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Celia Fenn

Starchild Global > The Gift of Joy

Dearest ones, at this time of transition and change, the gift of Joy is offered to you! Many of you may feel that life is becoming more difficult and more stressful. Tensions and anxieties increase as people struggle with everyday life. Where is the Joy?, so many of you ask. Well, dearest Lightworkers, the quality of Joy is something that lives within you. It is an expression of your connection to the Divine Essence within your own souls. It is a feeling that wells up within your heart, and it is not dependent on outside circumstances. Certainly, it is far easier to be joyful when those around you are happy and joyous. But the challenge right now is to be able to accept and hold the gift of Joy, even when those around you seem lost in fear and anger.
Lynda Hill

August's full Moon, falling on August 25 in Australia and August 24 in the United States, is one that has some fairly strong emotions attached to it - and not only because it is a Pisces full Moon. The Sabian Symbol is Pisces 2: A Squirrel Hiding From Hunters. This is a very interesting, and, at times, rather confronting Symbol

Jennifer Hoffman
The world offers many different ways to improve yourself. You can improve your body by making it look younger, thinner or more fit. You can improve your mind through education, reading, and sharing in others' knowledge. You can improve your lifestyle by getting a different job, earning more money or buying successively bigger homes and cars and purchasing more material goods. All of these things can make your life appear to be better on the outside. But the outside is not what is important. The focus on continuously improving yourself on the outside implies that you are not already perfect. And it ignores the fact that the outside is merely a reflection of what is happening on the inside.
Jennifer Hoffman
Do you spend your time trying to 'do good' so that you will eventually be rewarded for your efforts? Do you hope that you will eventually reach a 'promised land' where life will be easier, less stressful, more joyful? Are you so focused on that 'other' place that you spend time wishing and hoping that you were there? The Shift will open the concept of multi-dimensional reality to you and make you aware of the many different worlds that exist simultaneously with your perceived reality, all of which are available to you. But what is more important for you to realize is that your promised land, your nirvana, is right where you are, at any moment in time. If it is unpleasant, uncomfortable or disagreeable, you have to change it. If you were sleeping and were awakened because you were cold, would you not put a blanket on your bed? If you are hungry, do you not stop to eat? When you are thirsty, do you not drink?
Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2512 Play Day

Make today a special play day. Even when you are at work, make it a play day. Work, and yet still make it a play day. This is an attitude, I speak of, is it not?

Celia Fenn

Archangel Michael and Celia Fenn: A Dialogue.

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

Miracles are happening as we embrace this Day of Love, which is celebrated in the outer-world as Valentine’s Day. The Beings of Light who are assisting us from On High have stated that the magnitude of what is occurring within the hearts and minds of the masses of Humanity is glorious beyond our comprehension.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2511 Stars Shine on You

Be not beholden to the past. That includes your plans as well. Plans are made one moment, and plans are changed the next. Change of plans means nothing but change of plans. Do not read anything into it. Life is what it is. Sometimes life runs hot, and sometimes it runs cold, yet life is always life. Let it be what it is.

Carrie Hart

Quado > You are Spirit Expressed

You are never alone. You have with you always yourself, that higher and wider version of yourself that is light and love and nothing but these.

Jennifer Hoffman
When you make changes in your life you are merely stretching the boundaries of your thinking. Remember that everything that is in your life, every aspect of your reality, is there because of your thoughts. How you perceive yourself, your capabilities, your limits and your potential creates the boundaries in which you live. If you are living a life that is restricted, it is because your thoughts are restricting you. When you decide to expand your thought processes, you expand your boundaries. When you stretch your boundaries you can experience growing pains, similar to those that you experienced, for example, when you first left the home environment to start your own life. While that may have been an exciting part of your life, it was also frightening because of its unknown elements. Each time you stretch your boundaries you place yourself in that space where the future is unknown and where you may not have the comfort of knowing what will happen next.


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