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David Brown

Kryon (South Africa) > Live Your Life

Greetings Dear Ones, for I AM KRYON of Magnetic Service.

Karen Bishop
Greetings!     If you've had an experience within the last month of being totally flattened, feeling immense physical or emotional “pain,” or simply collapsing with no apparent ability to do much of anything, you are right in perfect alignment with the most enormous and incredible shift I have seen yet within our on-going spiritual evolutionary process. Each of us is being affected in relation to our weak areas…some are experiencing immense head and sinus colds, severe ear aches, others vomiting, some with intense body aches, and even outbreaks of canker sores. All in all, we are experiencing an immense internal shift, and even though it may manifest as a very painful process, it is moving huge amounts of energy.
Jennifer Hoffman

Uriel Heals > Expect Perfection

There is perfection and order in every part of the Universe, including every part of your life. Nothing is random, nothing occurs by chance. Even the most chaotic and disorderly happenings are in perfection and happen according to how they are manifested and the energy they are manifested with.
Carrie Hart

Quado > Do It Anyway

Doubt is such a familiar voice, that you may have trouble separating truth from the incessant whisper of doubt in your ear.  You have an idea, begin to take the first steps toward it, and instantly doubt is there, whispering:  “I’m too old.  That will never sell.  I don’t have enough time and money to follow through.  I’m not really good enough.” Remember that doubt is a poor advisor indeed.  Doubt may protect you from making a fool of yourself, but what kind of protection is that?  Learning requires experimentation and mistakes.  And some of these mistakes turn out to be glorious mistakes, a burgeoning of originality where a new idea is born, the seeds of a new approach what will turn out to be highly successful.  And some of those mistakes are simply painful learning steps, ways to learn what works and what doesn’t, both for you and for those you wish to serve with what you offer.
Jennifer Hoffman
There are no 'right' or 'wrong' decisions that can be made. Judging your decisions is a material process that the Universe does not participate in, except to respond to your judgments.
Shala Mata

Shala Mata > Spiritual Gratitude

The past eight months of 2006 have offered a plethora of change and opportunities, some forecasted – some not. Each month accrued the previous energy and molded a new game.

Ronna Herman
Beloved masters, as you incorporate more of the magnificence of your God Ray, the attributes, qualities and virtues, wondrous things begin to happen in the world around you. The galactic prosperity gateway opens wide and the wealth of the universe pours down upon you. Always be aware that you are responsible for how you use your gifts of Spirit. It will not serve your highest good to gain great riches and then hoard them. There is no virtue in poverty. That is an old outmoded thought form created by those who sought to suppress you and gain power over you. Money is a symbol of the opulence of the universe; however, spiritual wealth encompasses many things: a healthy body and mind free of disease, full of vitality, youthful and filled with a zest for living and creating anew; satisfying relationships with a great variety of people, from your close physical family to your extended spiritual family.
Shelly Dressel

Goddess Light > Deeper Awareness and Acceptance of Yourself

Nama sika; venia benya         I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you my beloved family! I am taking this moment to reach out to everyone that is here, inviting you to come and share this time together.  Not only are you connecting within yourself and connecting to those aspects that are a part of your human physical body, you are also connecting with the other individuals in this group.

Esther and Jerry Hicks

Co-creating with another person can be fabulous. Two or more people thinking a little differently -- can add balance and breadth, and depth, to one another's desires. Two people, master minding, can add power to a desire.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #2968 First You Have the Dream

The power of dreams is unbeatable. The energy behind dreams is full-blown. The energy doesn't stop. Once dreamed of, the whole power of the Universe comes into play. This is how a dream may come true quickly, or down the stream years and years from now.


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