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Gloria Wendroff

A heart that flows is a heart in place. A flowing heart glides over obstacles as if they were bridges. Of course, obstacles are bridges that lead from one place to another. Obstacles do not have to obstruct. They do not have to get out of the way either. You do not have to meet them head-on. You may, of course, or you can go around them, or you can

Jennifer Hoffman
The first spark of spiritual awareness is hope, for it is hope that keeps humanity moving forward in its quest for peace and joy. No matter how bad things seem, hope is what allows you to rise and face a new day, with the belief that any situation can get better. Many people today have lost hope and live in fear. Their lives have become a series of events of varying degrees of difficulty from which they believe they will never escape. They have become wanderers in their own lives, moving from one experience to the next, blindly accepting what they are faced with and not feeling capable of changing any of it.
Carrie Hart

Quado > I am Here and I Shine

Be and express who you truly are.  There are several wonderful advantages to letting the world see your shine, your glow. The first is health.  You have inside you a tuning fork that vibrates to your true note.  And when you are trying to sing someone else's note, your body vibration is out of key and can find no ease, no peace or grace.  Sing your note, and your body begins to vibrate in beautiful harmony with your true being.

Ronna Herman
Beloved masters, we implore you, do not place us “out there” in some far distant, nebulous realm. Please sense us with your heart as well as your mind, and allow us to meld with you, as we endeavor to merge our essence with yours in your earthly environment. The unity, the harmony and the beauty of your home environs in the higher dimensions are beyond your comprehension. Those of you who have tapped into the bliss state of the higher realms have an inkling of how precious, beautiful, unique and wonderful it is in your homeland among the stars. One of our greatest desires is to make the worlds of the higher realms of Light real for you. We want to give you a sense of empowerment, a sense of how magnificent you are, the potential you have stored within you, and the precious gifts that have lain dormant within you for so many ages. You have been sleep-walking. You have been at slumber.
Jennifer Hoffman
Trusting that you will be provided for is one of the lessons of the Shift and yet, for many of you, despite your trust, this path has not been easy. You may feel that your trust has not been rewarded, that your needs have not been met and that your spiritual journey is much more difficult than that of someone who is not on the spiritual path. Yes, the Universe does provide and your trust is abundantly rewarded but you must act with trust, not wait in trust. Trust requires that you act on opportunities and situations that are provided to you, no matter how illogical or unfamiliar they may be. Having trust but being unable to take a step in any direction merely shows a lack of trust.
Ronna Herman

Beloved masters, for many years now there have been so many new inventions and scientific breakthroughs, along with an overwhelming amount of philosophical and spiritual information bombarding the minds of humanity, that the human brain can hardly absorb the countless theories and new concepts without going into overload.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2589 If You Were an Airplane

With all the love in My heart, I love you. That is My life. That is My story. Of course, it is not a story. I leave the stories to you. My love is the theme. Love is what I am here for, and this is true for you as well.

There is nothing else for Me to be here for. My love keeps the seasons going. My love is My very existence, and it is yours as well.

Kate Spreckley

For many centuries now most of you have been too fearful to allow for the full range of emotions that you are capable of feeling. You have learnt from past experiences and from many past lives that to be fully connected with your heart and your emotions is too painful.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2602 Let There Be Laughter

Something beautiful is going to happen. You are going to happen. Rather, you are just going to be. A non-event is going to happen. You are going to radiate the light you are. You are going to dazzle yourself, for you are going to begin to see the light in which you stand.

Rebecca Couch

Greetings on this Special Day!

We are always pleased to communicate with you and share the latest insight into what is taking place in your experience. There is a common thread, and it is this that we wish to speak to you about today. You are going through portals of energy charges to assist you in carrying greater light within yourselves.


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