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Lauren C. Gorgo
We are the Council of Light here to exonerate you from your missions of divine service. Praytell.
Yael and Doug Powell

Circle of Light > Perception Through Our Real Heart

I’ve asked you to shift to heart perception – dearest ones, – but not the perception through the little human heart that you have believed is your heart until now. Rather, heart perception through this magnificent power, this pulsing radiating center of it all that is your Real heart.
Jennifer Hoffman
In order to have peace in the world you must be peace. War does not create peace, only peace can create peace. Chaos and turmoil do not have their roots in the present moment, they are manifestations of a long history, across eons of lifetimes, of unforgiveness. While it may seem that you are powerless to stop the chaos that exists today, that is not true. Each of you has agreed to be here at this time because you knew that there was a perfect opportunity for you to work together to create peace. And you do so by reflecting peace in every aspect of your being, no matter what the outside world appears to be.
Celia Fenn
Well, just as Archangel Michael said, March has been a month of intense and powerful energies. This is what he said about March: "Dearest Lightworkers, March will be a month of intense and powerful energy shifts, in which you will complete the integrations of this cycle of evolutionary energies that began in December of 2006. In this month you will experience a Total Lunar Eclipse on the 3rd of March, and a Partial Solar Eclipse on the 19th of March. The Equinox, that important moment of Balance and Recalibration, falls on the 20/21st of March, when the sun moves out of Pisces and into the first house of Aries to begin another cycle.
Gloria Wendroff

Your heart is a little bird in your chest. This precious bird flutters and is very sensitive. Be gentle with it. You do understand that your heart requires gentleness. Nod your head if you agree.

It is the same for other hearts. Bless them with delicacy and consideration.

Gloria Wendroff

I am all-encompassing. I am everywhere all at once. I never miss a beat. I hold the entire Universe in one embrace. I hold you in My embrace right now. My embrace is firm yet not tight. Within My embrace, you can do your own breathing. You can live your own life, so to speak. In your imagination, you can wander, yet you are nevertheless caught in

Cheryl Richardson

It's the time of year when I celebrate my birthday (Happy Birthday, fellow Scorpios!) by practicing a ritual that I've used for more than fifteen years. I've shared it with you before, and since it reflects a powerful way to create your life with intention, I thought I'd share it again this year. Here's what I do:

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #2712 Walking across the World

Remember that you do not need to prove anything. There is a time to put your pen down.

Carrie Hart

Quado > Embrace the Dark and Light of You

Life is all things that are, the so-called good and the so-called bad, the human condition and the wonders that go far beyond this mere mortal existence. Even fear and doubt are not bad, but are merely limits you place upon yourself.

Jennifer Hoffman
Take time to pause and reflect as you go through your experiences. When you pause and reflect you do two things-you stop your mind from engaging your emotions and reacting from the memory of karmic experience. And, you allow your inner guidance to have a voice in the choices that you are about to make. When you do not take time to pause and reflect, you act from the past and not from the present moment. Are you afraid that you will miss the opportunity to do or say something if you wait before you take a step or make a decision?


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