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Expect Wonderful > 11:11:11 Approach Ignites the Passion of Divine Union

You long for the continual merging with all-that-is and the passion of that ecstasy is all encompassing.  You feel the intensity of this longing and realize the power of your energy field is created by this desire which draws you ever more into expansion; the experience of returning to a merged state of bliss with the Divine, the lover, that is you.

Expect Wonderful > You Were Made for This: An Ode to YOU!

There is so much to appreciate in yourself.  Today is a beautiful time to take it all in and smile. ♥  After all, YOU were made for this. You realize in hindsight the immensity of it all, in the beginning you just knew something BIG was happening...remember? 

Expect Wonderful > The Big Show Anticipates 11:11:11

Dimensional seals are broken and opened  within your field as you become harmonically attuned to each doorway.  Each opening illuminates the veil--dissolving the illusionary aspects and making visible the stars and light within Helios and Vesta's aura, which lie across your Earthly home, like a cape of comfort and love, and expanded clarity of your true home comes forth, eclipsing your prior understandings and honing you into greater wholeness, alignment and truth/love.

Expect Wonderful > Emissaries to Earth: Bring Forth Your Light

The Golden Dome of Light that exists as your multidimensional Stargate, is coming online. What this means is that each of you have access to greater amplifying capabilities of your own internal harmonics.  This is important for it is your own harmonics which broadcast and magnetize across dimensions, that which has harmonic resonance with you.  It’s how you create the experience of manifestation—the physical convergence of your experience with desires you have within your heart.  The increased amplification of your inner light temple.

Deep undercurrents are merging. Yesterday while outside, I saw a solar code repeatedly descending from the sun while relaxing outdoors with my dogs. It was y-shaped, and reminded me of two streams merging. I feel the mirroring aspects of ourselves and the non-local coming into greater, uninhibited connection and flow. I felt Helios speak to me--the sentience of the sun, for the first time. I realize the role Helios plays is like mine--a transmitter for the Great Central Sun--our Sun is a channel as well, opening to greater and greater life force too.

Do you realize the ways you lead yourself into bliss have such a ripple effect? When you find your own joy, you open that energy up for others to tap in. When you create from this space, be it a meal, a note, a song or a painting, you transmit this energy! You give it form in a way that becomes timeless and the momentum of your joy flows into the world in ways you likely will never realize.

Expect Wonderful > Resting Is Not Doing Nothing

This morning I was very inspired by an observation Nancy Ward made in her monthly Soul Transitions Vibe Report for September.  I didn't even read the whole message, because once I read the first few paragraphs, I knew that the message for me was held therein.  Nancy writes...

Expect Wonderful > Nourishing Your Power

I have been merging with nature consciously since I was a small child.  I didn't think of it as anything unusual.  I will say though, I was well aware that the experience definitely had a certain charge!  A kind of magical, secret power...I knew there was something awesome about these moments in life and being a person aware of living this way even as a child I knew this. I also knew it was something to do by myself and often.

Expect Wonderful > Loosening Structures & Igniting Codes

The Energies of September will orient you to greater tones of liberation.  Pitches, if you will.  Meaning that frequencies that reflect expansive freedom and capacity will be more readily available to more and more of you.  As you have access to these vibrations which carry the quality of permission and allowing, you will find yourself increasingly drawn toward greater leniency toward your heart’s desires, more gentleness toward your body’s call and more availability to your inner being.

Expect Wonderful > Discernment and Staying in Your Power

There has been a lot of energy and also some significant hype about about the Mayan calendar coming in October.  In the same way that Hollywood jumped on the 2012 bandwagon, there are videos showing up all over the internet, espousing all kinds of views.  And now I am seeing several highly visible ones from websites created by people who are unidentified.  Who are "sharing" some ideas--yet unwilling to introduce themselves and commit to a viewpoint.


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