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This has been a difficult month in terms of the Earth energies. On the heels of the devastating earthquake in Haiti came the much larger quake in Chile. The Sun has been very active with Solar Flares and magnetic storms in abundance. I also read recently that March and October are known by Scince to be the two months when Earth's Geomagnetic activity peaks. And all this leading up to the March Equinox of 2010, when the new balance for the Earth will be achieved.

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Beloved Family of Light, you are truly passing through energies of deep Transformation and Change. Since the activations of the Sacred Rose Grids and Portals on the 11:11 of 2009, and the powerful Lunar and Solar activity of the first two months of this year, you have indeed felt the Acceleration of the Cosmic pulse as it is received on Earth. This is affecting the Magnetic grids of the Planet and the weather patterns in both hemispheres.

Today I am thinking about two topics that have been on my mind recently....Relationships and the Weather. These may seem like separate topics, but ultimately they are closely connected. Read on......

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In the past two months we have certainly experienced a huge acceleration in the energy of the Earth that is accelerating our evolutionary processes at a phenomenal rate. This acceleration has been due to two Cosmic factors operating in our Galaxy and Solar System. Firstly, at the end of December and into January we experienced a series of powerful eclipses and lunar events, and secondly, the Sun has ended its Solar Minimum and has once again erupted into life, sending solar flares and magnetic storm energy into the Earth's atmosphere.

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"The Awakening and the Awakened : Navigating the New Earth Fifth-Dimensional Hologram. The Energies for February 2010" -  Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

The Peace that Passes Understanding : A Personal Journey into the Heart of the Divine Feminine and the Christ Consciousness in the Holy Land by Celia Fenn

Beloved Lightworkers, we welcome you to this New Year of 2010, and we are a little late this month as the Channel has been in her own changes and transformations. Indeed, we can say that with this year of 2010 you are now fully in the New Earth energy and you are creating the New Earth through every choice and decision that you make!

This is just a brief note for Starchild Readers to fill you in on some of the powerful energy shifts that are ushering in the year of 2010! After the very powerful alignments at the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010, the Earth has been in a process of shifting to a higher level of Harmonic Consciousness.

So, here we are in a New Year and a New Decade! I am in Jerusalem, and last night, on the 31st of December, I joined with a group of Lightworkers from around the World as well as a group of local Israeli Lightworkers, to release the old energies of the past decade and welcome in the New Energies of the Crystal Decade.

Well, two subjects that come up at the same time - the changing energy of Christmas and the resurgence of Light in the form of a huge Solar Wave that is reaching the Earth now and causing physical disorientation and discomfort for some people.


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