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Rebecca Couch
Fellow travelers,

It is always a pleasure to be with you. We know that this is a time of great imaginings as well as turmoil, but it is always that which you chose to focus upon that creates your experience, and consequently - what makes you, what breaks you and what becomes you. You are being asked to buckle down and get serious at a time when you are also being asked to lighten up.
Jamye Price

The simplicity of Love is found through Loving the Self and Loving Life equally. That equality denotes a neutrality, a strength, a peace with any experience. It is equivalent to peacefully observing the tides of the ocean ebb and flow. 

Jennifer Hoffman

Uriel Heals > Living a Mindful Life

It sometimes seems that being on a spiritual path involves constant watchfulness.
Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Lately we have all walked thru many layers of fear as we come into more of our unearthed selves. Just like the shifting earth we do not remain the same for very long.

Kelly M. Beard

Karmic Tools > Weekly Forecast: July 12 - 18, 2015

7/13 ~ Mercury (ideas) ~trine~ Neptune (dreams): This energy stimulates your creative process. You may be tempted to daydream but it is better to use that energy to investigate the deeper meaning of your current process.

Hillis Pugh

Rules were created by those who were bound by personal honor and are much subjected. Rules are the boundaries, the invisible lines not crossed for personal reasons. Everyone's personal honor or rules vary. The personal honor was clearly understood and accepted by all in tribes or close societies, when expressed. When expressed, often consequences follow if the honor was disrespected. Throughout times the small communities grew in size and one man's personal honor grew into law or rules for others. The question now becomes whose rules do we follow, one man's ideal honor and glory or our own individual boundary to be respected by others when clearly expressed?

Celia Fenn
At this time of rapid change and transformation, as the old gives way to the new and we seek to find ways to live in this new energy while still dealing with the old, the message I get most strongly from my Higher Guidance is to seek Gentleness and Compassion.

Jennifer Hoffman

Each step on our spiritual path gives us new insight and information to reconnect us to our power and to Source. As we receive this information we are challenged to change our beliefs, open ourselves up to new possibilities and accept new truths.

Jim Self
Have you noticed that you are running out of time? Do you feel like you have more to do and much less time to do it?  Does it seem as though you just got out of bed and now you are climbing back into bed and yet there are still 24 hours on the clock?  Have you also noticed that you are losing your memory?
Hillis Pugh

Usually, when we think of rituals, we think of a rite of passage. A rite of passage is a form of ritual, but more formal, where we recognize one's reaching a milestone in their life. 


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