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Rebecca Couch

Greetings on this Special Day!

We are always pleased to communicate with you and share the latest insight into what is taking place in your experience. There is a common thread, and it is this that we wish to speak to you about today. You are going through portals of energy charges to assist you in carrying greater light within yourselves.

Carolyn Ann O'Riley

Greetings & Salutations My Beautiful Beings Of Light. We meet once again, within this Earth Plane to share your very own Creator’s, unconditional love, do you not.

Gloria Wendroff
Life appears before you. There is always something or someone. Someone, something appears before you. It is as if you are a king or queen of life, and every person and every event that comes before you can be compared to a subject in your kingdom. As a king or queen, you proceed graciously will all your subjects. Whoever appears before you, rich or poor, beautiful or not, you are gracious.
Jennifer Hoffman
When something goes wrong someone has to take the blame. This occurs on individual, cultural and national levels. No one wants to be at fault but someone has to be blamed to give the anger and emotional energy a focal point. On a national level, you may blame your leaders; on an individual level, those to blame can be your parents, employer, partner or friends. It is always someone else's fault when things go wrong. This has created a global abdication of responsibility for the creation of the world you live in and is a central reason for the world's situation. You live in a state of blame instead of a state of peace, joy and potential.
Ronna Herman

Ronna Herman > A golden opportunity

Beloved masters, the Earth and humanity are on the verge of the greatest awakening and transformation since the fall of consciousness into the density of the lower realms. It may seem as though the elements are out of control and destruction abounds on Earth; however, we ask you to please remember, ''Out of chaos comes new Creation''. Many dear souls who are not yet ready to graduate from the wheel of reincarnation and karma are transcending into the higher realms in preparation for an 'upgrade in consciousness' as they prepare for a new and better cycle of experience in the physical/material worlds of expression. As we have told you before, because of what you, the Legions of Light, have accomplished, it is assured that no other group of souls will ever have to experience the deep level of suffering, fear, negativity and deprivation that you have experienced during your many sojourns in this galaxy and especially on Earth.
Rebecca Couch
Greetings this beautiful day!

We are always delighted to be with you and to share in this extraordinary journey of life. It is with glad hearts that we join to communicate with you and others to assist in shedding light, for light is the universal language of All That Is. There is an important message here today to ensure that all who read this are aware and this is about holding the balance no matter what transpires.
Meredith Murphy

I wish to prepare you by saying that stranger things will unfold that we can even prepare you for now!  The clairvoyance you experience, this kind of knowing¸ and the clairaudience, will only increase as you give in more to this awareness within your life and grow more used to this experience.  It is perfectly natural to commune with us, as we are your star family~!

Yael and Doug Powell

Circle of Light > Believe in the Light and Not in the World

As the sun sets and you watch the daylight recede, you await the darkness with acceptance and even anticipation, that it brings to you the release of sleep. My Message to you this day is to no longer believe in darkness, seeing that even this night time experience is a reflection of your heart’s beliefs.
Karen Bishop

The deep digging bulldozer is still working its way forward, as we excavate more and more of the parts of ourselves that need tweaking, releasing, and examining.

Through all of this deep movement, there is a theme present, and a sure and certain purpose.

Yael and Doug Powell

Circle of Light > I Am Coming for You, Humanity

Beloved ones, My heart, oh, beautiful humanity, I call to you and your heart rises in response. Today I Am here to say to you that the illusion of our separation can no longer hold sway. I have come to claim your hearts, oh, humanity!


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