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Jennifer Hoffman

Uriel Heals > Do You Lead or Follow?

Every situation and interaction has its specific energetic signature in which you are the leader or the follower. As the leader you set the energy and can manifest outcomes of your choosing. As the follower you are in the energy of the situation and your own energetic vibration shifts to fit that experience. You have no manifesting power because you are at an energy level from the past.

Jennifer Hoffman

It's hard to believe that it's September and we are entering a new energetic phase as we approach the end of 2011. Since the Spring Equinox in March we've experienced so many changes and have endured big energy downloads, high solar activity, record heat and rain, floods, earthquakes - all while we approach the end of the Mayan calendar (which actually ends on October 28, 2011) and 2012, a time many think heralds the end of the world (it doesn't). The Equinox is the earth's reminder that balance is part of the natural cycles of life and it's time to integrate our growth and align ourselves with what we have learned.

Sarah-Jane Grace

Sarah-Jane Grace > The Truth Is Breaking Through

Life has been throwing out more than its fair share of challenges recently, and many of us are feeling exhausted, tired and worn out at the process. Of course, when we stay centred and connected to the tranquillity within, we can ride these storms, but for many of us, we don’t always manage to achieve this heightened state of bliss, we are only human, after all! Yes, practice does make perfect, but for now many would be forgiven for feeling like they have been through the wash and back again!

Ann Albers

Ann Albers > Harvest time

In this season of fall many of you, no matter how old you are, are going "back to school" and this time dear ones the school is self-exploration! It is the season of harvest. Look at your lives right now. They are the harvest of all the choices and beliefs you have planted in the past. Is your life what the harvest you want it to be? If not dear ones, take time to plan a new garden of eden for yourselves.


Selacia > Sitting in the Middle of Change

You sit right now in the middle of change. It's all around you and it's within you too. You can't escape it.  Some changes you welcome but many you resist or simply don't like. As you approach the equinox next week, take a few moments to investigate your current feelings about change. Note the things that are causing you difficulty.

Talyaa Liera

As we approach the Equinox, not only do the days and nights become closer to being in balance, one the same as the other, but as a global human collective there is also a striving for balance as well. You will see this in your personal experience as you attempt to create connection between your inner world and the external one, or as you attempt to reconcile any two seemingly disparate elements of your life

Kelly M. Beard

Karmic Tools > Weekly Forecast: September 18 - 24, 2011

Hang on - it's going to be a challenging - but hopefully enlightening - week! The first energy to contend with will have much to do with relationships. It creates very intense emotional experiences. This is more Pluto (transformative) energy, and, in this case, it's where love is concerned. So things in relationships will change - hopefully for the better, but if they were not built on solid ground to begin with, they may crumble completely.

Jennifer Hoffman

Uriel Heals > The Many Paths of Healing

Each of you knows someone who appears to go effortlessly through life. They do not appear to have lessons to learn or have any major life issues. Their lives are not filled with worries and everything seems to be effortless for them. And they may not appear to have any spiritual connections, are not focused on their spiritual journey and yet seem to enjoy a life that you would like to create for yourself. Why, you may ask, do you have to be on a healing journey and not them? Why do you have to heal and they do not?

Nancy Leilah Ward

Nancy Leilah Ward > Soul Transitions Vibe Report September 2011

There is such an acceleration happening now all over the world with continued humanitarian uprisings and much upheaval due to nature. In this year, many people have experienced transformation in their lives due to wild winds, wild water and wild fires, in addition to massive shifting of the earth through earthquakes and volcanoes. I saw a friend a few days after the hurricane who said “Stay in the wonderment,” as we parted company. Her words have become a mantra to me.

Christina Lunden

Christina Lunden > Not If, But When

** This message from the Angels was originally published on my website in April 2009. The Angels told me this information was to be shared again at this time. I pray it blesses you. ~Christina


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