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Karen Downing

Karen Downing > Seeing Beyond The Illusion

This message starts with a short visualization: On the edge of a pond one sees a beautiful waterfall cascading into the water below. If one gets carried away in only what they see, then they will not realize that there is a deep cavern behind the tumbling waters. In this cavern is abundant riches beyond the dream of any one person. If one can gain the clarity to see beyond the riches, then a new passageway will emerge.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > Heaven #3106 Toss Your Worries Out the Window

Will you, once and for all, stop worrying? You over-worry. Any worry is too much. Worry is pointless. It takes your energy and gives nothing back in return but more of itself. Make a better bargain than this.

In these recent months, as you have observed your world and noticed increasing amounts of dysfunction, you may be asking how the multitude of global problems can be remedied. You also may be wondering how the world's disarray will impact your life and your ability to thrive and live in joy.
Celia Fenn

Starchild Global > The Cosmic ReConnection and Letting Go

This is a time of the most incredible shifts and changes, and things are moving at such an accelerated pace that it seems hard to keep up at the moment! Ever since the arrival of the Diamond Light and the Reconnection of our Cosmic consciousness with the Cosmic Heart, the energy of change has been swift and relentless.

The essence of where we are now seems to be letting go.

Lauren C. Gorgo
Because life wasn't challenging enough for you this month, I would like to offer you an additional spiritual test. Ready?

Step 1) Take a really deep breath.

Step 2) Now hold it.

Step 3) Til June.
Sarah Biermann

Sarah Biermann > Three biggies unite in the sky

There is a fabulous aspect in the sky right now (it's exact today but will be active for weeks) Chiron, Neptune and Jupiter are conjunct in Aquarius. Basically, this is taking us into an unknown area of freedom. Anything can happen and we probably won't see the results of this alignment for months or years.
Hillis Pugh

Be thankful this day for free will.

Hillis Pugh

When most people think of solitude, they of someone being forced or choosing isolation. Solitude is moments of escapism for the world we know, the world we created. It's moments of peace, time taken to sit in stillness to better observe and severe self. Not by any means is solitude being selfish. It's giving to self to be better, to grow and understand who we truly are to better serve humanity.

Carrie Hart

Quado > I Am Complete

I had the privilege of previewing Wayne Dyer's new book, Excuses Begone!  My favorite sentence in the book was this:  "I can't emphasize enough here that you don't attract what you desire; you attract what you are." 

This sentence inspired our message for this week, a little meditation to bring you out of your wants and needs and int

Wayne W. Dyer

Becoming a spiritual being is synonymous with becoming a miracle worker and knowing the bliss of real magic.


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