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Jennifer Hoffman
When you watch the Source, or God, work in your lives, you experience amazing results. The abundance that you can imagine for yourselves is miniscule in comparison to the limitless blessings that are available to you. It is not possible for you to imagine or to know all of the possibilities that are available, only to know that they are there. Each step on your path opens new doors and new avenues for you to explore and experience. First, though, you must learn to watch the Source work.
Jennifer Hoffman
There is only one lesson that all of humanity needs to learn to bring heaven on earth, and it is the lesson of forgiveness. There is a single message of the Shift and it is to love and forgive each other. As the energy quickens and you feel the Shift energy reverberating throughout your lives, you will notice that how you react to others changes. As you raise your vibrations it becomes more difficult to be annoyed and frustrated with those around you. The gift of your higher vibration is the ability to see into others' hearts and to understand the pain and frustration that they live with. How can you not forgive someone when you realize that they are doing the best that they can, in every situation?
Gloria Wendroff

You rest in My arms. There is nothing else to rest in, beloveds. There is God, and that's where rest is. When you rest in bed, you are in My arms. When you are restless, you are still in My arms. I hold you dearly. You are My child whom I love. I can do nothing else but love and love you.

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

Center of the Sun > Spring Equinox Maya New Year Report

One step further into the galactic plane  Feb/March 2007  The Maya have a saying "Uk'ux kaj - Uk'ux Ulew". It means "from the Heart of the Heavens to the Heart of the Earth".
Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

Hello friends. Welcome to what promises to be a powerful New Moon in Pisces, as it makes contacts to the Sun, Neptune and Chiron which currently share the same astrological energy. 

Gloria Wendroff

God said:

In a world without clocks, you would more easily be in tune with nature.

In a world attuned with nature, you would rise with the sun, and you would set with the sun. Your eyesight would be excellent.

Celia Fenn
 Dearest Beings of Light, this message is to bring to you the joy of experiencing and exercising Compassion in your adventure of life on Planet Earth. For you are here, beloved ones, to grow through service to others. And this service is based on Compassion And yet so few people truly understand the meaning of Compassion. In literal language terms it means "to feel with" another. Or to encounter another "with feeling". Many people interpret this in emotional terms, assuming that it means to feel pity or kindness. But this is not so.
Gloria Wendroff

When you consider that you are an honored guest on Earth, that you have been sanctioned by Me, will you not speak kindly about yourself? Will you not speak well of all? Will you shortchange anyone?

Gloria Wendroff

Every Human Being is unique. A Human Being is Oneness personified and personalized, Oneness made unique, Oneness with opinions and points of view perhaps unlike any other. And, still, even so, there is Oneness. There is the union of Oneness regardless of any opposing views. There is no one way. There are myriads of ways, and yet, still there is Oneness. This is hard to assimilate.

Neale Donald Walsch

Some years ago when I was doing metaphysical counseling, a woman came to me lamenting the state of her relationship. After listening to her go on for a while about how bad things had become, I asked her a simple question.

“When was the last time you brought your husband flowers?”


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