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Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

Center of the Sun > The Creation Matrix

Many years ago, the Star Elders say that this special time on Earth was an "E" ticket ride. They are referring to the old ticketing process at Disney Land. But what they mean is . . . This time is the most supreme and unparalleled roller-coaster ride in the universe. We are indisputability riding the peaks and valleys of this enormous wave of quantum evolution. The yo-yo energy makes us feel like we are coming and going all at the same time.

Lorna Byrne

"I don't believe in angels, or guardian angels... I don't believe in any of that nonsense at all," said the woman I met in Bewleys Cafe in Dublin last week. I smiled to myself. I could see the light of her guardian angel behind her and there were six big beautiful white angels around her.

Lisa Renee

Energetic Synthesis > Reeducation of Human Value

Many more human beings have been inducted into the Ascension process and are now enduring the pinnacle levels of personal and professional dismantling as the 3D system structures are collapsing. All we believed in and thought was the nature of reality is being challenged to the very core of our existence. We are being forced to adapt and evolve to the moment to moment whirlwind of changing terrain impacting our way of life.

Sarah-Jane Grace

It seems important to connect with Neptune at this time. On the 5th August, he moved into Aquarius whilst retrograde and he will stay there until 2012. Neptune is a subtle but incredibly powerful planet; he weaves us together through the collective consciousness and all of those unseen forces that we are growing increasingly aware of. In many ways this is the time of Neptune, we are opening ourselves up more and more to his sacred dance that unifies through the interconnectedness of the energy all around us.

Kelly M. Beard

This is the time when you may be experiencing old wounds and past issues rise to the surface provoking deep emotions and powerful reactions. Rather than "go back there" - this is actually an opportunity to examine them with some detachment and decide once and for all to have a clearing.

Lee Carroll

Kryon > The Quantum Factor - Physics with an attitude!

Kryon has spoken of it before, but never in this detail: Could physics itself have a bias? Could it be that it actually has consciousness? When a Human observes light, it turns from a wave to a particle. Do we have an influence over physics? How does it "know" we are looking? Is there a very large scientific concept that we have completely overlooked, simply because we think we know how everything works? Here is a channelling that you might enjoy. "Physics with an attitude!"

Jennifer Hoffman

Uriel Heals > Actively Spiritual or Spiritually Active?

Our choice to live actively or passively depends on how comfortable we are with ourselves, our ability to make the life and self affirming choices and our comfort level regarding change. When it comes to our spirituality, whether we are living actively or passively is reflected internally and externally. Our internal spirituality is shown by how we deal with the Universe and with ourselves as powerful, divine spiritual beings.

Kate Spreckley

July ended with the power of a New Moon, with both the Moon and Sun in the astrological sign of Leo.  This energy encouraged us to open to the warmth of our hearts and welcome in the beauty of self-love and acceptance.   The Light is coming more rapidly now and with greater intensity so that we may deepen our awareness, expand our consciousness and make the dreams of our hearts a reality.  Now it is even more important to allow our hearts to sing prayers directly to the Divine Creator and listen to and follow the resulting wisdom and guidance.

Shanta Gabriel

Shanta Gabriel > Aligning the Many Aspects of Yourself

In so many ways the lives you lead have inherent patterns of energy that are fragments of other parts of yourself. As you know, you are so much more than the physical, mental and emotional components that focus most people’s attention much of the time. You are also much more than the spiritual aspects that inspire you and offer alternatives to your 3D reality.

Jennifer Hoffman

Uriel Heals > Active or Passive Living

Our life is an unfolding journey which reflects the result of every choice we make, from kind of food we eat to the relationships we choose to where we buy our gasoline. There are no insignificant or random choices, as each one plays a part in creating a moment to moment snapshot of our reality. And in each moment we use our experience and spiritual understanding to help us make the best choices within that moment. While we have unlimited options, there are energetic and emotional boundaries that limit what we can choose.


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