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Joy and Clarity > What Are You Waiting For?

We are three weeks away from the June Solstice. It is a time of heightened energy running through the Earth at this moment, and you have been given every possible way to work with this energy, and to use it to transform yourself. So, what have you done with it?

Joy and Clarity > What Balance You Experience Now

Moving from the last Eclipse in March 20th to the Eclipse today, you are dealing with a feeling that the whole world is disintegrating and dissolving, while on the other hand things have accelerated in heightening the spiritual awareness, and the inner peace that you experience.

One thing that you have to do right now is acknowledge your journey. Yes, dear friend this has been a long journey coming, and you have put so much time, effort and work into moving through these last three years of your life.

Joy and Clarity > How Do I Handle Change Now?

Your Soul encourages you to take things one step at a time, and to not expect immediate results. You are working with a process of profound inner change. If you worry about what will happen to you, then you will miss the magic of the transformation.

Joy and Clarity > Surrender To A New Life

With the experience of the New Moon upon us, it is wise to reflect on the things that we are going to bring into the world, in this next cycle of activity that begins.

Joy and Clarity > Changing Your Life: Go Beyond Limitations

Dear Saint-Germain, for a long time I feel that I have had such trouble finding my path in life. I already gave up my studies three different times, and I feel disoriented. Where am I going next?

Joy and Clarity > Does Money Really Matter to You?

Money matters. And it matters to you, as much as it matters to anybody else you know. It matters because it is a symbol for worth, for accomplishment, and for the ability to survive. Money has been around for a while, and it's going to be around for some more time, as it looks now.

Joy and Clarity > Are You Stuck in an Imperfect World?

Dear Saint-Germain, I would like to know how to remain in a joyful state, even though I feel that I am stuck in a sadly imperfect world. Although I have moments when I feel happy, I fall back into a rut again. Can you help me please?

Joy and Clarity > Pain, Wounds and Forgiveness

Sometimes you fall. You scratch your knees, and it hurts. You are experiencing pain, and as long as you deal with it in that moment, it may sting for a short while, but then you move on. If you don't hold on to the pain, you will be fine.

Joy and Clarity > Sharing Your Gifts and Talents

When you are born on this Earth, God takes a spark from her/his coat and gives it to you. That spark you carry with you everywhere. It is part of who you are, and it is unique to you. Everybody can see it, yet nobody else has it.


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