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That Roslyn Chapel was featured as the final scene of the infamous 'DaVinci Code' has its downside. The enigmatic stone rubik is now a pop-trend tourist site, and quiet reverence is much harder to find there. You see to the seeker, the biggest mystery in Scotland was never Loch Ness, it has always been Roslyn.

Earth Keeper > The Enigma of Rosslyn Chapel: The Star-Gate & Sun Disc

The energies of the areas within England and Scotland are among the most potent and active on the planet. Telluric energies are extremely vivid and network throughout these lands offering great dimensional apertures in many locales in the region of the stone circles of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

Greetings Dear Ones, I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and we embrace you in an energy of Unconditional Love. And indeed ALL energy is enhanced this day, for the very solar system of your duality resonance and habitation is opening to allow great and greater frequencies.

This full moon is extraordinary to many signs. And all the energy waves cascading into the Earth amplify the forces. The solar winds, the meteor shower, the Mercury Retrograde and interesting planetary angles make for a potentially volatile combination. Just look at the crashing of the stock markets, government deadlocks, riots in Britain and continuing issues in the Middle East. Its a time of release.

Greetings Dear Ones ! I am Metatron Lord of Light, and I embrace each of you in Unconditional Love! And so we return to speak of the grandeur of the Michael Portal in Banff. In the linear years that the channel first visited this magical area, much has quickened. This area is playing an enormous role in the planetary Ascension, in that termed the Cosmic Trigger.

Masters,  the Dolphin & Whale are incredible Beings that bring tremendous Crystalline Light to the Planet. These Cetaceans are highly evolved intelligent beings from Sirius B who are on the Earth to assist mankind in exquisite ways and resonance well beyond your current knowledge and imagination. These beautiful beings perform myriad roles, among the most important of which is anchoring the Light of the ocean waters that cover over two thirds of your planet.

Earth Keeper > The Vortex of the Golden Law of One

Every life is a sacred opportunity to explore and discover what dwells within. Upon the earth, the expanded dimensional overlays of the Crystalline Transition fulfills this promise by the hallowed movement into Mer-Ka-Na. Awareness evolves therein into wisdom, and wisdom into Conscious Mastery....and beckons the return home into the honored crystalline light of Divinity.

Earth Keeper > Roslynn & The Reshel Grid System

“Greetings, I am Metatron Lord of Light, and you are Beloved !

Earth Keeper > Being Alone: Why Mastery Involves Times of Solitude

Dear Ones, Many of you who find yourself alone at this time, are of the belief that you must find a partner. Many of you seek your 'soul mate' your twin flame. Yet we tell you, in many cases among the advanced souls, you are alone because you have planned it. Indeed it is a special and noble undertaking. It is time for Divine Solitude.

Earth Keeper > Crystalline Impeccability: Dancing With Stars

Dear Ones, we of the Angelic Realm are here to support you, to offer insights of guidance, but it is up to each of you in sojourns of polarity and duality, to master your challenges. These are your avenue of learning, and it is incumbent for each of you to face and solve your problems. We assist you by putting you in touch with your own power. Our purpose is not to solve them for you, or to come between you and your own freedom of discernment and choice by giving you "answers," even to the most complex of challenges.


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