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Gloria Wendroff

When you have misgivings, when you have twinges of regret, the thing to do is to let the whole thing go and never let what caused the misgivings to happen again. You told a lie, perhaps, that hurt someone's heart and yours. It may have been years ago, and still it bothers you. This regret is like a splinter. As with all splinters, you must remove it.

Karen Bishop

The energies are finally shifting as we near the most condensed and pivotal point of the shift, which is the equinox of Sunday, September 23. Feelings of vulnerability may be present for some of us, or perhaps just a feeling that something monumental is about to occur.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2632 Keep Walking Along

I know the heartbreaks that sometimes alight on you when you least expect them. Expected or not, they hurt. But even when you feel your heart is breaking, you do know that troubles melt away, and that, relatively speaking, your worst trouble is always the present one. Even in the moment of heartache, you know that your seeming cause isn't really all that bad.

Cheryl Richardson

This week, as I head off to Chicago to talk about the law of attraction, I thought I'd share an archived newsletter about a powerful method for drawing toward you more of what you want in life. It's about being grateful.

Carrie Hart

Quado > A World of Non-Duality

Carrie Asks:

The Maui messages and visions presented a world of non-duality, one in which there is no right or wrong, no good or bad, in which the rattlesnake and the eagle, the fireman and the terrorist, are all full of godliness, a world where the dark and the light are equally blessed, where things simply are as they are.

Jennifer Hoffman
Each of you remembers a time when you had wings, when you were free to do and to be whatever you wanted, when life was effortless and when you lived beyond the veil between the material and spiritual worlds. The source of humanity's sorrow and pain lies in the fact that they have forgotten that they have wings that will carry them beyond suffering and into the realm where heaven and earth are one. You did not come here to suffer, but to remember that you have wings. Each of you is a divine being that has agreed to come here to learn to rise past eons of emotions, attachments and fear and to learn to reconnect to the Source, both individually and as a human family. Each of you carries with you the memory of your wings and the unconditional love which created you and whose energy you carry. Many of you have forgotten this truth and see yourselves as powerless and a long way from home, freedom and joy. But your wings are always there, waiting for you to claim them.
Christina Lunden
This time of year is always powerful. It is that way because of our expectations. Don't you expect something to change or happen just because one year is ending and another one beginning? It really is just another day but because of our collective thoughts, we make this a very powerful time.
Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #2718 What You Surrender

I may be the One God of the Universe, but I am not exclusive. Not at all! Quite the opposite. I am all-inclusive. I gather all into My arms. I welcome all into My heart. You, messengers of Mine on Earth, you sort and discard. You put some of My children first, and some last. You make some stand in line. I, never. I offer everyone a seat beside Me.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #2735 Feel the Excitement

Are you beginning to feel the excitement? I am going to call it excitement. It is the excitement of a spring day. It is that energy of the Universe sailing right into your heart. It is the energy of the stars, and it is the energy of dreams dreamed and made manifest. It is the energy of love, beloveds. This energy is enveloping you. There is

Jennifer Hoffman
As a child, your every need was met when you asked for it. When you needed to be fed, you were fed. When you needed sleep, you slept. When you required comforting, you were comforted. You let your needs be known and they were met. Every child expresses their divinity in this way, their knowledge that their every need will be met is without doubt or question. As you grow older, you step out of this divine connection to Source and experience lack and forget that your divinity takes precedence over the world. It is time to reclaim your divinity.


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