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Carrie Hart

Quado > Romantic Love

Quado’s Message: Today we will continue our Course in Creation, the foundation for building a life of fulfillment and peace.  And you are the one to build it.  You have that power. Today our topic is romantic love.  I wish to relieve you of some of the pressure which your society has put upon you and guide you instead to a more relaxed view of life and the role of romantic love within it. First, let us take a look at some of the expectations which your society has laid upon you. You are expected to be educated, attractive, slender and wealthy, full of a youthful vigor no matter what your age.  And if you have not managed to achieve all this, then there is something wrong with you; you have failed in some essential way.
Judith Coates

Oakbridge University > Are We There Yet?

Beloved one, one of the questions that I have heard being asked over and over - and it is often asked when the small ones are in the vehicle, or even when the tall ones are in the vehicle traveling somewhere - is, "Are we there yet?" Those of you who travel by vehicle of any kind, whether it be with two or four wheels or turbo engine

Gloria Wendroff

This is how you lose yourself in order to find yourself. In your simple service to Me, you blossom. You are not thinking about finding yourself. You aren't thinking about blossoming. You are not even thinking of service as a means to come closer to Me. Your thought and service become one. It is not even that you think of what you can do to serve Me.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2396 Where Are You

God said:

How is it possible to imagine a world without Me in it? What a desert that would be. It is too terrible to contemplate. Forget I ever mentioned it.

Gloria Wendroff

Do you begin to see now how life unfolds? You open up what is already ready for you. You open up the package that has arrived.

Carrie Hart

Quado > Angel Circle of Love & Gratitude

Today would be an excellent day to establish a strong relationship with your guardian angel.  Lie with your eyes closed, breathe in deeply and then open your heart.  Open it wide and then let it fill up with love.  Feel the love.  Feel it filling you completely.  And then, fill your heart with gratitude, so that you are now full of love, full of gratitude, full of the wonder of your and beauty of your life. And now, sense the angel above you.  There may be several angels above you, but today let the primary guardian angel come forward, the angel whose job it is to protect you and to bring you the serendipitous wonders that you sense in your life and that surround each step you take.  You may be surprised at the size and power of this angel, if you have never before consciously connected.
Rebecca Couch
Beloved Sustainers of Light,

We greet you today with much excitement, for the time is nearing for the great awakening of humanity! This is what you came here for ~ in case, in any way, you had forgotten. Of course, forgetting has been part of the plan, and it is now that you will remember.
Carrie Hart

Quado > Love

Quado’s Message: Today, we will continue our Course in Creation.  But rather than pushing you forward to all of the things you can be, today we will focus on what you are already:  Love.  You are love.  Today, and all of this week, your focus is to be purely on love.  Love in all of its aspects.  Love of yourself, yes.  Love of everyone else, yes.  Love of life, absolutely yes. And the way to focus on this great love is to see and know the absolute truth:  All is love.  All is love and all is one, and you are connected to all that is.  You are love. It is a great circle which goes around on itself.  All is love, you are all, and you are love. Right now, let go of all of your thoughts.  Let go of all of your hopes and desires.  Let go of your anguish, your disappointments.  Let go of everything except being love and being connected to the vast universe of love.
Celia Fenn
You are the Bridge Dearest Lightworkers, you are riding the wave of a very powerful energy at this time. Since the opening of the Sirius stargate in August, the surge of energy through the Earth's grid system has been immense. Many of you have struggled to hold your balance as this powerful transformative energy sweeps through your lives and brings many changes. Know too, that this energy will not dissipate, but will continue to build and intensify between the Equinox on the 22nd of September and the Solstice on the 21st of December. The Planet is gearing itself for a great leap in consciousness that might be termed "mass awakening". This is most likely to happen in the first four months of the year 2006.
Rebecca Couch
You are all indeed blossoming and growing with the Spring! It has been a time of insight and stretching, has it not? We are proud of your perseverance and your commitment. Don't stop! In all things, it is just the beginning. You can feel in your bodies right now the reason why great infusions of light cannot be made spontaneously and that the new energy


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