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Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2663 The Yolk of the Egg of Creation

It is not that you are to bow down to Me. It is that you are to look up and within. When you look up, something good happens. The physical act of looking up does wonders for you. Peace descends on you. Love wells up within you. Remember to look up. It is not really that I am above, yet look up just the same.

Harold W. Becker

We are extraordinary beings of immense and profound potential.  The fact that we breathe and have life is the most amazing miracle in itself.

Karen Bishop

The energies are really moving now, and creating many manifestations which seem relentless, giving us no time to rest or take a breath. And some of these manifestations are not what we may have expected to occur as a result of evolving spiritually.

Neale Donald Walsch

I said in this space last week that the Body, the Mind, and the Spirit all hold all the data of the universe. Indeed, they are all the data of the universe, compressed into one location.

Gloria Wendroff

God said:

When you ask Me for help, you are not looking for answers outside yourself. You have done enough asking questions outside yourself, asking this one and that what you should do about all matters, big or little.

When you ask Me for counsel, you are asking yourself. Asking Me is not looking to outside influence. It is as inner as you can get.

Jennifer Hoffman

In every interaction with others each person receives exactly what they need from the other. Whether these interactions are loving or full of fear, make you feel good or bad, you each receive what you need from someone else. And they receive what they need from you.

Gloria Wendroff

There is nothing that can come between you and Me. This does not mean you are obliged to put Me first. There is nothing you have to do. I am First, and that is all there is to it. Whether you are aware or not, I am First. And yet there is no sequence where I am concerned. There is no sequence, and there is no priority. There is Reality.

Gloria Wendroff

All the world needs heroes, and you are no exception. Every one of you — you all need heroes so you can begin to know that anything is possible, and anything is possible for you as well. All your heroes were ordinary mortal men and women. Even if they started in life as royalty, they were ordinary mortal men and women.

Cheryl Richardson

Before March rolls around and I start receiving calls for interviews from magazines working on spring stories related to sticking with New Year's resolutions, I thought I'd offer you a little shot of inspiration early this year. It's from a story I shared in 2007 that spawned a great list of ways to stay motivated.

Jennifer Hoffman
We are surrounded by energy and if we could see it particles of light. They would be in constant motion, moving towards us as we called them and then moving away to form whatever we called into being with our thoughts or words. The energy, like everything else in the Universe, has no judgment, so it doesn’t ask us if we want what we are asking for, it simply creates. It, unlike us, recognizes our power and it merely responds to whatever we create. It is also not aware of whether we are creating consciously, where we are asking for exactly what we want, or unconsciously, where we are creating from habit. It merely responds to our thoughts by manifesting whatever form they take.  


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