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Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2510 Speak for Yourself

You are not to be rash, nor are you to dilly-dally. Take action. Unless you take action, you are waiting. As you wait, you debate. As you wait and debate, energy is wasting. There are many things that don't require waiting nor even deciding. If you want a glass of water, get one. If someone else needs a glass of water, give it to them.

Celia Fenn
When you get to work in the Higher Dimensions, you find that Spirit is very playful. In the old days, in the old 3D energy, you would get your "orders" and do your work. Now, I find it to be more like a game or an adventure, as the synchronicities and the "clues" unfold. In the last ten days or so, I was privileged to be able to work with Spirit and other Lightworkers to seed two "Temples of Light" in my area. I was guided to share these images with you, so that you can feel the energy through the vibrations of the images.
Jennifer Hoffman
The Shift is a time when our consciousness is moving from the third dimension to higher dimensions of experience. As we move farther along in this experience, there is more synchronicity in our lives--we ask for what we want and it appears. But the manifestation process is not always smooth and a desire to change is not always followed immediately by a new and better alternative. Sometimes there is a gap in the flow from desire to manifestation and we must survive being 'in the gap' before what we want to create comes to us. While we are 'in the gap' all activity and flow seems to stop and we feel 'stuck' or unable to move. Or, it appears that more is being taken away from us than we are receiving.
Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2517 Heaven Consciousness

Do you think I take everything so seriously as you do? Do you think I take anything so seriously as you do? Do you think I am daunted by emotions and disappointments? Do you think I am daunted by death of the body? Do you think that if I spill milk, I cry?

If I am not daunted by spilt milk, must you be?

Today have the thought: "God has a sense of humor, and so do I."

Ronna Herman
Beloved masters, each advanced level of ascension/evolution contains higher truths, along with new challenges and opportunities to attain self-mastery. Self-discipline, heightened awareness and determination are required; however, the more you bring your ego-desire body under control and allow your Higher Self to guide you, the easier the process will become. As you expand your awareness and begin to view life from a higher vantage point, your perspective changes. You no longer focus on the negative or what is wrong in your life/world as you develop a positive outlook and begin to see the good in others. You learn to appreciate the beauty of nature and what is right with the world, and you also develop a sense of wonder and thanksgiving for the many miracles that manifest for you and those around you.
Gloria Wendroff

Life is not either/or. You do not have one choice or two. You have many-petaled choices. When you were a child, you took a daisy, and you said with each petal, "He loves me, he loves me not." You left out other possibilities, that he likes you, that he makes you happy, that you like him and you make him happy. Life is many-layered and not so

Carrie Hart

Quado > Lead with Your Heart

Lead with your heart.  Let your heart show you the way. Come down here, down deep, where your heart beats, red liquid life flowing through.  Feel how your heart knows the flow.  Feel how the heartbeat of the entire world is like this, like this life blood that flows through your veins.  Your heart knows the flow. 

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2633 In God's Embrace

Instead of thinking so often about what you are unhappy about with yourself, will you think of how happy you make Me? You haven't thought that I was unhappy with you, have you? I am very happy with you. It is a good thing that I do not see with your eyes, or I would be down-hearted too. Fortunately, I see with My big eyes of love.

Rebecca Couch
Greetings on this day of new beginnings, as each is given an opportunity to start anew.
Christina Lunden

What is a spiritual human being? It is a human being who remembers that this life is an illusion and makes conscious choices to live spiritually first and is a physical human being second. There is so much change and chaos going on in the world today that it is easy to forget that we are not controlled by what goes on in the world.


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