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Sonia Barrett

Sonia Barrett > Time Travel

What is time travel? Are we aware of the magnitude in which time travel is endlessly being experienced by humanity? It is clear that thought is the navigator and the ship by which we travel. We are nowhere yet everywhere in this grand game as we interact with infinite realms. Realms are states of consciousness born out of thought. The word consciousness is a derivative of the word conscience, which is defined by Webster’s dictionary as knowledge within, inner thoughts or feelings".

Gloria Wendroff

God said:

When will you believe and accept that you are My beloved? When will you stop seeing yourself as some kind of outcast of Heaven?

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2528 Inherit the Earth

Becoming unattached is the same as becoming unbounded. You are untied to whatever has been holding you back. You are untied from the past, and you also come to see that the past never was. You are not tied to the future either. You are not tied.

Carrie Hart

Quado > I AM

Quado’s Message: This field you have seen is the field of I AM, the place of higher vibrations, high enough that nothing else matters, nothing else exists except what is real and true.  No illusion.  Just I AM.  Just beingness, at the highest level. This is the place you enter when you have no more desires except the desire to be as you are, without change, without any "if only’s."  This is the place you enter, this field of the infinite, when you are without fear completely.  What is there to fear?  You are.  I AM. This is the place of now, this moment and this moment only, as it sparkles in truth, as it simply is.  It is not good or bad.  It does not come from something or lead to something.  It is. There is no past or future here. There is no cause or effect.  There is now, this moment and that is all.  And here, you can say only, I AM.
Karen Bishop
Greetings! Well, January finally arrived with all its anticipation and the energies have been every which way, to say the least. What is all the turmoil, chaos and depression about? Why aren't many of us feeling oh so wonderful now that we have arrived in the higher realms? Perhaps you can't seem to get anything done as something very important to you is taking what seems like forever . Or maybe you or others around you are continually canceling or changing plans, creating a lot of instability. Or just maybe something you had in the works just very suddenly falls apart and the bottom falls out. Emotions running high? Apparent frustration? Feeling deflated, powerless, confused or acutely disappointed? Too many sudden changes? Not sure where you are? Can't get comfortable anywhere? Nothing to hold onto or nowhere to go that feels right?
Carrie Hart

Quado > Doubt closes doors; belief holds them open

Today I would address those of you who are feeling frustrated, who are feeling lost and tired, who are disappointed that your dreams have not come true.  I would address all of you and ask you to fill yourself with belief.  I would ask you to silence the victim, that complaining, whining part of you that feels they got a bad deal, the part of you that thinks it should all be somehow easier.  Quiet this part of yourself, take a deep breath and seek new ideas and approaches.  And of course, believe.  Believe the truth, that you are strong and capable and can overcome any odds, handle any challenges, achieve anything you set your mind and heart and shoulders to.  Believe this and allow that belief to energize you.
Hillis Pugh

Compassion is having a general love and understanding of your fellow man. This lower frequency of love offers and gives respect to the spiritual beings we all are. As a collective, we always say respect is earned and not given. We must honor the spirits we are and share space with, yet we lose respect for others as humans who have conflicting interest, selfish motives, or harmed us in anyway. It's ok to have the lost of respect of a person, but be sure it's for the right reasons.

Kara Schallock

Many changes are taking place within those that are conscious of their Godhood. Some of you are going to be moving into the 4th dimension (and beyond); some will not. You have no doubt heard of the idea of the 4th dimension; the 4th dimension is all about reclaiming your divinity. It is essential that you take ascension one step at a time, thus make sure the 4th dimension is fully integrated, before moving on into higher realms.

Celia Fenn

The "Twins"....and the Goddess energy clearing the "witch hunt" energy.....: The energy has been very intense lately, and I think many people are struggling to hold and integrate this energy. I have heard reports of women collapsing and passing out, and having problems with breathing and convulsions. Personally I have been feeling very "strange", and have not felt much mental clarity.

Celia Fenn
Dearest Lightworkers, as you enter this month of September 2006, it perhaps time to pause briefly and think back across the last five years. Yes, indeed it has been five years since the 9/11 events in the USA, and indeed your world has changed greatly in those five years. It has been a difficult period for your planet, with much chaos and confusion. And yet, in the midst of this, a new consciousness is being born. And we will say to you, that very soon you will begin to see the manifestation of that new consciousness. You are ready, as a planetary collective, to step across what we would call the Quantum Threshold, and to begin to "see" your new reality.


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