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Pepper Lewis
Do we get to keep what we learn? In other words, if we work and struggle through our issues, become aware of our purpose, learn our life lessons and so on, is this recorded or imprinted onto our souls so we don’t have to do it again the next time around? I would like to think so, because otherwise, what would be the point?
Sonia Barrett

Is it possible to move beyond destiny and fate? Yes it is because destiny and fate are both structured guidelines and maps attached to the soul.

Meredith Murphy

I wish to prepare you by saying that stranger things will unfold that we can even prepare you for now!  The clairvoyance you experience, this kind of knowing¸ and the clairaudience, will only increase as you give in more to this awareness within your life and grow more used to this experience.  It is perfectly natural to commune with us, as we are your star family~!

Rebecca Couch
Blessed ones - we are honoured to be with you today. Be still - for you fret too much. Do not worry about "what is going on out there" but be only concerned with what is going on "in here"...within yourselves. The external is but a small fraction of the internal program - like the "screen" on your computer compared to its full capabilities. Do not be mesmerized
Rebecca Couch
Greetings this beautiful day!

We are always delighted to be with you and to share in this extraordinary journey of life. It is with glad hearts that we join to communicate with you and others to assist in shedding light, for light is the universal language of All That Is. There is an important message here today to ensure that all who read this are aware and this is about holding the balance no matter what transpires.
Jennifer Hoffman
If you could know the heart of God, you would see each person that you meet, each person in your life, as their spiritual self and would know no emotion but unconditional love for them and for everyone and everything on the planet. You would see yourself as the powerful, wise and wonderful being that you are. You would be free from fear and all of its manifestations. You would be at peace, knowing that you are always protected, loved and guided on each step of your journey. The heart of God lives in each of you and manifests in your reality as miracles. The heart of God is where you must connect with your own heart, if you are to understand and experience the concept of unconditional love and true joy.
Jennifer Hoffman
Every day there are limitless choices available to you. Your access to them is limited by your level of spiritual growth and understanding. Only the choices that resonate with your vibration are visible to you, the rest wait for you. If you do not choose something that is within your realm of possibilities it is still available to you until you are ready to choose it. The kinds of choices you make depend on your decision to make choices from power or from fear. Each day you make choices that reflect your acceptance of your power and abilities. Each day you will make different choices that will take you on different aspects of your path. But what you choose is less important than how you decide to choose, for it is your decision as to how you will choose that determines the kinds of choices that are available to you.
Jennifer Hoffman
The Universe supports each choice that you make, no matter what it is. There are no good or bad choices for you, there are simply choices that have different outcomes. You know that your free will is the point from which your guides and angels must act and they cannot do anything that goes against what you have chosen, no matter what the outcome may be. There is no power in your life or in the Universe greater than your own free will. Whatever you choose will determine how the next step on your journey unfolds. No matter what you choose, the Universe will support you.
Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2469 Godwriting

God said:

You begin: "God said." You could begin: "God whispered." "God thought." "God smiled."

Ronna Herman
Beloved masters, many of you are wondering why you are having so much difficulty remembering the mundane, everyday “facts of life,” and why it seems to take so much effort to stay grounded in the physical reality you have created throughout your many past lifetimes. As you draw forth and integrate more and more Creator Light, in the process of returning to a multi-dimensional state of Being, many changes are taking place within your “inner reality” as well as in your physical world of existence. You are releasing many old out-moded concepts as you replace them with higher, more expansive and empowering thought forms. You are healing and transmuting painful memories or “cells of consciousness” from your many past lifetimes which were stored within your DNA and throughout your multiple-body system, physical, mental, emotional and etheric.


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