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Gloria Wendroff

Above all, be true to yourself, and be good to yourself. Think well of yourself. Amplify yourself. Nourish yourself with favorable thoughts about yourself and others. Be in tandem with your self-regard and regard for others. They do go together. They are one and the same.

Neale Donald Walsch

Each of us has a "story" that we're living. It is the story that we tell ourselves (and others) about who we are and how we got to be this way and how we wish life to be from now on.

Gloria Wendroff

Let yourself be mistaken. You do not always have to be right. You do not have to be proven right nor do you have to prove someone else wrong. What is changed, beloveds, whether you or anyone is correct or incorrect? Either way, it is a passing fancy. Only to an ego here or there does it matter.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2544 God and the World

You do not forsake anyone when you put Me first. Who was first to Christ and Buddha and Mohammedan if not I?

Jennifer Hoffman
Would you be willing to tell others that you believe in yourself, in your abilities and your perfection? What would they think about you? Would they call you conceited, arrogant or self-absorbed? More importantly, can you tell yourself that you believe in yourself and really mean it? When you believe in yourself you are not acknowledging the physical aspects of your being, you are acknowledging your own divinity. You are accepting that there is a non-physical part of you, your Self or your Higher Self, and acknowledging its presence and its role in your life. Can you believe in your Self when others do not believe in or acknowledge you? Do you see this as the ultimate test of your willingness to acknowledge your Source connection?
Kate Spreckley

With the effects and energy of the Venus Transit, most of you are going through a shift in your awareness and consciousness. You are becoming more aware of your connection to the Great Divine as well as your connection to the Collective Consciousness.

Gloria Wendroff

Boundlessness is Our natural state. We, you and I, long for boundlessness. Of course, I don't long for it, for I am That. Yet so contrary is life on Earth, that you who are made of beautiful boundlessness, must set boundaries. Not only do you come up against boundaries in life that you don't want, you also sometimes have to set boundaries you don't want.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #2736 The World Will Blossom

At the same time as I tell you to enjoy the spectacle of the world, to even be dazzled and overwhelmed by its beauty, at the same time I tell you not to be dazzled, not to be overwhelmed, for this is how magnificent the world is meant to be. Love the stars. They are dazzling. Love them and uphold them and declare their beauty. Honor the

Celia Fenn
April will be a month in which you will be asked to clearly make your choice. Are you moving into higher consciousness, or are you staying in your old energy? The month of April will provide a shift or "turning point" in the current energy cycle. Events will unfold in such a way that every human on the planet will be asked to make their choice. Moving into higher consciousness is equivalent to making a commitment to be part of the rebirthing and renewal process of the planet. To use your energy to be a conscious "parent" of the New Earth. Those who accept this role will "ascend" into the new energy and will help to co-create the New Earth. Those who refuse will spin down into more and more chaos and anger as the old forms disintegrate and dissolve into nothing.
Rebecca Couch
Beloved Ones!

What a time it is! What an awesome, mind-blowing, exciting, rich, abundant, full time of LOVE it is! For that is all there is: Love. Even though it may appear differently in the world of form, all - even in the illusion - is for the purposes of Love. While this may sound trite, it is actually the most profound thing we can comprehend during this special time.


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