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Well, two subjects that come up at the same time - the changing energy of Christmas and the resurgence of Light in the form of a huge Solar Wave that is reaching the Earth now and causing physical disorientation and discomfort for some people.

Starchild Global > The Purpose of Love is Love and Passion!

Well, that might sound like and intriguing title, but it actually sums up some of the thoughts and feelings that have come up as a result of the powerful Rose Energies of Unconditional Love and the Diamond Light of Clarity. In recent years, one of the most common questions that people write and ask about are around love and relationships. The need for Love and Connection is very strong within us, and as the energies rise to higher and clearer levels of consciousness, we are all searching for new ways to express and define love in our lives.

Starchild Global > Wild and Free

So...another week has gone by and so much has happened. It seems as though the energy is shifting and time is moving and accelerating faster every day! I travelled north this week, to Johannesburg, and then spent the week-end on a Game Ranch in the African Bushveld.

Starchild Global > Is it REALLY what you want?

So, here we are, moving into the final month of 2009. I can't believe that the year is almost over and that Christmas is just a few weeks away...again! If you are like me, you will be thinking of the year that has passed and all the experiences of that year!

Starchild Global > The Energies for December 2009

Celebrating Sacred Spaces and the Flowering of Love in the New Earth
Beloved Lightworkers, and so it is that you have activated the Sacred Rose Portals for your Earth and begun the process of working with the Sacred Rose Grids. There is great Joy in the Celestial realms as we watch the radiant energies of your Hearts and Souls activating these new channels of Light that link you together in a great Flower of Love.

Well, at this time, all I can feel is that we are indeed experiencing major shifts and changes. No , the World is not going to end in 2012, despite what Hollywood would like us to think! But, we are indeed experiencing an ending and a new beginning.

Starchild Global > Roses & Diamonds...and the principles of "Love in Motion"

Yesterday I took this beautiful image of a Sun Halo over Cape Town. It was taken after a week of intense storms as the Sacred Rose Portal opened and the Rose Grids were activated in the area.


Celia Fenn > The Sacred Rose Gathering in Buenos Aires

Yesterday,on the 1st of November we held the most wondeful gathering here in Buenos Aires, Argentina. From start to finish the energy was soft, loving and harmonious, but also strong and filled with the purpose of clear intentions from clear hearts!

Well, here I am in Buenos Aires. I like this city, and having been here several times before, it almost feels like home from home. My Spanish is improving and I can get around without too much difficulty. But, this time truly feels different. For one thing, Buenos Aires is in the grip of an historic heat wave, with searing and muggy days and storms at night.

Starchild Global > The Energies for November 2009

The Opening of the Rose Stargate 11:11:11 - Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn - Meditation by Mary Magdalene


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