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Meredith Murphy

In this whole enormous shift in consciousness we're experiencing, we are transforming not just our experience but our understanding of who we are and what that means.  As we learn to vibrate aligned with a 4th dimensional spectrum we shift from duality to a sense of unity, oneness, aware of our interconnectedness.  As we tap into the New Earth timeline--a now more expanded available pathway of 5th dimensional energy--we realize our own innate divinity and that this same source individuates and flows within every other point of focus here.

Hillis Pugh

Counter energies is energy countering intention, however this energy is not always present. It is my personal belief now, that there are no good, bad, positive, or negative energies. There just "is" or intention. Example, if you are fulfilling your purpose and someone or something comes along to steer you in the opposite direction, it's the universal counter energy to prevent you from fulfilling your purpose or even being in a loving relationship.

Kara Schallock

Many changes are taking place within those that are conscious of their Godhood. Some of you are going to be moving into the 4th dimension (and beyond); some will not. You have no doubt heard of the idea of the 4th dimension; the 4th dimension is all about reclaiming your divinity. It is essential that you take ascension one step at a time, thus make sure the 4th dimension is fully integrated, before moving on into higher realms.

Ronna Herman
Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2408 God's Love

God said:

Cheryl Richardson

"Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability." Sam Keen

Carrie Hart

Quado > Discipline and Responsibility

Quado’s Message: Today, we will continue our Course in Creation.  We began with the inside and moved outward. Last week we were moving into the areas of manifestation, your ability to affect the world outside by your thoughts and your actions, all of it working together in concert to give you one unified field which is centered on the firm intentions and commitments of your life. And today, we will focus on one particular expression of commitment and intention, and that is discipline. Ah, such a cruel word!  It makes you think of painful sessions where you force yourself to do what is difficult for you, and that, of course, can be a part of it in the beginning. For you are still so much a little child, a child who rebels against authority, who tries to break the rules and sneak around to get little treats and treasures.  A child who has not yet learned to take full responsibility.
Hillis Pugh

We all have relationships with our family, friends, colleagues, pets, spouses, potential mates, God and more. All these relationships fill a necessary part of our life, yet have varying degrees of love or any other emotion tied to the person, people or being involved. At some capacity these relationships is a reflection of our personality. Each person or being reflects a portion of who we are at the time in our life, while developing and learning more about ourselves.

Yael and Doug Powell

The Will of Love is always perfection. It is ever and always “increase,” more, -- more of the quality of the living heart of God I Am that is, of course, your heart as well, beloved ones. So deep in your heart your awareness is infallible. That awareness is that the perfection of Love is your identity and your purpose.

Cheryl Richardson

As I step out of the shower, I can feel the weight of melancholy pulling at my chest. There’s a sadness I can’t explain. I sit down on the edge of the tub and give presence to it-allow it to live and breathe within me, and wait for it to deliver its wisdom. With each slow, deep breath, the answer begins to surface. Spring is in the ethers, and my winter of writing is coming to an end.


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