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Uriel Heals > The Universe Always Says YES

There is nothing that is denied to you and when you do not see the outcome you desire in your life it is not because you have not been heard by Source, have not moved energy, or are not worthy, it is because your spiritual 'yes' and your material 'yes' are out of alignment. A spiritual yes represents an energetic agreement, a material 'yes' is a material outcome. The Universal answer is always yes; the outcome is not always aligned with the spiritual 'yes' because it requires you to be aligned with what you are asking for.

There is a plan for your soul that goes beyond your soul contract and karma, it exceeds the scope of your lifetimes and your eons of human experiences. The plan is the promise of reconnection and the journey of experiencing the dark to bring forth the light. Each of you carries a specific vibration that together is the totality of the vibrations represented in the third dimension.

Uriel Heals > Your Greatest Gift

The words you speak are powerful forces of creation. If you could see the energy behind your words and how they command, are responded to and manifest, you would use them very carefully. Yet you use words as a method of communicating with each other, unaware that you are also communicating on many other levels each time you speak. How would you use your words if you knew that they were your tool for manifestation?

Dear Jennifer: I feel extremely angry, irritated and frustrated with everyone and everything and the worst in me is being brought out in every situation. Is this what the new energies feel like or am I floating in the old stuff more and more?

Jennifer's note: I asked for this channel today because several of my friends are facing very sad life issues. I cannot do anything for them, other than to send them prayers, love and light. I feel helpless and sad, even though I know that all is in divine order. My question to Uriel was why did this happen and why do I feel so helpless. This is his reply.

Uriel Heals > The Path of Relationship

Before reading this article, clear your mind of any previous beliefs, notions, opinions or expectations of what relationship means to you because in order to enter the paradigm of intentional and conscious relationships, we must begin from a new perspective. Until now, relationships have been placed in the domain of romance and we tend to look at them in the context of romantic partnerships but they encompass every connection that we have with every person, situation and thing in our lives.

We’re moving closer to that anticipated date of December 21, 2012. But the date we need to really think about is December 22 because life, the earth, the universe will all go on. The question is, where do we want it to go and what do we want to be doing? It is more important than ever that we focus on our day-to-day journey now, as with each step, choice, lesson and experience, we are shifting the dynamics of our entire ascension path.

Karma has been the path of the earth and of its human family since the beginning of this ascension cycle. This is the foundation of the third dimensional paradigm and it contains the promise of evolution from fear to love, from limitation to expansion, and from suffering to joy and ascension into higher dimensions of being.

Uriel Heals > 5 Signs You're Getting a Sign

It is not a sign (I’m going to be using that word a lot in this article) of doubt or lack of faith for us to ask for signs or confirmation of the best next steps, choices on our path, or that we are choosing our most powerful potential or possibility.

Uriel Heals > The Energies of June

I know that I am not the only person who is glad to see May end. Although it had a rather benign beginning, it brought every fear and doubt we had to the forefront and challenged us to deal with past, every connection we needed to release and to do that while staying focused on manifesting what we wanted and holding that energy in place, no matter what else was happening to us. But it was the uncertainty that made the month of May so difficult, and the way that things seemed to manifest at the very last minute, just as we had almost given up hope.

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