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Each of your lessons has purpose and meaning. The purpose is to guide you on your path and assist in your spiritual growth. There are two aspects to the meaning. The spiritual meaning is one of healing and understanding. The other meaning is one that you choose for it. When you have completed a lesson it represents new knowledge and understanding and is something that you can use on your path. Whether you can use your lessons as tools on your spiritual journey depends on whether you understand the purpose and the meaning that you give to them. Each of your lessons has a purpose and therefore has value. The purpose may not be obvious to you until long after you have experienced the lesson or even until you encounter the lesson again. Lessons are never a punishment, they are simply ways in which you learn to use your gifts and power. And the purpose of all lessons is the same, to help you realize and acknowledge your divinity, your power and your Source connection.
So many of you wonder what your life path is and how you can find it. You wonder whether you are doing the right thing, in the right place or even making decisions and choices that are right for your path. You wonder whether you are spiritual 'enough', connected and even moving in the right direction. You look at others who seem to be happier, more successful and who seem to be able to manifest what they want and wonder whether you should be on their path because it appears to be better and easier than yours. Your path is right where you are at any moment in time.

Uriel Heals > Forgiveness without Regret

I was thinking about forgiveness today and what a difficult subject it can be to talk about, consider, and take action on.

As we are born into a new lifetime there is a part of us that is ready for new challenges, new experiences and grateful for the opportunity to try again, to right past wrongs and create a life that resonates with unconditional love and joy. That is the purpose of each lifetime, to walk an old path in a new way.

Uriel Heals > Provide the Dream

Are you asking for help from your guides, angels and the Universe and nothing appears to be happening? Are you asking for them to help fix your finances, relationships and other areas of your life and they do not seem to be responding? They hear you and are acting on your behalf according to the dream you are providing to them. Your dream represents what you are
Many Lightworkers have strong empathic gifts which allow them to feel others' energy. This makes it difficult for them to know whether their feelings are their own or someone else's. It can be a difficult gift to understand and work with. For many years empaths have not only felt others' feelings, they have processed this emotional energy as well,
Our journey to wholeness is part of our ascension journey, whose purpose is to reconnect us to Source. And as we uncover everything that has created our separation, our challenge is to stay in balance, mind, body and spirit, so we do not judge ourselves harshly for what we may see as a mistake.
Surrender everything to the Universe and be in the flow of the Divine unconditional love, a love that knows no fear or doubt, that only knows the perfection of all. Surrender every hope, dream, wish and desire.

Our spiritual experience of life is a healing journey, where we commit to leaving the security and comfort of our Home and act as emissaries for the earth’s healing journey.

Uriel Heals > Chicken Feet on Life’s Menu

The belief that we are healed and have closure when all of the people and situations that once challenged us disappear from our lives can make us believe that we are never healed, or that our healing path is incomplete.

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