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Beloved Family of Light, as you moved through the Energies of the New Year in July and the Lion's Gate in August, you experienced an acceleration of your Light Body as you prepared for a New Cycle of Evolution, Change and Growth, in preparation for the major stargate transits of 2010, 2011 and 2012. This created intense pressure for Inner Shifts and Changes, which were in turn reflected by sudden and abrupt shifts and changes in the Outer Reality that were experienced as Earth Changes and personal Life Changes.

Starchild Global > The "Big Disconnect" and the Earth Changes

Well, here I am home again. Although home is not where it used to be! I am now in a new home, having moved just after my return from Russia. I am very happy in my new space, with views of the mountains and the ocean, and surrounded by trees and garden. It is a very "New Earth" setting, and it happened so fast. In just a month, I found the new place, packed boxes, did a trip to Russia, and then moved and am now unpacking boxes....whew!!!

Well, Happy New Year everyone! Yes is New Year! Many of the Cycles of Time that are based on more authentic star counts of Galactic and Earth time begin their cycles on the 26th of July!

Since the Grand Cross Alignment of June, you have been in a "window of opportunity" where you are given the chance to use the powerful incoming Diamond Light Energy to illuminate any patterns of illusion and deception that remain in your life. As you release these old patterns on deep levels of your being, you create space and release energy for more creative possibilities in your present and future.

If you are in a space like I am at the moment, you are probably sending out a spiritual SOS! What Happened? Where am I? Why am I trapped in the Pressure Cooker? Yes indeed, the pressure is on big time right now. We are in the Space Between....between the Lunar Eclipse and the coming total Solar Eclipse on the 11th of July. In this "between" space of change and shift, the pressure is on.

Yes indeed, this is a grand whammy! A very powerful moment in time....Full Moon in Cancer/Capricorn with a Partial Lunar Eclipse.

Starchild Global > The Crossroads and the Way Forward

On this day before the Solstice, I am feeling more and more the tension and the anxiety in the Collective Consciousness, And also the anger and the disempowerment. As a Planetary society we have reached a Crossroads and we must make choices. Much of these feelings have to do with the unfolding horror of the Gulf Oil disaster. It seems as though this, more than any other recent event, has brought home to people the very real consequences of our present relationship with the Earth, and how very damaging and destructive it is and continues to be.

Starchild Global > The Noosphere and Playing on the Hologram

That sounds very impresssive as a title, but it comes closest to what I am experiencing about life right now. First, let me say that the energy continues to swirl through the grids, creating inner spaces for shift and change. I think we are all feeling those inner pressures for change as we approach the Solstice moment on the 21st of June.

In the month of June we are entering into a series of major Planetary alignments that will be very powerful and will probably bring huge changes to the Earth and the way that we live on her. Get ready for some more "Pressure Cooker" experiences as Evolution kicks in to lift us from the Old into the New!

In this year, as Earth time accelerates into the Fifth Dimension, life sometimes becomes almost unbearably intense and complex. Sometimes, this is a beautiful and joyous experience, as it has been for me in the last two months, and sometimes the intensity is hard and difficult, like it was for me today. But, even in this sudden shift into difficult energies, I can see that there is a new pattern of life that is unfolding in such a wonderful way. This pattern shows me that we are Becoming One Earth and One Family of Humanity in beautiful web of life.


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