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Jamye Price

Last week we worked on valuing our beautiful gift of ego in its balanced state as we worked on Resetting Ego. This is the equivalent to appreciating ourselves from the perspective of Love and Compassion. From that balanced place, the infinite value of All Life is implicit. Better than becomes unnecessary. Less than becomes obsolete. Equal to is sought in each interaction through Love and Compassion, even if the compassion of the moment means letting go or saying no. It’s easy to Love the happy, fun times.

Kate Spreckley

Spirit Pathways > Energy Report for March 2014

Cycles of the Earths evolution introduce an awareness of change.  Change is our choice and we can either choose to make it or it can be thrust upon us.  Either way the Universe will strive for balance and continuous positive evolution.  Our current cycle is accelerating the evolution and transformation of both our personal and collective attitudes, purifying our hearts, minds and bodies.

Jennifer Hoffman

The goal of our spiritual journey is to reconnect to our Source, the innermost spiritual part of us where only one energy exists, unconditional love. We start our lives with a vague memory of this type of love, which is all accepting, all knowing and all caring and we spend much of our lives trying to reconnect with it.

Yael and Doug Powell

Circle of Light > Nature As the Doorway that Swings Both Ways

Just as all Creation shares one living breath, so too do you share the living breath with all of life that is appearing here as the world. So also must you recognize the rhythm of Creation, the rest and the going forth and the great creative pulse, the moment to moment pulsations of Love where everything disappears into the All and reappears as conscious life.
Sonia Barrett

Sonia Barrett > War In the Matrix

Just how much of what we see and think is visual and mind manipulation? This current reflection of the Earth plane; the matrix of our perceived reality; is overshadowed by a projection of war. For several years now we the inhabitants of this reality have been receiving the programming for war and diseases through movies, television video games and the media. We receive our programming for every aspect of our lives from love, hate, happiness, clothes, food, mates, careers, cars, insurance, and reminders of our human limitation and so on.

Sarah Varcas

With the Sun opposing the North Node at the moment, we may find ourselves seduced back into old behaviour patterns and habits without even realising it.

Gloria Wendroff

One day of all-around good nature will do the trick. The world will settle down. To say the world will settle down is another way to say it will rise. It will rise high simply because no one that day took offense. No offense given and no offense taken.

Gloria Wendroff

God said:

Can it be said enough times? All that which you fear is illusion. All that which you fear is illusion. All that which you fear is nothing but illusion. Even when your worst fears seem to come true, that is also illusion, beloveds.

Gloria Wendroff

When your heart aches, whatever the perceived cause, your heart is aching for Me.

When you feel that something is missing in your life, no matter how clear nor how vague your feeling, it is I you are longing for.

I am the Alpha and the Omega, and yet there is not beginning and not ending. There is Being. Being is. Love is.

Shanta Gabriel

Your focus of attention is what brings forth the manifestation of your soul into daily life.  When was the last time you focused on your soul?  This part of you, which is your most authentic, true, eternal, Divine Self awaits your attention.  With only a small thought, there is a tremendous surge of energy allowing you a deep and benevolent connection to guidance and wisdom.&nbsp


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