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Celia Fenn

Dear Ones, this channel is especially for those of you who are parenting the New Children, both Indigos and Crystals. We wish to share with you some information that may help you to understand the pressures and tensions that you may be feeling as you strive to be the best parents you can be for your children.

Carrie Hart

Quado > The Key to Freedom and Creation

You are infinitely creative. You have within you the ability to create anything you can imagine, and more. Yes, more, for when you allow yourself to ride the flow, you will find that there is much, much more than you could ever imagine.

Carrie Hart

Quado > Today is One Dot on the Canvas

The action you take today is like placing one dot on a vast canvas.  You cannot see the whole picture of your life, its meaning and purpose, but yet you are painting it daily with everything you do. Your higher self, your soul self, is the painter with the vision.  You are the hand, the hand that can choose the brush, select the color and place the dot of paint just so.

Karen Bishop

The dust is beginning to clear and the creations we have been longing for are on their way to us now, but only with a slow stutter, as things will not really take off until the end of January. Our new creations and passions are trying to peek through the din, just waiting to arrive in full force, but not quite yet.

Judith Coates

Oakbridge University > The Christmas Story

Beloved One, I would speak with you now about a story well-known in yourculture. It is the Christmas Story.

Neale Donald Walsch
To some people I guess it makes perfect sense, feels perfectly alright: An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Wikipedia tells us that the phrase expresses a principle of retributive justice also known as lex talionis (Latin: "law of retaliation"). The basis of this principle is proportionate punishment, sometimes expressed by the idiom "let the punishment fit the crime." Which brings us to the death penalty. Which brings us to Saddam Hussein. Videos of Saddam Hussein's hanging are all over the Internet. In Iraq and throughout the Middle East there is outrage in many quarters. If a man is to be executed, some have said, he should at least be executed in dignity. Others say that execution, the death penalty, should not be used at all, ever. What do you think?
Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #2881 Ego Is a Master

You have a furnace within you. It is a furnace of love. There is a little offshoot of it where you can divert your love. This offshoot is called anger. It is really a little teapot spout, beloveds. Steam arose from a boiling sense of injustice. Sense of injustice arises from judgment. Anger does not exist without judgment. Oh, the spoils of judgment! The havoc of judgment!

Carrie Hart

Quado > A Morning Clearing

Dear Friends,

I woke up this morning with my heart aching and this message flowing to me, with a strong directive to write it down and send it to you. I hope you find it helpful.

Jennifer Hoffman

Uriel Heals > Celebrating Father's Day

It’s Father’s Day in the U.S. as I write this, a day when we celebrate our relationship with our fathers. Some of us don’t have a lot to celebrate, our fathers may have been absent, unknown, or so emotionally distant that we cannot find a reason to celebrate our relationship with them.

Ann Albers

Ann Albers > Give Thanks For it All

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, whether you have recently celebrated the holiday or not, for in truth we give thanks for you every day of our eternal existence!


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