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Rebecca Couch

HeartLight > Little Reminders

Always remember to draw the light into you. Think of it as important as breathing - for, like a marine mammal, you can swim for a while on the oxygen from your last breath, but you must remember to make the effort to swim to the surface to breathe again. While there is an involuntary aspect, the great benefits come in your voluntary choice to breathe the light.
Pamela Kribbe

In the previous chapters of the Lightworker Series, we have told a more or less chronological tale about the history and inner development of lightworker souls. This story may give you the impression that you develop in time from point A to point B, from dark to light, from ignorance to wisdom.

And in certain ways, this is the case.

Jennifer Hoffman
Releasing the victim paradigm is more than the focus of our individual lifetime, it is our mission during the Shift to transform this energy into empowerment. This means a complete shift from our win/lose, better/worse, rich/poor and have/have not mentality. What would the world look like if there were no more victims?
Carrie Hart

Quado > Change Your Story & Change Your Life

Today is an excellent day to change your story, the story you continually tell yourself about why your life is as it is.

Cheryl Richardson

"When you become detached mentally from yourself and concentrate on helping other people with their difficulties, you will be able to cope with your own more effectively. Somehow, the act of self-giving is a personal power-releasing factor." -- Norman Vincent Peale

Talyaa Liera

Talyaa Liera > Polaris December 2008

Many of you have been experiencing the energy surrounding quite a large shift, a lot of movement. We have been talking to you for some time about changes and transitions, breathing in and out: a lot of change.

Celia Fenn
Again I have to say thank you for all the mails that I have been getting, both with questions for the channel, and with ideas on the topic of the current events and the movements of consciousness at this time of change.
Celia Fenn

Starchild Global > Patterns, Geometries, Energies and Choices

Thank you to all the people who wrote in yesterday, expressing their ideas and sending in questions for the Archangel Michael channel. There were so many questions that I will be opening a file and keeping them, as I certainly cannot answer them all at once.
Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #2902 You Miss the Main Point

As you continue to grow and you look back at the past, a distance grows. You do see down a longer rifle, so to speak, and you see the past and the people in it. No matter how big a part the people in your life played, no matter how much they affected you and influenced your life, you see now that they and all the fading past have turned to dust.

Dean Noblett

HeartLight > Finding Our Way Home

What a month it has been! History is unfolding before our very eyes as we come to terms with the incredible shift of energy that is happening in the consciousness of humanity. We are now at the turning point that will lead us home, where every person on this planet desires to go at a soul level. We just need to decide what our home looks like!


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