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Carrie Hart

Quado > Cleaning House

Today, we will create a beautiful living space for you.  But first, we must clean house.  Let us now take the clutter out of your mind and heart.  Take that incessant buzz in your mind and throw it in this trash bag here.  This is the voice that says you should have done something differently, the internal critic with the unending stream of chatter.  Out, out with the trash.  Now let us also pull out the worrier, the other voice that is always telling you about all of the terrible things that may yet happen if you do this or do not do that.  Out, out with the trash.  Let peace and quiet descend. And now, in your heart, we will remove those poisonous stones of unforgiveness, those bitter pills, we will take out all of the blame, all of the anger and toss it into the bin.  Out, out with the trash.  Feel your heart lighten and begin to fill with love. 
Shala Mata

September 2006 lived up to its anticipated energy dynamic without fail. The passing of Australia’s beloved Steve Irwin early in September sent a wave of heart energy all over the planet as we honoured his passion, enthusiasm and love for all living things.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #2760 Learning to Play the Piano

Your life is like a piano you play. A life is a life. A piano is a piano. From a piano, all kinds of notes can be played. A piano can be played fast or slow. A piano can make all kinds of sounds, harmonious and disharmonious. There is a whole range that can be played on the piano.

And so with life.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #2871 Beyond All Borders

If there were no attachment, there would not be suffering. If you could take even death of beloved ones in your stride, where would attachment live? Because of Human attachment, you think something terrible has happened when a loved one dies. You mourn the whole concept of death of the body, as if the existence of the body were everything. I know that death of the body is big for you.

Jennifer Hoffman
As a child, your every need was met when you asked for it. When you needed to be fed, you were fed. When you needed sleep, you slept. When you required comforting, you were comforted. You let your needs be known and they were met. Every child expresses their divinity in this way, their knowledge that their every need will be met is without doubt or question. As you grow older, you step out of this divine connection to Source and experience lack and forget that your divinity takes precedence over the world. It is time to reclaim your divinity.
Celia Fenn
This information came in the form of a conversation with the Archangel, and is recorded as such. I am wondering to myself why so many people are feeling such sorrow and anxiety and depression, especially at this time when we are supposed to be experiencing the Joy of the New Earth. So many people have waited and waited and waited. Where is the Joy, they ask, why am I so depressed and sorrowful. What do I need to do to cleanse myself and enter into my Joy? And, as I am thinking on these topics, Archangel Michael says to me: "Are you ready to hear the truth about this? Are you willing to accept a perspective from the quantum reality? Can you change you way of thinking?" What do you mean, I ask.
Karen Bishop
Greetings! September 1 st brought in more of the rapid manifesting energy, and it appears that we are learning a New way of living and being, as we adjust to this energy that is here to stay. After all the integration from January until July (it's hard to remember that “old” way of being!), we were then off and running. We have reached a plateau and are now fully residing in this next level of higher vibrating reality. Yes, it is here to stay, and rapid manifesting is a part of it.
Jennifer Hoffman
You were each born with wounds of the heart, places that need healing and that you attempted to heal in each successive lifetime. Many of these wounds you have carried for many lifetimes, seeking experiences and people who would bring to you the best possible situations in which to heal these issues. But the wound became the focus of the experience and you have forgotten that the only reason you are here is to heal these wounds of the heart. This exists for each of you as well as for all of humanity.
Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2231 Love Rising

God said: Sometimes great joy brings you great tears. Don’t mind tears. Welcome them. Sometimes your heart is so full and you are so unaccustomed to such fullness, that tears leak out the way ballast is thrown over to balance a boat. It is no crime to weep from joy. It is no crime to weep for any reason or no reason. Honor tears. They have a merit. They are not something you are supposed to keep down. Let tears come to your heart’s content. Tears let you know that you are not made from stone. Tears signal that you are a vibrant live person who has feelings and sometimes feelings beyond the known. Tears will tell. Count on the tenderness of tears. Sometimes you cry, and you know not why. Know that your feelings are shedding their skin, as it were. Be glad. Be glad you can cry. It would indeed be something to cry over if you could not cry. That would be occasion for sadness. Be glad for tears. Honor their presence. Bemoan their disappearance.
Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #2887 God Does Not Play Hide-and-Seek

You have often wondered where you belong. Not here, not there, you have thought. Wherever you may be, whatever you have been thinking and whatever you have been doing, no matter, you belong with Me. It's as simple as that. Be at Home with Me. I make room for you. A spot is reserved for you. This is always so, and it is inevitable that you come. The space you occupy is here with Me.


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