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Shelly Dressel

Nama Sika; Venia Benya    I AM the One; I AM the Whole

Jennifer Hoffman
Those of you who are currently working through the Shift are among the first generation to embrace this type of spirituality that creates heaven on earth. Your path has often been met with disapproval and criticism and many of you struggle with understanding who you are and what you should do as the paths that are available to you are so different from those of the people around you. In a world where it is important to have the approval of others, that is the one thing that is often denied to you. But whose approval is important to you, yours or that of others?
Kate Spreckley

Tonight on this very special lunar eclipse you will see a washing away of the fears, turmoil, suffering and pain that you have been experience for the last few months. This meeting together of the sun and the moon heralds a new time in life, a new cycle of life. A cycle that will be filled with peace, love, harmony and abundance.

Yael and Doug Powell

You are here to make tangible the experience of God's Love -- to make it available to one and all. You are here to make clear, not only the relationship that we share with our Creator, but who we are as the expression of God's Love.

Gloria Wendroff
God said:

One mode of giving is allowing. It is a great gift when you allow another freedom, when, on all levels, you let go of control. It is one thing to keep hands off, and a greater thing to keep your heart off. Your heart's attachment can keep another back. Attachment grows tentacles.

Lynda Hill

September's new Moon, happening on Wednesday September 8th, is one of fascination, wonder, observation and delight, tinged with some hesitancy as some watch and wait and try to figure things out. The Sabian Symbol is Virgo 16: Delighted Children Crowd Around The Orangutan Cage In A Zoo.

Pepper Lewis

Dear Readers,

I am grateful to the young man whose words appear below for allowing me to make his recent private session with Gaia available to you. His intimate thoughts and feelings touched my heart and I hope they will touch you as well. As faithful, long time readers of Gaia’s words, we sometimes overlook the fact that many of us are still new to the concept of channeling and the understanding that the earth is a sentient being whose past, present and future is deeply linked with our own.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2557 The Word Was God

At night, I tuck you in. And in the morning, I awaken you. Feel the comfort I give you, for I wish you to have it. It is good to know the Source of your comfort, even when you have only an inkling. An inkling will do you well. At atom is only an inkling too of the Greatness it is.

Neale Donald Walsch

I said in this space last week that the Body, the Mind, and the Spirit all hold all the data of the universe. Indeed, they are all the data of the universe, compressed into one location.

Celia Fenn
Dearest Lightworkers, as you move into the second month of this year, many of you are having to come to terms with the deep and significant changes in the Planetary energies. Indeed, the changes have been so profound that many of you may still be struggling to adjust to this new way of life. But we would encourage you and say, "Welcome Home". It is time to realize that you are "Home", and that it is time to enter into the flow of Magic and Miracles.


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