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Carolyn Ann O'Riley

Greetings! And the warmest of salutations to you My Beautiful Beings Of Light.

You gather My Beloveds to read and receive the messages that The Creator has relayed to you at this moment in NOW.

Karen Bishop
Greetings! The 11 th of any month always opens a portal to the higher realms (or a higher dimensional reality than the one we are currently in), and an 11 month only serves to offer us a double whammy. Just as experiencing many 11:11's in our lives at a certain time, such as seeing these numbers on a digital clock, in an address, or even on the license plate of the car in front of us, these numbers are the gates or pillars that open to a higher vibration. When I see these numbers, I usually think: “Oh, goody! How can I go through these gates and enter the higher realms in ways in my life? What is this opportunity offering me?” And it is the same with this day of November 11 th . These gates open and then they close again, and it is during this special and unique time that we can access something higher, and then take it back with us to our current reality.
Carrie Hart

Quado > You are the Rainmaker

Today is a day of giving, a day to let your heart open and flow outward, giving love to all you encounter. Today is a day to make a gift of your smile, gracing each person you meet with the warmth that is within you. Today is a day for laughter, to let your laughter ring out across the circumstances of your day, no matter what they are. 

Jennifer Hoffman

Uriel Heals > Which Path is Right?

The crossroads of transformation is where we stand at every moment of our life. The future is never determined in advance-it unfolds with each decision and choice that we make. The energy we resonate at and connect with determines the opportunities we will see as possibilities for choices. What feels right for us at one point may, upon review, seem
Celia Fenn
This information came in the form of a conversation with the Archangel, and is recorded as such. I am wondering to myself why so many people are feeling such sorrow and anxiety and depression, especially at this time when we are supposed to be experiencing the Joy of the New Earth. So many people have waited and waited and waited. Where is the Joy, they ask, why am I so depressed and sorrowful. What do I need to do to cleanse myself and enter into my Joy? And, as I am thinking on these topics, Archangel Michael says to me: "Are you ready to hear the truth about this? Are you willing to accept a perspective from the quantum reality? Can you change you way of thinking?" What do you mean, I ask.
Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #2905 The Truth of Who You Are

Being not attached to the world means not being attached to sleep, not being attached to food, not being attached to procedures. It is as if you have thought certainty is safe, and so you hold on to certainty when the fact is there is none in the relative world.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #2747 The Ocean of the World

The world is going to appear in its true colors very soon. Its true colors are bright and clear. No longer will the world house less than Truth. The world will show its refined colors of Truth, clarity, and good will. You are really going to live in the world that has always been dreamed of, that you have always dreamed of. Beloveds, by your

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2569 Mother Theresa

You are not to put yourself and your needs over anyone else's, nor are you to put anyone else and their needs over you and your needs. As you grow more into the light, that will no longer be a question for you. You will do and give only because you want to. Beloveds, this will mean that you serve all. Your serving may not be in the way you may have been taught.

Carrie Hart

Quado > Freedom and Integrity

What is freedom? What is integrity? Is the display of your emotion, as real as it feels in the moment, an expression of freedom and integrity? Or is it actually freer and truer to

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #2924 How to Be the Light of the World

Do you really believe that you can carry the world on your shoulders? Yes, it is true that you are responsible for everyone and everything, but, beloveds, think a minute. If you are responsible for everyone and everything, are you not also responsible for yourself? That you are responsible for the world does not mean that you are to carry all the troubles of the world on your back.


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