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Jennifer Hoffman
You are challenged to develop your mind by gaining more knowledge, education and wisdom. Your mind is busy, every day, processing the information that it receives and molding it to fit your belief systems. Although you are not aware of it, the mind is constantly speaking to you, reminding you of the past, ensuring that the information you receive fits into the belief template that it has created. What if your mind were peaceful, thinking only thoughts of peace, joy and unconditional love? What if every thought was focused on what you want in your reality, instead of what you must do to avoid pain, become a better person or ensure that you are always doing what others expect you to do? You can do this by developing a peaceful mind which takes some effort but will bring joy into your life.
Jamye Price

This dance between the expanse of separation and unity is fascinating. Each week we are propelled in a direction of integration that assists in the release of what blocks us from appreciating the full spectrum of life. This is the middle road expanding out to include all, it’s the peace which passes all understanding. We are coming to a cellular understanding of the natural laws of the universe, All Life is interconnected and all experience serves the continuation and flow of life.

Jennifer Hoffman
There is nothing insignificant in the Universe. Every person has a purpose, every thought has an effect, every thing in the Universe has a unique reason for being at a certain place at a specific moment in time. In the grand context of life, everything has meaning and value. So if you consider yourself to be a small or even insignificant part of the grand game of life, reconsider this opinion. You are just as valuable and meaningful as every other thing in the Universe. Because you, like everything else, has purpose that you fulfill every day, with everything that you do.
Ronna Herman
Beloved masters of Light, I welcome the opportunity to once again blend my consciousness with yours, to fill your heart and soul with love and inspiration, and to give you encouragement and support during these tremulous times. Through these messages it is my desire that you sense and know I am truly with you and, with your permission, I will connect with your Higher Self and merge my energy with yours at whatever level you are able to accommodate.
Celia Fenn

Gloria Wendroff

Let yourself be mistaken. You do not always have to be right. You do not have to be proven right nor do you have to prove someone else wrong. What is changed, beloveds, whether you or anyone is correct or incorrect? Either way, it is a passing fancy. Only to an ego here or there does it matter.

Gloria Wendroff

God said:

Yael and Doug Powell

Circle of Light > The Most Important Message Is My Love for You and Your Love for Me

Today I come to fill you with My presence, washing through your being with the song of My Love and expanding into your vastness that you might recognize this tenderness and the power of My Love for you that is for all eternity.
Jennifer Hoffman

Uriel Heals > Live in Compassion

Humanity's greatest challenge is to live in compassion, to see themselves and others as they are and to accept every person's divinity and spiritual wholeness as the truth. By living in compassion you see others without judgment or expectations, so no one can disappoint or hurt you. You become your fullest potential because there is nothing to hold you back. When each person does this, the world knows peace because there is no reason for war. Everyone has what they need, so there is no lack. This is all possible when humanity lives in compassion.
Gloria Wendroff

Above all, be true to yourself, and be good to yourself. Think well of yourself. Amplify yourself. Nourish yourself with favorable thoughts about yourself and others. Be in tandem with your self-regard and regard for others. They do go together. They are one and the same.


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