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Dearest Lightworkers, what a grand month December will be! Waves of Cosmic Light and Radiance from the Great Central Sun will flood the Earth's new Crystalline grids. Pluto, the engine of transformation, moves into close conjunction with the Great Central Sun or Galactic Center, providing the powerful surge of transformative energy that will initiate the "Great Awakening" of the next two years. Yes, indeed, dearest Lightworkers, the Earth is now poised for a great leap in consciousness. Daily the light and radiance on the planet increases.
Dearest Lightworkers, the 11:11:11 stargate is opening and the powerful energies from the Great Central Sun are entering the Planetary Matrix and activating the planet's Crystal Grids. As this process continues and strengthens, many of the first wave Ascensioners who are ready will move into the Eighth Dimension of Consciousness and begin the process of weaving Eighth-dimensional consciousness patterns into the Earth's new multi-dimensional matrix. This is a great blessing and a privilege for those of the Family of Light who have volunteered to move to this new level of transformation. This is a level of transformation that will connect each person who moves through it with his or her original soul "clan".

The New Children, the Indigos and the Crystals, have come to the Planet to be your children. But they have come with a specific purpose, to help the Planet with its Evolution through the process known as Ascension. So while you may enjoy them and experience them as part of your family and your community, they have a Higher Spiritual purpose. That purpose will be the focus of this talk.

Expressing the Heart's Truth Dearest Lightworkers, October will be a quieter month in general, in which you will have a chance to integrate some of the powerful energies that you have experienced since the Lion's Gate in August. The focus in this month of October will be on the Heart and Relationships, whether expressed in communities or between individuals. There are two eclipses this month, a Solar Eclipse on the 3rd of October at New Moon, and a Lunar eclipse on the 17th of October at Full Moon. As always, the eclipses provide opportunities for new codes or energetic patterns to be integrated into the planetary consciousness or matrix, especially as relates to those codes that define and express the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies on the planet.

Starchild Global > The Gift of Joy

Dearest ones, at this time of transition and change, the gift of Joy is offered to you! Many of you may feel that life is becoming more difficult and more stressful. Tensions and anxieties increase as people struggle with everyday life. Where is the Joy?, so many of you ask. Well, dearest Lightworkers, the quality of Joy is something that lives within you. It is an expression of your connection to the Divine Essence within your own souls. It is a feeling that wells up within your heart, and it is not dependent on outside circumstances. Certainly, it is far easier to be joyful when those around you are happy and joyous. But the challenge right now is to be able to accept and hold the gift of Joy, even when those around you seem lost in fear and anger.
Dearest Ones, the tragedy that is unfolding in New Orleans is one of great sadness. Human suffering always brings concern to us and we offer you our support and our love at this time. Especially to those of you in the affected areas and those living in the USA. We ask you, as Lightworkers, to open your hearts and offer what Love and Support you can to your fellow beings who are in pain and need at this time. Sending the blessings of Light will assist greatly. As you know, there are Lightworkers whose special work it is to deal with emergencies such as these and to render assistance on the spiritual planes. These ones can also use your support and your prayers at this time. Each one of you can lend your energies through the Global Web of Love and Compassion.
Dearest Lightworkers, in this turbulent and difficult time of transition, you will become ever more aware of how many people are struggling with the intensity and immediacy of Fifth Dimensional reality. As you have seen, so many try to live as though they were still in the Third Dimension, clinging to ideas and concepts that worked in the last century, but that no longer serve them. And this creates confusion and anger and fear. In the Fifth and Sixth Dimensional reality into which you are moving to, life is dynamic, swift-moving and intense. The best way to hold and maintain your balance in this flux is to create Sacred Spaces where you can hold the energy of Higher Consciousness. For as you hold Higher Consciousness, you draw to you the space of the New Earth. And as you hold the intention of New Earth and Higher Consciousnesss, you become that bridge that allows others to make the shift into the new Fifth Dimensional Reality.
You are the Bridge Dearest Lightworkers, you are riding the wave of a very powerful energy at this time. Since the opening of the Sirius stargate in August, the surge of energy through the Earth's grid system has been immense. Many of you have struggled to hold your balance as this powerful transformative energy sweeps through your lives and brings many changes. Know too, that this energy will not dissipate, but will continue to build and intensify between the Equinox on the 22nd of September and the Solstice on the 21st of December. The Planet is gearing itself for a great leap in consciousness that might be termed "mass awakening". This is most likely to happen in the first four months of the year 2006.


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