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Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

Center of the Sun > Entering a Spiritual Renaissance

In the three decades leading up to the prophetic dates of 2012, and at the end of a 5,125 year Mayan cycle of time, we have entered a very unique time on Earth that is filled with great potential. We are about at the end of a long, exciting but exhausting 33 year journey that has taken us through the dark rift in the Milky Way.

Steve Rother

Lightworker > Puzzle Perspectives ~ A New Look at the Puzzle of Life

Here is the Beacon of Light for March 2013. Have a great month and keep the rhythm! Big hugs and gentle nudges ~ Steve

Jamye Price

You are a Being of Love. God is Love, the universe is of Love. Love is the compelling, binding force that bonds and releases as Life continues. There is no judgment in the unconditional nature of Love.

Brenda Hoffman

Much will happen in the next several days but few of you will notice. For the happenings are within you. This shift is like a gossamer layer that is difficult to discern.

Shekina Rose / Blue Ray

You have a grand opportunity during the Spring Equinox 2013 with seven planets in Pisces this month that open the dimension doorways to higher spiritual consciousness. This can bring the depth of emotions of sadness that transmutes to joy as you allow for that space of true essence.

Dana Mrkich

Dana Mrkich > Happy Equinox!

This day of balance reminds me of the quote 'Everything is okay in the end, and if it's not okay it's not the end.'

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

Quite a bit of information has been coming through regarding the Power Portal that we are currently in, leading up to the Spring Equinox (Fall for the South,) on 3.20.13. Interestingly I was pondering on a lot of the material that has been published lately regarding the transition to 5D and wondering why myself and so many others that I know were having their struggles recently.

Ailia Mira

Ailia Mira > March Equinox 2013: the Re-instatement of Love

The energies are beginning to accelerate in your fields as you anticipate the alignment of the March Equinox. This acceleration takes place with a sense of renewed hope and enthusiasm as you begin to sense that there is greater potential for joy emerging.

Sarah-Jane Grace

We seem to be at a time of stand still at the current time; there is a sense of waiting, watching and waiting. Although the anticipation feels positive, there is also a deeper sense of uncertainty weaving its way through our unconsciousness.

Ann Albers

Ann Albers > Free Will!

The question you must ask yourself regularly is, "Am I using my will to align with my heart, or am I using my will to stubbornly resist that within me which I know to be true?"


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