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Earth Keeper > The Polarity of Power & Love

Masters, your life is a journey of exploration.  Your sojourns upon the Earth are a marvelous opportunity to discover and to explore what is within and without you.  You are on an exquisite odyssey of algorithm. The third dimension serves to assist you in moving higher, and thus works hand in hand with the algorithmic puzzle by facilitating and prompting the outward manifestation of inner spirit through frontal mind.

That Roslyn Chapel was featured as the final scene of the infamous 'DaVinci Code' has its downside. The enigmatic stone rubik is now a pop-trend tourist site, and quiet reverence is much harder to find there. You see to the seeker, the biggest mystery in Scotland was never Loch Ness, it has always been Roslyn.

Greetings, I am Metatron, Lord of Light and I greet you all within this precise vector of timeless space.  I embrace you in unconditional love. Love that is geometric, love that is scientific, a love of immeasurable sacredness. Love is the source of ALL. It is not an emotion, it is an omnipotent resonance.

Earth Keeper > The Alchemy of Phi Crystals

"The crystal is a neutral object whose inner structure exhibits a crystalline state of perfection and balance.  When it's precisely cut to the proper geometric form and when the human mind enters into relationship with its structural perfection in the vibration of love, the crystal emits a vibration which extends and amplifies the power and grasp of the user's mind.   Like a las

AAMetatron Channel thru James Tyberonn ( Scroll Down- after article)

Earth Keeper > The Solstice of OM

The OM Crystal of Shasta & Gateway of OM  

"Greetings beloved! I am Metatron, Lord of Light. And so again we speak of Shasta. Indeed its importance is tantamount to the expansion of the Crystalline Field. Masters the Solstice of June 21, 2010 is an incredible gateway, and this Solstice may be termed the 'Gateway of OM'.

Earth Keeper > Awakening the Sacred Dragon

Awakening the Sacred Dragon - Cosmic Trigger part 2 

 (read Cosmic Trigger part 1)

Greetings, I am Metatron, Lord of Light!

Earth Keeper > Crystalline Impeccability: Dancing With Stars

Dear Ones, we of the Angelic Realm are here to support you, to offer insights of guidance, but it is up to each of you in sojourns of polarity and duality, to master your challenges. These are your avenue of learning, and it is incumbent for each of you to face and solve your problems. We assist you by putting you in touch with your own power. Our purpose is not to solve them for you, or to come between you and your own freedom of discernment and choice by giving you "answers," even to the most complex of challenges.

Earth Keeper > The Cosmic Trigger Phase lll - The Coming Equinox

And so we speak today of the 3rd Phase of that termed the Cosmic Trigger. Indeed its time is nigh and will occur on two dates in your linear year of 2011. The initial surge occurs on the March 20 Equinox of 2011, the latter surge on the triple date frequencial portal of the 11-11-11.

Earth Keeper > Tiajuanaco - The Lost Pyramid City of OG

That the infamous Butch Cassidy would choose the mystical Altiplano of Bolivia to hide is less ironic than fated. The pristine Andean high plane is a 'crucible', where hidden truth implodes to discovery.... precisely the sort of place where souls may run, but cannot hide. It cannot have been otherwise, Butch.


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