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Celia Fenn

The Amazingly Grace-full Human body...or activating the Solar Lightbody and what to expect......: Well, with all the deep changes that we are experiencing, many people are becoming aware of the physical changes that are happening.

Celia Fenn

Since our discussion last month, Archangel Michael promised to deliver more information on the changing nature of Time and Space as we enter the new cycle of consciousness that will lead us to the 2012 point of our Reality Creation. At this point, the Earth will align with the Galactic center in such a way that it will re-set the Earth's "Cosmic Clock" to a new frequency and rhythm.

Yael and Doug Powell

Beloved one, I come to you today enfolding you in this Love, and I remind you that everything is conscious. Everything is full of life because Creation is a hologram and All I Am is present in every single part.

Carrie Hart

Quado > You can overcome old patterns

Today would be a wonderful day to break with some long-established patterns in your life.  There are some patterns which no longer serve you, which undermine the direction you wish to have your life head at this time.  They could be patterns related to money, to romance, to eating and drinking, to other addictive behavior of some sort.  And these patterns may have plagued your entire life. 
Carolyn Ann O'Riley

Carolyn Ann O'Riley > All Ahead Now Warp Speed

It is the moment in NOW to go within yourselves to ground and center in order to maintain your personal inner harmony and balance. In times of high energy it is extremely important for each of you to watch your stress levels My Beloveds.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2584 The Wise Know How Little They Know

It's better that you consider yourself a novice rather than an expert.

Novices are open to learning. They know they don't know everything.

There is a tendency for experts to think they have it all down pat, so they speak and do not listen.

Neale Donald Walsch
Goals are interesting. They can show the way or they can get in the way, depending upon how we use them. For years "goal setting" has been touted as the pathway to higher accomplishment. Personal Planners were developed, and in the '80s People of Power were seen carrying them around wherever they went. These were thick, diary-type books, often leather bound, with little tabs for Every Human Thought, Stray Notation, or Activity. Budgeting of one's time was seen as another tool with which to produce Optimum Output and Maximum Effectiveness. A few years later personal computers became ever more personal, getting smaller and smaller and finally fitting into the palm of one's hand. The Big Fat Leather Books went by the wayside as fast as they'd come upon the scene, replaced by Palm Pilots, Handheld PCs, Blackberrys, Bluetooths, and Huckleberrys. (I just made that last one up, in case you rush out looking for it!)

When a friend wants support or simply a vote of confidence, you likely respond and do what you can. After all, compassion and support for others is wired into your nature. It’s encoded in your DNA to care about others and to step in when a loved one feels down or wants encouragement.

Celia Fenn
Archangel Michael has asked me to share this information with you, in the interests of assisting you to work with the Quantum Shift that is now taking place. These energies are changing your reality in deep and fundamental ways, and it is the wish of the Angelic realms to assist humans to make this transition in the best possible way. We would like to emphasize that this transition is different to the Indigo-Crystal transition that most of you have experienced. That energy was an individual awakening that enabled the person to "rewire" their body and activate their lightbody. That work is over, as you as a Collective have reached "critical mass", that is, enough awakened or Crystal beings to enable the next phase, which is the Quantum Shift.
Celia Fenn
Dearest Lightworkers, what a wonderful time to be on the Planet Earth! The changes and shifts that you are experiencing are awakening many to the truth of who they are. And we would say to you, beloved souls, that you are Cosmic Crystals radiating light in a Field of Love! Is this not a wonderful metaphor to describe the radiance and beauty of who you are! For, since the activation of the Galactic Lightbody, the Human body is rapidly assuming its orginal template form and design - exquisite crystalline geometries designed to vibrate in a field of pure love and to express that love in many dimensions!


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