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"Dear Saint-Germain, I yearn to come to a place of peace with myself and the world. What Can I do?"

One thing that you have to do right now is acknowledge your journey. Yes, dear friend this has been a long journey coming, and you have put so much time, effort and work into moving through these last three years of your life.

Joy and Clarity > Changing Your Life: Go Beyond Limitations

Dear Saint-Germain, for a long time I feel that I have had such trouble finding my path in life. I already gave up my studies three different times, and I feel disoriented. Where am I going next?

Joy and Clarity > June 2014 Solstice: Got Bumpy Lately?

So what happened to all the promises of a great change, and finally feeling that we have arrived?

Joy and Clarity > Are You Stuck in an Imperfect World?

Dear Saint-Germain, I would like to know how to remain in a joyful state, even though I feel that I am stuck in a sadly imperfect world. Although I have moments when I feel happy, I fall back into a rut again. Can you help me please?

With the energies of the March Equinox this year, you will begin to leave behind your recently turbulent times, and start exchanging them for a renewed sense of calm in your life.

2014 is about finding the faith and the trust within, to show your light, and to be who you truly are. So much of what you may have been hiding from yourself, but also from the world, will come out this year.

In this lifetime, your Soul’s purpose for you is about learning to apply focus, discipline, and commitment to a field of experience of your choice. But as you know, choosing and then committing also creates challenges for you.

Joy and Clarity > June Solstice 2013: Good or Bad News?

"Dear Saint-Germain, I would like to ask you about how my life is going at this time, and also about how it will evolve during the next few years?"

During the month of May 2013 there are a number of cosmic happenings that will really amplify the energy; there are eclipses, solar flares, the moon powerful energy, Wesak Festival and more. All of this happening causes us to feel things more profoundly or brings to our awareness that which we can no longer ignore!


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