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We look forward to lessons in fear as much as lessons in patience. The difference between the two is the patience lessons are easier to identify, we can laugh about them and know that the Universe is suggesting that we wait, let all of the pieces fall into place and we know that at some point this will happen.
Each time you shift your vibration you have access to a wider field of potential realities that you can connect to. Each of these realities is a possible one for you. Not all of them can be experienced or have to be. But they are all available to you. You can choose any one without fear of making a wrong decision and the things you do not choose may be available at a later
I receive many emails from readers, some are very complimentary, others less so. Sometimes I receive comments that are critical of me for disagreeing with other teachers because my messages contradict theirs. There are many spiritual teachers today because there is a great need for spiritual information. And each teacher writes what they know.

When we live through our spiritual authority many opportunities to balance our energies, heal lifetimes of karma and transform our reality are available to us. One of those is the opportunity to live through the truth, to know ourselves from our spiritual truth, to realize our mission in the world, understand our gifts and talents

You are on a healing journey, one that will take you through many experiences as you work through lifetimes of karma that you share with others. Your purpose here is to heal, to re-experience life in different ways instead of repeating past behaviors. There will be many opportunities for you to do this, as you have already experienced in your lives. The healing process is not always direct and is often confusing. You may seek healing from many things and from others. How do you know what is required to complete your healing work?

Uriel Heals > Is this True?

Being in our spiritual power awakens us to the need to review the truth of the different truths we believe. Without this kind of introspection we can life our life according to a range of beliefs and things that we accept as the truth and they serve to limit our ability to create and receive abundance, joy, peace and love. But just like the day we

Uriel Heals > Timing is Everything

The current Mercury retrograde period ends this week and it has been an interesting period on a global level. As the family of humanity moves into the Shift and raises its vibrations, what affects the individual is magnified across all of humanity.
Your mind is at peace when it acknowledges the presence of Spirit and is willing to work in harmony with it. Your mind is at war when it is in fear and wants to be in total control. It is your natural state to be in material and spiritual balance and this is when you can be in the flow of the Universal energy and in alignment with your soul purpose.

Uriel Heals > Life Without Limits

If you had no limitations in your life, what would you be doing at this moment? What kind of work would you do, where would you live, what would your house look like? If you were in the perfect relationship, what would that be like?

Uriel Heals > Life as a Meditation

Meditation is a tool that allows you to quiet your mind and reconnect to Source, where you are able to leave the pressure and stress of your daily life and escape to a quiet place.


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