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Hillis Pugh

Hillis Pugh > Words

A form of expression written spoken sung that begun with simple thoughts brought to life that I give to share bare my mind my soul picking up the shattered pieces of life torn by words.

Shala Mata

The energy of May will allow "Our Internal Optimist" to co-create the new foundations we are weaving within our divine cosmic blueprint.  Our soul energy is inherently peaceful, loving, and filled with joyful optimism.  Within that construct, there is no judgment, criticism, fear, death, or competition.  Our point of origin light is a glorious radiant expression of all tha

Elleke Rocks

The Archive of the Universe > The tune of sharing yourself

For everyone who is going through a hard period, or feels just like me and Joshua a bit sad or depressed I have made this "blow the blues away" list with things we can do to make the best of it.

Celia Fenn
Well, here we are in April already, and it certainly seems like time is just flying these days. As we move into a new spiral of experience at a higher vibration or frequency, we are feeling that increased rate of the passage of that which we think of as "time".

Ann Albers

Ann Albers > Love a little, Affect a lot

At times the world may seem overwhelming to you. You look out and see pain and suffering, wars and violence. However from the heavens, we see light attempting to emerge, even in the most hardened of human hearts.

Alan Cohen

Alan Cohen > Somebody Needs the Wood

Are we ready to emerge from the dark ages of crucifixion? Is there more to life than putting yourself down so you can put others up? Do you really have to lose to win?

Yael and Doug Powell

Circle of Light > Heart Markers

Beloved ones, it only takes one shift to the heart, a moment’s awareness of the Reality of Love, the choice to change the instrument of perception through which you experience your life…and instantly you are soaring in the energy of Love. You are free. You are open. You are available to be the extension of life.

Celia Fenn
Again I have to say thank you for all the mails that I have been getting, both with questions for the channel, and with ideas on the topic of the current events and the movements of consciousness at this time of change.
Hillis Pugh

Life possibilities are the energy, the vision, and the light of hope flooding into any life situation. When we take on this light of hope we broadcast the vision of a new outcome for a situation we are experiencing. Hope is the life giving us the opportunity to change self, and the current situation. Hope gives us the strength to have faith in the open possibilities. With life possibilities, there can be numerous outcomes for any situation.

Sarah-Jane Grace

We are all part of the Universe, we make up the whole. We are all energy, and as energy beings we are infinite (for science tells us that energy can be neither created nor destroyed). We know this, this is not news, but how many of us truly know this? How many of us have really thought this through? We are infinite, we are the Universe, we are One. Wow...


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