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Dana Mrkich

Dana Mrkich > The Earth Changes are Saving Us

With the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami happening so close after the Christchurch quake, a lot of people have been quick to take this as proof that Mother Earth is not happy. Another way to look at it is, she is a Living Being, a Living Planet that goes through her cycles just like we humans do. She has been here for billions of years, long before we came, and will be here long after. It is typical of humans to ignore natural cycles, and it is especially historically typical to disregard and dishonour feminine cycles. Oh yes, Earth is not only a Living Being, she is a Feminine Being.

Meredith Murphy

Expect Wonderful > A Pivotal Moment

This week you are being informed genetically that the time has come for your codes to fire; those which link you fully with the larger tides of the ascending energy of Gaia.  As this information is released within your body, openings to newness will emerge and unfold which help you to shape your future life unfolding with greater clarity and ease.  That which is not harmonious will simply fall away from your focus and the letting go will have a different quality than that of the past--more like quantum shifts--immediate and complete. 

Yael and Doug Powell

Circle of Light > Breaking Free in This Moment

Every time you give your heart to Me, every time you open to this Love, every time you lift into the consciousness of God -- every time you are returned to the fullness of your true nature. All that you are is made available to you, and the moment stretches infinitely until the power of your heart pulses through you and you recognize again who you really are.

Lynette Leckie-Clark

I Kuthumi enter your energy field once more with a feeling of hope and joy for your future. You are aware that old energies – and those ones attached to these – are being moved on. It is a case of either change or move away. Those who would dictate, cheat or lie, in present or past actions, are no longer being tolerated. You who hold such Light energy should congratulate yourselves. It is the power of so much Light emitting from you all which is exposing all levels of dark behavior.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

We live in a world that is a whirlwind of thoughts, fears, expectations, and prayers.  Sometimes it feels as if we are the little dinghies hanging on in the typhoon of life.  Everything seems overwhelming, vast.  We feel powerless and less powerful as we enter each and every new day. Moving forward as a little light trying to shine in a black hole consciousness.

Kelly M. Beard

2011 opens with 25 days of *forward* motion ~ NO Retrograde Planets.  This is auspicious and juicy!  These *portals* are small and rare and worth investing some conscious attention to what you are creating with your own personal energy.  Every day brings another *gift* of revelation and energetic support.  This year supports RE-Establishing *BALANCE* after a major *HEALING*.  1996 - 2010 had Saturn traversing Aries -thru- Virgo, below the surface, behind the scenes, working on the *fundamentals* of our evolving Saturn Reality.  It may have felt very personal to many along the way.

Pepper Lewis

There is a part of you that knows that you have come through a great desert, and while you are not all of the way through it yet, already you can see that there is an oasis before you-there are new truths, new and fresh resources, the next and new beginning.

Dana Mrkich

Having trouble sleeping? Do you constantly feel like you’ve had ten cups of coffee and are running on adrenalin lately? Is your tiredness level set to Extreme Exhaustion but nothing is helping because even while you try to rest, the blood and heart are pumping away at a furious rate? Welcome to the Sunspot/Solar Flare stage of our process!

Lisa Renee

Energetic Synthesis > Changing of the Guard

By the time some of you are reading this March newsletter you should be back standing nearly upright again. However like many of us in the Ascension crew, in recent weeks we have been maintaining a constant horizontal position nearly steamrolled to the floor at times. Activations upon activations coming in at all 360 degrees hitting multiple bodies - are buzzing nearly nonstop through our energy nadis and neurological system.

Jennifer Hoffman

Uriel Heals > The Energy of Life

The world is an illusion because despite the solid forms that all matter takes in the third dimension, everything is viewed (and changes) according to our perception. There is no standard view of the world, as it can be viewed as beautiful or ugly, in fear or love, sad or joyful, depending on the beliefs, tastes, feelings and thoughts of the viewer. In fact, each of us sees every aspect of the world in our unique way because the world is viewed through our eyes and felt through our emotions.


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