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Caroline Myss

Caroline Myss > Practices That Lead To Unimaginable Goodness

Every now and again, I read something that so inspires me, I have to share it with others. Long ago, I realized that whatever this presence is that goes by the name, “God”, it hardly squeezes its force and volume into any or all religions. Religions are the social and political end of good mythologies and that’s about it. The quest for any real truth is found through leaving the shell of one’s religion and entering into the spiritual mysteries of all the great religions – or at least a partnership of one from the west and one from the east

Esther and Jerry Hicks

Abraham Hicks > A Perfect Day

How Abraham Would Generate A Perfect Day

Q: So, Abraham, if you were in our physical shoes, what would you do when you woke up in the morning, and what processes would you use on a daily basis?

Dana Mrkich

Today is Friday the 13th, a day that lots of people associate with 'bad luck'. But did you ever stop to think why '13' is known as an unlucky number?

Lee Carroll

Kryon > DNA Revealed

DNA again. Finally we see why it is that Kryon returns to this seemingly biological imprint, to reveal what it really is, and how tied in it is with everything we study which is sacred. This channelling will undoubtedly end up in Kryon Book Twelve, "The Twelve layers of DNA."

Neale Donald Walsch

Neale Donald Walsch > Is this really what God wants?

Sometimes I get notes from people wondering, first, if there even is a "God," and, second, if there is a God, what God wants. Many humans have been told that What God Wants is for life to be a school, a place of learning, a time of testing, a brief and precious opportunity to migrate the soul back to heaven, back to God, whence it came.

Neale Donald Walsch

In an email sent on July 23, 2002 to persons requesting it, Neale explained The Ten Illusions of Humans as contained in Communion with God. Here is that email copy once again.

Lisa Renee

Energetic Synthesis > Shockwave

This newsletter series returns after an absence from the last month of July, of which created some public confusion and of which I would like to clarify now. Writing these newsletters takes a lot of my personal energy and focus, and that space was simply not made available to me in the last weeks. Recently my planetary service commitments have radically increased which means prioritizing my health and sanity must take precedence. I am devoted and deeply committed to my service mission, yet it is crystal clear that the drain on my person and the organization known as Energetic Synthesis cannot continue to fulfill its tasks in the same way as in the past.

Owen Waters

Owen Waters > The Power of Understanding

Spiritual consciousness comes a lot easier when you understand spiritual principles and can, therefore, tune into the spiritual realms of consciousness. Over the last century, the world has experienced a challenge of faith in the Creator and subsequently in religions which have not adapted to the new awareness. Telescopes have expanded our perception of the size of the universe into something so vast that we are challenged to understand how humans on tiny planet Earth can have any significance in such a grand scheme of things.

Stefanie Miller - A Magical World

I've always been extremely fascinated with the concept of time travel. I have often times dreamed of going back in time to visit myself at various stages of my life. I always envision that I would come as the person I am now, to a younger or older version of myself, and imparting the wisdom and knowledge I have gained. I daydream that I would visit these periods in my life where I was at a low point and felt that there was no hope or solution in sight. I would comfort myself and let her know all the amazing things in store for her.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #3544 Wanting to Go Back to Sleep

Look at one leaf or petal in your garden, and know I AM God. One leaf or petal is enough. And yet you have a whole Universe to look at and to know I AM God. Look at the palm of your hand, and know the magnificence of what I have created. Look at the rug under your feet, manmade from the landscape of My gifts to the world. How can you not be enveloped in love and see in love when you consider what I have bestowed upon you?


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