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Gloria Wendroff

Oh, My beloveds, may your journey take you far beyond the shores of the bounded world! What the world contains is wonderful, and wonderful for you, and yet, at the same time, it is not enough. Running along the surface of life, you tend to falter. You fall into disarray.

Karen Bishop

Acute darkness has surrounded us of late, with the greatest intensity on or about Saturday, October 27th. There is good reason for this, which I will explain further on, but for those of you who are sensitives and tuned in more than most, it may have been a very uncomfortable ride.

Carolyn Ann O'Riley

Greetings & Salutations My Beautiful Beings Of Light. We meet once again, within this Earth Plane to share your very own Creator’s, unconditional love, do you not.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #2755 Go Ahead and Make Mistakes

If I gave you a choice, where would you be? If I gave you a choice, what would you be doing? If I gave you a choice, what would you be giving? And what would you be accepting?

Perhaps you are exactly where you want to be. And why not? Yet along the way, decisions and choices will continue to be yours to make.

Kate Spreckley

For many centuries now most of you have been too fearful to allow for the full range of emotions that you are capable of feeling. You have learnt from past experiences and from many past lives that to be fully connected with your heart and your emotions is too painful.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2588 The Greatness within You

Beloveds, because someone has great powers, does not mean that they are more connected to Me than someone without great powers. Powers do not mean that someone with them is more connected to Me than you. You are as connected to Me as anyone can be. You are not lacking. It is good to remember this so you are not enveloped under the spell of other mortals who may have observable powers.

Jennifer Hoffman
When something goes wrong someone has to take the blame. This occurs on individual, cultural and national levels. No one wants to be at fault but someone has to be blamed to give the anger and emotional energy a focal point. On a national level, you may blame your leaders; on an individual level, those to blame can be your parents, employer, partner or friends. It is always someone else's fault when things go wrong. This has created a global abdication of responsibility for the creation of the world you live in and is a central reason for the world's situation. You live in a state of blame instead of a state of peace, joy and potential.
Jennifer Hoffman

When you pray, you reconnect with the Source and remember who you are. Prayer is any form of communication with the spiritual realm, whether you are asking for something or expressing your gratitude for what you have received. You can pray for anything, at any time according to your needs.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2516 Happy Hearts

When you are not feeling happy, you are an imposter. The reality of you is joy, regardless of what is happening and how you seem to be feeling. There is that level of joy within you that laughs at everything and knows folly when it sees it. Be an imposter no longer. Don't believe in the supremacy of the world and its events over the joy that lies within you. Let the joy be dominant.

Jennifer Hoffman
When you watch the Source, or God, work in your lives, you experience amazing results. The abundance that you can imagine for yourselves is miniscule in comparison to the limitless blessings that are available to you. It is not possible for you to imagine or to know all of the possibilities that are available, only to know that they are there. Each step on your path opens new doors and new avenues for you to explore and experience. First, though, you must learn to watch the Source work.


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