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Celia Fenn

Pepper Lewis
I own a few parcels of land that are very unique and special to me. Over the time that I have owned this land I have experienced encounters with a variety of animals, both common and uncommon, as well as elementals and other energies. I am sure that all of these beings enjoy and appreciate this land, which pleases me very much.
Debbie Milam

As we commemorate the anniversary of September 11th, take a deep breath and allow yourself to go back in time. Not to September 11th but to September 12th. Go back in time to one of the most powerful days in our history, a time when out of the darkness appeared a bright light.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2492 Here Lies Happiness

Pay attention to those things that make you happy. It is not the thing or event, of course, that makes you happy. There is something about it that brings out happiness from you. No matter how diverse the occurrences that give you joy may be, they share something in common. Discover what this is, and you have a formula for happiness.

What brings you happiness? Here are some things:

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2490 In the Name of God

Remember that you are an angel. You are My angel. I gave you your wings. They are in your heart. It is your heart that makes you light. It is your heart that makes you soar. You must soar, beloveds, because the world needs angels. Have a higher regard for yourself at the same time as you think about yourself less.

Jennifer Hoffman
Each life circumstance is an opportunity to learn and grow spiritually. Every lesson has many different emotional and spiritual aspects and they work together in a way that allows you to fulfill your spiritual contract and your soul to accomplish what it is here to do. The lesson is not complete until you have reviewed and fully understand both of its aspects. These two aspects are present in all lessons and both are important. You understand them and incorporate them on your spiritual journey when you review your lessons once they are completed or recognize them during the lesson.
Carrie Hart

Quado > Painting Your Life

You are an artist, a creator.  Your mind is the brush and your life is the canvas.  And all of the glorious colors of the universe are available to you.  You experience the world, pick up the colors, patterns and textures and store them in your emotional center, there for your mind to dip into and paint each of your days.

Sarah-Jane Grace

This powerful Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse sets the pace for an energetic and highly paced summer. Change is afoot on so many levels it may feel a little overwhelming and confusing, yet if we can find a little quiet time to reflect and contemplate, we can soon re-focus and re-connect to the strength, fire and passion that resides within.

Jennifer Hoffman
Are you glad when a difficult experience is completed? Do you try to forget it and move on as quickly as possible? Does a difficult experience make you feel foolish, gullible or believe that you lack the understanding to avoid these experiences? Do you promise yourself that you will never do that again, only to find yourself in a similar situation, learning the same lesson once again? Every experience has value and meaning and when you can learn to see the gift that each experience has for you, your spiritual journey will become much easier.
Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2389 Trust

God said:

Bewilderment is a good thing. It lets you know you are alive, and it lets you know that life holds more for you than you presently know. It's fine to be bewildered. You don't know where all your steps may lead. You don't know the full meaning of the steps you take. And why do you think you need to know these things?


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