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Jennifer Hoffman

Each step on our spiritual path gives us new insight and information to reconnect us to our power and to Source. As we receive this information we are challenged to change our beliefs, open ourselves up to new possibilities and accept new truths.

Gloria Wendroff

When you think about money, when you are concerned about it, you bog yourself down. Much of the time, when you think about money, you are bemoaning the lack of it. Innocently, you put yourself back into the need mode. When do you feel you have enough money, beloveds?

Hillis Pugh

Usually, when we think of rituals, we think of a rite of passage. A rite of passage is a form of ritual, but more formal, where we recognize one's reaching a milestone in their life. 

Yael and Doug Powell
Beloved ones, it is all right here -- here woven in you, around you, inter-penetrating everything. The truth of life. The indescribable joy, the glorious, boundless freedom, the vast golden being of light that you are. And Me. Right here. In you, with you; dancing as the ecstasy of living light right through you.

Everything you believe is you - it's Me.

Hillis Pugh

Hillis Pugh > Christmas Love

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year, mainly for the egg nog and peppermint bark. Why I love Christmas the most is how humanity opens up their heart and gives of themselves.

Jennifer Hoffman
As you complete one lesson and prepare for another you are in a space of 'not knowing', unaware of what will happen next and unsure of the next step to take. This is a powerful place as it is the place of unlimited potential and pure possibility. It is also a place of great fear when you view it from an emotional level because your mind has nothing it
Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #2686 All the Gifts

Beloveds, mothers and fathers give a great many toys to their children. The children play with the toys. The children use their imagination. From blocks they build tall buildings. They play with dolls in a doll house and create families and playact. Trains go around, and the children pretend inanimate toy cars have engines, and

Cheryl Richardson

Cheryl Richardson > Who Are The Sheep In Your Herd?

I’m no longer willing to spend the precious time I have left on the planet dodging sarcasm, feigning interest in boring topics, or defending my choice to live an examined life.

Esther and Jerry Hicks

Abraham Hicks > All In This Together

Question: I know I have many questions but I find that I often disavow my own knowing by asking someone who I put on a platform. And so I came to sit in the chair because I wanted to have the experience of feeling you with me, and so I could feel our commonality rather than to feel our difference, because I tend to make the difference the factor so that I diminish myself. Abraham: And we want to help you to achieve that by acknowledging to you that we would not be here expressing at all if it were not for the summoning by that which is you.
Karen Bishop
Such a turn of events I have never seen thus far in our spiritual evolutionary process, with new twists and turns at any given moment, great surprises, and miracles abounding!


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