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Jennifer Hoffman

As we move into mastery, which is the purpose of our life path, we are faced with resolving our karma, the energetic imprint that we left behind in our previous third dimensional experiences. Despite what we call it or how we feel about it, karma is nothing more than an energetic imprint that we have created in the earth's energetic matrix. Since we created it, we have to resolve it. This is the purpose of life, and it forms the basis of our energetic signature, hence karma can be described as just another form of energy in motion or emotion.

Lauren C. Gorgo
What we would like to touch upon today relates to the global climate, the current of energy guiding the wayshowers of new earth to their final resting place.
Gloria Wendroff

God said:

There is nothing like the fireworks of the soul. There is nothing to compare to it. If you want to see something dazzling that lights up even the whole galaxy of stars, then you should see the soul. You cannot see it, however, yet you do have glimpses of it.

Yael and Doug Powell

You are here to make tangible the experience of God's Love -- to make it available to one and all. You are here to make clear, not only the relationship that we share with our Creator, but who we are as the expression of God's Love.

Neale Donald Walsch

No one is talking about it. No one is looking at it. No one is doing very much about it.

The world’s biggest problem, I mean.

It’s like there’s an elephant in the living room and no one wants to admit that it’s there.

Shala Mata

Shala Mata > The Stargate

During the 7/7/7, I had the wonderful opportunity to be in Mt Shasta with David Miller’s Group of Forty workshop The corridor of energy closed with a powerful downloading of a powerful 5th Dimensional etheric crystal into beloved Mt Shasta.

Gloria Wendroff

Deeper than words from Me is My love reverberating in your heart. Your heart is where your dreams come from. Of course, they do, for I am seated in your heart. I Who am the Stillest am yet whispering to you all day, asking you to feel Me in your heart, asking you to become acquainted with Me in your heart, asking you to remember what We are to each other, even though We exist in Oneness.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #2703 God's Loving Presence

Will you remind yourself to think of Me morning, noon, and night? Even though you are immersed in Me, sometimes you forget that We are together and that I am here with you, loving you. I want you to remember it.

Jennifer Hoffman
You have the power to create your reality and every day you experience the life that you are capable of manifesting, according to your beliefs and spiritual understanding. The Universal laws constantly work in response to your thoughts and words, allowing you to experience the life that you believe you should have. In addition to your thoughts and words, the Universe also responds to what you expect, the things that you believe will happen. To manage your reality, you must know what you expect.
Sonia Barrett

Sonia Barrett > Perception

The most significant conclusion to maintain in memory, while deciphering the equation, is that life is only a game. It is only as real as we make it, for the name of the game is perception. It is the constructive force of thought, as perception is thought, for all of creation is thought made manifest.


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