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Selacia > The Council of 12's Holiday

During this holiday season, your world's web of connections is more visible than ever. Images of people far away, living in a culture that's foreign to you, appear on your TV news broadcasts. You see video footage showing the latest in the wave of terrorism. You learn about newly-elected U.S. leaders with their plans to act quickly to calm widespread nervousness.
Jennifer Hoffman
I receive many emails from readers, some are very complimentary, others less so. Sometimes I receive comments that are critical of me for disagreeing with other teachers because my messages contradict theirs. There are many spiritual teachers today because there is a great need for spiritual information. And each teacher writes what they know.
Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #2829 The Gates Are Open

Everything is in motion. The gates are open. There is a flow to life. There is a flow to you and a flow to all of life. You do go down a stream of life. You might as well go merrily, merrily. And, yes, life on Earth is but a dream. It is one moment of a dream that continues. It seems to go on and on, your dream of the life you lead on the dimension called Earth.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

When we were in spirit all of our choices seemed so easy, so effortless. We knew we would make the highest choice with no problem – we knew that every choice had a divine counterpart. When we came into this solid aspect of earthen divinity, we all forgot we got 3-D planetary amnesia.

Kara Schallock

Many changes are taking place within those that are conscious of their Godhood. Some of you are going to be moving into the 4th dimension (and beyond); some will not. You have no doubt heard of the idea of the 4th dimension; the 4th dimension is all about reclaiming your divinity. It is essential that you take ascension one step at a time, thus make sure the 4th dimension is fully integrated, before moving on into higher realms.

Shanta Gabriel

Shanta Gabriel > The Substance of Divine Light

When you immerse yourself in Divine Light, new frequencies entrain the field around your body and you have access to the love and intelligence that lives within your heart.

Hillis Pugh

The villain always gets a bad rep, caught, or killed in the story. Is it the villain’s actions leading up to the demise or are we killing the freedom, the free will, or choices we make?

Jamye Price

Blessed Being, you are at a beautiful culmination point.  As we see you, this is always true; for from this perspective of Love you are cherished beyond measure as you are Life’s potential in form.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
The sacredness that you yearn to be, comes forth in the upcoming time as you breathe in the possibilities of your evolution as sent to earth by the solar winds. On the winds of change come an issuance, a declaration of knowledge that has been hidden and now sets itself free. It exposes itself overlapping the borders of
Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

We herald forth from the star that is within the constellation  of Taurus. We are the eye of the Bull. We are a re-connection frequency. We bridge between here and there. We bridge the past and the future. We bridge between thoughts,  action and non-action. We bridge between desires and manifestations, wants and needs.


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