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Uriel Heals > Be Willing to Be Blessed

Each of you is blessed by a benevolent Universe that is an endless, continuous flow of giving. You are a vessel for the energy that gives it purpose and direction. When you are willing to be blessed you are in the miracle vibration, where you are constantly receiving as you create your reality.

Uriel Heals > Honor your Teachers by Learning

Every teacher you have in your life plays a central role in your healing journey. Each of these souls has agreed to participate in your life to bring you face to face with your greatest healing challenges. Sometimes this challenge has been so traumatic that you forget that there is a healing component available to you.

Uriel Heals > When Nothing is Something

Our ascension journey is an exciting opportunity to live in a new paradigm. While the paradigm is new to us, it is part of our reconnection so we are simply returning to who we have always been. We will have new access to gifts that are already ours, continue to manifest our reality as we always have and still live in the world we have always lived in.

Our reality is a mirror of our thoughts and beliefs, every single one of them. There are no insignificant thoughts and each thought has equal creative power. Intention is how we move energy, which will go in the direction of our intention.

I have been in a serious relationship for two years now and I love my partner dearly. He says he loves me too but he flirts with other women and I suspect that he has had more than one affair. Yet when we are together he tells me how much he loves me and he wants to be with me. I am hurt and confused with his behavior and don’t know what to do. Does he love me and if he does, why doens’t he act like it?

For many decades, we have been working with energy and in many cases, holding it within our energy bodies because there was no place for it to go.<!--StartFragment--> Now we are able to process the energy and move it on, uploading it to the earth and grounding it in the earth grids.<!--EndFragment-->

Uriel Heals > Boundaries Up and Anchors Aweigh

When there is a lot of energy movement we need to make sure our energy boundaries are firmly in place. Why would we put boundaries up when we want the energy to flow in freely and create as much transformation as possible?

The ascension path is a cycle of choices and choosing, where each choice becomes the foundation for the next cycle. So there can be no wrong choices or wrong way of choosing.

Uriel Heals > New Beliefs and Sacred Cows

In a recent Facebook post I quoted the August Energy Report by saying ‘We cannot heal the world by putting ourselves on the cross’. A few people accused me of being disrespectful of Jesus on the cross and that’s not what I meant at all.

Uriel Heals > Victim Speak

Overcoming the victim paradigm is an essential part of our soul journey. Wherever the victim paradigm exists in our life is where we have a soul wound that needs healing, fear that we came to resolve or karma that we came to transform. When we have victim energy we attract people and situations whose purpose is to make our victim status so apparent to us that we know exactly what we need to transform. But too often their actions make us feel even more like a victim and our language, our 'victim speak', affirms it for us.
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