tools

21 January, 2017Five Deceptions of the Old Energy4784

Lee Carroll

21 January, 2017Keeping it Real...1384

Ann Albers

20 January, 2017 Are you BEing your Ascended Aspect You? All of the Time?1885

Lisa Transcendence Brown

20 January, 2017Transformation1787

Jamye Price

19 January, 2017The Eternal Light of the Universe1432

Pamela Kribbe

19 January, 2017Boxes1000

Judith Coates

18 January, 20172017 Starseeds 1st New Earth United Alliance 3602

Shekina Rose / Blue Ray

18 January, 2017Dis-Order and Chaos on the Ascension Path2517

Uriel Heals

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