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Jennifer Hoffman
Each experience brings you greater knowledge about yourself and the world. This allows you to move forward quickly through many situations and creates a base of experience with which you view the world. You do not, for example, have to re-learn how to start a car each time you get behind the wheel. This process works well for you in the material world but it hinders you in the spiritual. The material world teaches you that everything is the same; the spiritual world challenges you to see everything as unique. The Shift requires that you have a beginner's mind, where you anticipate nothing and are prepared to learn everything.
Neale Donald Walsch
What is God thinking here with the California fires? Or, for that matter, with ALL that is going wrong in our world?
Carrie Hart

Quado > The Power of Love

Come with me now, down this garden path, and sit with me at this stream. Watch how the water flows by. See how it flows over and around the rocks.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #2924 How to Be the Light of the World

Do you really believe that you can carry the world on your shoulders? Yes, it is true that you are responsible for everyone and everything, but, beloveds, think a minute. If you are responsible for everyone and everything, are you not also responsible for yourself? That you are responsible for the world does not mean that you are to carry all the troubles of the world on your back.

Talyaa Liera

Talyaa Liera > 2009: The Year in advance

We will call 2009 a bridge year; a year of transition.

We speak to you on a regular and ongoing basis about change. Change is something that is always present within your experience. It is part of your purpose, but 2009 will very likely represent to you as you look back on it later, as again, a bridge-a transition.

Cheryl Richardson

"Let go of the old and make way for the new!"

Today, while out on a pre-spring bike ride, I saw neighbors sweeping their driveways, pruning dead branches from trees, and picking up old leaves by the side of the road, in preparation for spring and new growth.

Harold W. Becker

From the laughter of children at play to the golden rays of the sun beaming through the sky at sunset, the eternal song of love permeates all creation.  Each beat of our heart pulses to this rhythm in a majestic and graceful dance connecting us to everyone and everything.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #2776 Impulses Don't Hang Around

Listen to your impulses. This does not necessarily mean to heed them, beloveds, but to hear them. If the impulses would do no harm to you or another, then, by all means, act on them.


Over the last month, headaches, fatigue, extreme exhaustion, nausea and body aches have continued to be my ongoing physical symptoms.  Barbara Hand Clow says we are in the “dark night of the soul”, and she’s not kidding, is she?  All my soul’s shadows have creeped up to be examined and I imagine, purged as they cannot live in this new energy.  “Fear is merely excitement without breath”, says Fritz Perls.  I guess I must remember how to breathe, as I spent the better part of the month burrowing in my rabbit hole in extreme fear. 

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2575 Embrace Life

If no one had to agree with you, how much happier you would be! What is it that makes you feel you need confirmation from others? Agreement may make you feel strong, but does it make you correct? The whole world could agree with you, but how does that make you right?


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