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Gloria Wendroff

Oh, My beloveds, may your journey take you far beyond the shores of the bounded world! What the world contains is wonderful, and wonderful for you, and yet, at the same time, it is not enough. Running along the surface of life, you tend to falter. You fall into disarray.

Jennifer Hoffman

You have many options to choose from when you respond to others. You can respond from fear and judgment, your past experiences or your expectations and beliefs. Or you can respond from detachment, unconditional love, peace and joy. Each interaction you have with another presents you with an opportunities to choose from which place you will respond.

Shanta Gabriel

Gratitude is an attitude that can profoundly change your consciousness.  When you live your life in thanksgiving, it can affect your being at a biological level, training your mind and body to live in a higher state of health and wellbeing.

Gloria Wendroff

You were always told to be smart. I want to tell you that it is not always wise to be smart.

Gloria Wendroff

Beloved Heavenreaders, there is only one reason to learn to Godwrite. It is not so that you can learn to be able to do it. It is not so you can mine the ability. Your purpose is greater than unleashing a skill where you write down My words.

Jennifer Hoffman
How many times do you try to change circumstances in your life only to find yourself in exactly the same situation or in something that works out exactly the same way. Do you feel like you have wasted your time and energy? This is discouraging for you and can cause you to lose faith as you often think that it is the Universe working against you. It is not. What happens is when you leave one situation without first healing it or understanding all of its dynamics and then go into another one, you simply trade one thing for another. Everything is the same in the Universe, there is only one life and many different ways of experiencing it. It is your experience of life that determines your everyday reality. And that can be changed, simply through your ability to see past what is going on and to understand its dynamics. But sometimes you need to experience the situation several times before you grasp its lessons or its significance.
Carrie Hart

Quado > Be One with the River

You are everything you need to be to handle the changes in your life.  You are a storehouse full of talent, skills and abilities.  You are full of power.  And you are surrounded by help, love and guidance at all times.

Neale Donald Walsch
The belief in a God who is far away from us, "over there," and who wants and needs or desires or demands something from those of us "over here," is what allows humans to grant
Rebecca Couch

Dear Beloved Ones,

What a magical day this is…filled with anticipation and pregnancy for the new time to come…the resurrection, the rebirth of the new world! And so you know by now that this must take place inside of you…that nothing matters outside of you…that this gift from Jesus the Christ was about the resurrection of the divine inside of you that you too can do as much and even more, as the Master promised.

Kate Spreckley

The times ahead are to be filled with much light and love which will help to anchor more fully our vibration into the planet. The many parents who are parenting us are going to be guided to make changes in their lives that will enable them to find love and happiness which will filter down to the children and enable the children to feel and experience life from this perspective.


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