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Rebecca Couch

HeartLight > Perfect Insight

Beloved Council of Light, thank you for your abiding presence and patience with my infrequent connection. Please shed understanding about what is happening at this time. Things feel stuck and appear to be going nowhere and the doldrums are challenging. What is coming for us? Is there something we should be doing to prepare? What can we do to best
Yael and Doug Powell

Circle of Light > Living from the Real

There is only Love and the Will of Love makes itself known as you. You are here, beloved ones, being My focal point on Earth because you are here to be the demonstration that there is only one thing and it is Love. Love and consciousness are the interacting principles of All That Is, and that everything is a reflection of consciousness and heart or ego-mind and heart.

Gloria Wendroff

What keeps you away from great joy? What is it that, when you see beyond it, you will know only full and pure joy? What keeps you back? I will tell you. It is your sighting of imperfection and citing it as such. You name a manner or appearance as flawed. The flaw is the splinter in your eye.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2551 God Loves You

I soak you in My love. I bathe you in My love. I drown you in My love, and, so, you are able to breathe better. No longer do you need to hold your breath. Now you live your breath. There is no danger, and so now you can breathe deeply of the air and love I surround you with. Now you can expand your lungs and your heart and your sense of peace. Love purifies the air you breathe.

Jennifer Hoffman
When you make changes in your life you are merely stretching the boundaries of your thinking. Remember that everything that is in your life, every aspect of your reality, is there because of your thoughts. How you perceive yourself, your capabilities, your limits and your potential creates the boundaries in which you live. If you are living a life that is restricted, it is because your thoughts are restricting you. When you decide to expand your thought processes, you expand your boundaries. When you stretch your boundaries you can experience growing pains, similar to those that you experienced, for example, when you first left the home environment to start your own life. While that may have been an exciting part of your life, it was also frightening because of its unknown elements. Each time you stretch your boundaries you place yourself in that space where the future is unknown and where you may not have the comfort of knowing what will happen next.
Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2479 I sent you to brighten the world

Sometimes I have the impression that you think it is honorable to devaluate yourself, or dishonorable to value yourself more. I am not telling you to swagger, but I do tell you to honor yourself more. Honor your place in the world. Honor the space you occupy.

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

June, July, and August is going to be a hot bed of transformation, and I am not talking about the thermometer either. This is the biggest shift to hit the consciousness of humanity to date, and I know you are feeling it.

Gloria Wendroff

I come first. Take care of Me, and you take care of everyone. Serve Me, and you serve all.

Don't go off on tangents. Getting caught up in personal woe - yours or another's - may not serve Me, the other person, nor you. Be a benefit to the world and all those in it, but do not set yourself apart. Do not set yourself above others. That is not Oneness.

Talyaa Liera

Talyaa Liera > Polaris 2008: The year ahead

When we begin to look energetically at an arbitrary period of time such as the year upcoming, we examine the potentialities that exist among you, between you, and because of you. Understand that choices may be made, especially collectively, that can affect potentialities that exist now, thereby affecting the eventual outcome. We do not speak glibly when we say that every year is a year of change.
Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #2682 In the Heart of God

In this moment of non-time, you are secure in the center of My heart. I never ever let go of you. You are My beloved. It is not that I restrain you in the recesses of My heart. I release you. I free you to play in the world, full well knowing that We are intimately connected beyond your fathoming.


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