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Gloria Wendroff

God said:

Do you begin to see how you are all ripples on the lake, and how one ripple blends into another? Who is to say where you begin and another ends? There is no beginning and no ending. One drop of the Ocean is still the Ocean.

Kara Schallock

By now we should see some results of all the work we’ve done in releasing the old and stepping more and more firmly in the higher dimensions. I refrain from labeling it the 5th Dimension, because many of us are inhabiting many different dimensions, often simultaneously. The biggest shift seems to be happening in our physical bodies.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2487 In Service to God

You are beautiful, magnificent, brilliant, and still you have to shine shoes, wipe up spills, make beds. You may be the most creative person in the world, and still you have to pick up crumbs, wipe your feet, take out trash. It doesn't matter who you are nor what you do. You still have the mundane to take care of.

Carrie Hart

Quado > A Handful of Seeds

When you ask for an apple, life often gives you a handful of seeds.  And when this happens, you may first turn away in disappointment and frustration, wondering why your dreams and intentions came to so little.  But stop and look again.  Some of them, after all, may be apple seeds.  And if you plant them in rich soil and then water them daily, guard them against the frost in winter and the drought in summer, protect them from animals and clear away the weeds, then you will finally have an orchard, flourishing and growing over the years.  And as your orchard grows, you will learn.  You will learn what it takes for trees to be healthy.  And you will learn, importantly, about discipline, about the great rewards of activities steadily applied over years, even for just a few minutes a day. 
Hillis Pugh

Blessings to most of us come as a surprise. Blessings are prayers, wishes and fore thoughts coming to manifestation, though some are forgotten, hence the surprise. Some blessings are very obvious and hidden in plain sight, such as material possessions and things we can use any of our five senses for. Other blessings are not so obvious, these are the ones we can't see, but because of our sixth sense we know it's there.


Navajo > My Sisters in the Red Tent

I live in a reality filled with men (my husband, my four sons, my brother, my father, my clients, etc… ) and all their beautiful energy is lively, fun, large and always demanding.  But I cannot for a moment imagine a life not filled to the brim with female energy.   My world is also full of wonderful women and these women make my world wonder/full.

Lee Harris

Many of you will have been experiencing this way of being for the past few years, but December brings a stronger energy to gratitude and appreciation, which will see us reaching new heights of it. This is also highlighted by struggles we are seeing around us, allowing us to be grateful for what we do have, while we observe what we used to have or be, in flux or change.

Yael and Doug Powell

As you open your heart and come into My presence and feel this deep communion, you can also feel this warm rich light and you can feel how it is meant to nourish you. Let yourselves be bathed in this light that feeds you, bringing to you everything that you could ever need or want.

Sarah Varcas

Today a conjunction between Mercury and Venus in Gemini encourages us to reach out to others and communicate rather than assuming we each know what’s going on in the other’s mind and heart.

Celia Fenn
Dearest and beloved Soul Family - as the waves of illuminating energy move across your planet, and the Field of Love creates a powerful field of Light, the Great Awakening begins. It is indeed the moment when humanity awakens from its long "sleep" and becomes conscious of its true nature. You are Angelic Beings of Light. And you have chosen to experience an illusion or a game, as a way of learning. But the game is now over, and it is time to move on and experience other ways of being in the Creator's fields of Light.


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