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Lauren C. Gorgo
Greetings beloved way shower(s), gods & goddess(es) of divine light! We come forth to connect with you in the spirit of Oneness...
Jennifer Hoffman
So much of life today is about hurrying up, experiencing as much as you can in as little time as possible. Journeys that once took days or weeks now take minutes. There is a sense of urgency about everything in life today that causes you to believe that if you do not act immediately, you will lose an opportunity. So you have learned to act first and think later, without regard to the consequences of your actions. Yes, you can always make other choices, but why put yourselves through the trial of having to experience the same lessons over and over again? You always have the opportunity, if you choose to take it, to consider what you are choosing and whether it is really what you want before you make that decision. And you must consider the source of your thinking-are you thinking from the head or from the heart?
Carrie Hart

Quado > A Gift from an Angel

Today, you will receive a gift from an angel. A precious gift that you can use every day for the rest of your life.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2378 Change Your Mind

God said:

Everything in the relative is changing. You are changing too. Changing means that you go ahead and let go of the past, not because I say so, but because there is no pause to evolution, beloveds. With every turn of the wheel, the world sings a new song, and so must you. At one time the past was current, but it is no longer. Now it is past.

Gloria Wendroff

What keeps you away from great joy? What is it that, when you see beyond it, you will know only full and pure joy? What keeps you back? I will tell you. It is your sighting of imperfection and citing it as such. You name a manner or appearance as flawed. The flaw is the splinter in your eye.

Sonia Barrett

Sonia Barrett > War In the Matrix

Just how much of what we see and think is visual and mind manipulation? This current reflection of the Earth plane; the matrix of our perceived reality; is overshadowed by a projection of war. For several years now we the inhabitants of this reality have been receiving the programming for war and diseases through movies, television video games and the media. We receive our programming for every aspect of our lives from love, hate, happiness, clothes, food, mates, careers, cars, insurance, and reminders of our human limitation and so on.

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

This past April and May has been a rollercoaster ride of energy. The waves of energy have risen up to an entirely new level. How long can you tread the wave without drowning?

Jennifer Hoffman
The focus of spiritual literature is on giving unconditional love to everyone. That is a noble concept but one that is hard to practice in the world you live in. How do you show unconditional love to others? How do you define unconditional love and what does it mean? Spiritual concepts can have a global meaning but they are interpreted according to an individual's understanding, experience and level of spiritual evolution. And each person is comfortable with different levels of emotional expression and interaction. What kinds of actions show unconditional love and how do you start? You begin by acting with kindness.
Gloria Wendroff

I come first. Take care of Me, and you take care of everyone. Serve Me, and you serve all.

Don't go off on tangents. Getting caught up in personal woe - yours or another's - may not serve Me, the other person, nor you. Be a benefit to the world and all those in it, but do not set yourself apart. Do not set yourself above others. That is not Oneness.

Gloria Wendroff

Here's what happens when you let go. You have a desire, and you go for it, and yet you are not dependent upon results coming from your desire.


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