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Quado > The Circle of Magnificence

Today we will ask time to stop for a moment and give us time to breathe.  Today we will step into love and light to be cleansed and empowered.  Today we will allow ourselves to step into our magnificence.

Quado > This Storm will Pass

Do you remember a storm that seemed it would never end, a night of darkness so deep and impenetrable that you wondered how you could possibly survive to see another day?

Quado > The Snowflake and the Butterfly

Hold these two thoughts in your mind at once. "I am perfect exactly as I am" and "I am evolving into the next version of myself even now." 

Quado > Expanding your psychic skills

Quado’s Message: Today we continue our Course in Creation.  We began with you, then with your place in the world.  And now I wish to have you combine these two and learn to utilize your very special intuitive or psychic skills, whichever term you prefer, in order to bring the spiritual world and the physical world a bit closer together. Everyone is intuitive.  Everyone is born with these skills.  You might compare intuition to music.  Everyone has some appreciation for music and some amount of musical skill, if it is in singing, piano, dance, guitar, drums or the marimba.  Some talents are very naturally strong and others can be developed.  And there are, of course, those child prodigies, who begin picking tunes out on the piano at the age of two or three.  And there are also those who were discouraged very early and believe they have far less talent than they truly possess.

Quado > The Fun of Not Knowing

There are days in which the world seems to shift and days in which you seem to shift in spite of the world.  There are times of great fog and confusion and then days when all of it suddenly becomes clear.

Quado > A Gracious Place of Ease

Today, focus on order, beauty and cleanliness. Straighten up. Clean. Adorn. Make your home a gracious place of ease, where you can relax and be free. Come at your life from a place of worry-free joy, a place of comfort and peace, a spot of beauty you have created.

Quado > Soul Steps

All around you, hear the stones falling and dropping to the earth, then crumbling into dust.  All around you, hear the crashing down of the old as it falls. Do not be startled by the sound. Do not run and hide.  Do not be concerned if dust clouds your vision for a time.

Quado > I Am Free!

So many now are feeling that their lives are constricting, closing in around them, with prices higher, jobs scarcer, financial danger looming around them.

Quado > New Year Message

Today, you turn a corner. You have been walking down a long hallway, the lights dim and the destination unclear. And now, you turn a corner and walk into the new year.

And here, around this corner, suddenly the hallway opens up. As you walk, the walls begin to move out and then to dissolve. The ceiling grows higher and then disappears completely.

Quado > The Forest Intertwined

You are like a quiet grove of trees, each part of you a distinct tree, yet all trees interconnected and intertwined at the root. Some parts of you are strong and sturdy, able to handle whatever comes your way. Some are little saplings that need to be protected.

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