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Gloria Wendroff

You are going for a sleigh ride, beloveds. Such a smooth road. So soft, so gentle, hardly making a sound. You will be, not Santa Claus, but the gift given. Now I give you to yourself. Now, you stand tall. Now, no more nonsense. Now, pure light. Now, you need no confirmation but your own. Assume your rightful status, beloved souls. Say now:

"I am God. I am God. I am God."

Yael and Doug Powell

Circle of Light > The Most Important Message Is My Love for You and Your Love for Me

Today I come to fill you with My presence, washing through your being with the song of My Love and expanding into your vastness that you might recognize this tenderness and the power of My Love for you that is for all eternity.
Jennifer Hoffman
Take time to pause and reflect as you go through your experiences. When you pause and reflect you do two things-you stop your mind from engaging your emotions and reacting from the memory of karmic experience. And, you allow your inner guidance to have a voice in the choices that you are about to make. When you do not take time to pause and reflect, you act from the past and not from the present moment. Are you afraid that you will miss the opportunity to do or say something if you wait before you take a step or make a decision?
Celia Fenn
April will be a month in which you will be asked to clearly make your choice. Are you moving into higher consciousness, or are you staying in your old energy? The month of April will provide a shift or "turning point" in the current energy cycle. Events will unfold in such a way that every human on the planet will be asked to make their choice. Moving into higher consciousness is equivalent to making a commitment to be part of the rebirthing and renewal process of the planet. To use your energy to be a conscious "parent" of the New Earth. Those who accept this role will "ascend" into the new energy and will help to co-create the New Earth. Those who refuse will spin down into more and more chaos and anger as the old forms disintegrate and dissolve into nothing.
Carrie Hart

Quado > Focus on the most important thing

Today would be a wonderful day to rid yourself of anxiety by focusing your energy and attention on the most important thing you need to accomplish, rising to its challenges and then moving on. And so, let us take a moment to breathe and relax.  Just take a deep breath and let the air fill you.  Now become aware of the bright ball of light that is hovering over you.  This is your higher self and within this bright ball of light, you know everything there is to know.  You have all of your energy in full force and all of the knowledge necessary to perform the tasks the day demands of you.  It is all there.
Celia Fenn
Well, just as Archangel Michael said, March has been a month of intense and powerful energies. This is what he said about March: "Dearest Lightworkers, March will be a month of intense and powerful energy shifts, in which you will complete the integrations of this cycle of evolutionary energies that began in December of 2006. In this month you will experience a Total Lunar Eclipse on the 3rd of March, and a Partial Solar Eclipse on the 19th of March. The Equinox, that important moment of Balance and Recalibration, falls on the 20/21st of March, when the sun moves out of Pisces and into the first house of Aries to begin another cycle.
Jennifer Hoffman

Each of you represents a trinity of energy which you call mind, emotions and spirit. Each of these parts of your being has its own separate energy which operates independently of the other, creating confusion and sometimes chaos in your lives, until you learn to resolve them. Each is important and does not operate independently of the other.

Judith Coates

Beloved one, I would speak with you now about the state of the world. You have your leaders who give once a year the State of the Union Address in your geo-political grouping here. You have ones of your certain groupings who give the State of the State Address or State of the Province Address. You have ones who are giving you an update

Carrie Hart

Quado > Take My Hand

You are not alone. You try so hard to reach the light, and it is seen, it is known. You try so hard to light your own torch and hold it aloft for others, and it is seen, it is known.

Celia Fenn
Dearest Lightworkers, in this turbulent and difficult time of transition, you will become ever more aware of how many people are struggling with the intensity and immediacy of Fifth Dimensional reality. As you have seen, so many try to live as though they were still in the Third Dimension, clinging to ideas and concepts that worked in the last century, but that no longer serve them. And this creates confusion and anger and fear. In the Fifth and Sixth Dimensional reality into which you are moving to, life is dynamic, swift-moving and intense. The best way to hold and maintain your balance in this flux is to create Sacred Spaces where you can hold the energy of Higher Consciousness. For as you hold Higher Consciousness, you draw to you the space of the New Earth. And as you hold the intention of New Earth and Higher Consciousnesss, you become that bridge that allows others to make the shift into the new Fifth Dimensional Reality.


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