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Judith Coates

Beloved one, you are now, in your timing, moving into a new season, and it is a good time to reflect on where you want to be headed in the new season.

Yael and Doug Powell

Circle of Light > The Patterns of Love

Celia Fenn
Well, this is the day after Christmas. For me, Christmas day was itself a peaceful and beautiful day, except for one small incident. I think back to 2005, and remember the Tsunami that ocurred on the 26th of December, at a time when the planet, and we ourselves, we so unbalanced.
Shelly Dressel

Goddess Light > Finding Clarity Through the Crystals

Nama Sika, Venia Benya I AM the One, I AM the Whole

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #2850 You Are Divinity Walking around on Earth

Not one of you knows the extent to which you work for Me. None of you begins to know the service you give to Me and to the Universe. For all you know, you are lollygagging around in the world, lying on a raft in your swimming pool and drinking soda through a straw. It is amazing how little you know. Where you are is not who you are.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #2924 How to Be the Light of the World

Do you really believe that you can carry the world on your shoulders? Yes, it is true that you are responsible for everyone and everything, but, beloveds, think a minute. If you are responsible for everyone and everything, are you not also responsible for yourself? That you are responsible for the world does not mean that you are to carry all the troubles of the world on your back.

Gloria Wendroff

Love flows in an unending stream of itself. Although love may be categorized, love is love. It is not interchangeable with anything else and yet, unlike oil and water, love can merge with anything. There is not anywhere that love does not go. And yet, unbelievably, love is not always welcomed. If love were always welcomed, there would be no wars and no unhappy homes.

Jennifer Hoffman

There is a Creator in the Universe, a central Source of power and light. This can be described as all knowing and powerful but that is an attempt to limit that which cannot be limited. Describing the concept of Creator is like describing air — what is it, where is it, how is it, how much is there? These are questions that have no answer and trying to understand Creator as an object, like describing air, instead of simply acknowledging it does not allow full connection with and use of Creator.

Carrie Hart

Quado > Connect with the Love that Surrounds You

Today would be an excellent day to connect with all of the love that surrounds you, all of the help and guidance that is yours to have.

Jennifer Hoffman

Dear Jennifer:  I am going through a divorce and I’m so angry with my husband for leaving me after twenty years of marriage. None of what I have done for him seems to have mattered and he seemed so happy to leave. Now I’m trying to put my life back together but I cry all of the time, I can’t get rid of this anger and I although I don’t think I want him back, I don’t know how to move forward. Can you help me?


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