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It is the fear of others that creates dissention among humanity, stemming from a lack of tolerance for their differences. While it is easy for you to accept those who look, think and act like you do, those who are different represent a greater challenge. Do they need to become more like you to gain your acceptance? Can you accept others as they are and not feel threatened by their differences? Are you able to accept that each person learns and grows at their own level? It is challenging and even threatening to you when others do not agree with you because you internalize this situation and wonder whether you are right in believing and thinking as you do? If you can convince others to be more like you would you be more comfortable with yourself?
As you complete one lesson and prepare for another you are in a space of 'not knowing', unaware of what will happen next and unsure of the next step to take. This is a powerful place as it is the place of unlimited potential and pure possibility. It is also a place of great fear when you view it from an emotional level because your mind has nothing it

Uriel Heals > From Destiny to Power

Every person in your life has a purpose that is centered in helping you achieve your soul growth for this lifetime. Some of you have already surpassed what you came to do and are in new and different patterns. These patterns are unfamiliar and often confusing because you have never experienced them before, so you do not know how to proceed. You have
Do you receive guidance and messages about a new idea, something that you can do or what appears like the next thing for you to do? When do you act on them? Do you wait for confirmation, worry about the results or possible problems or create reasons for not acting?
Last week in the U.S. a store employee was trampled to death by a crowd of shoppers anxious to save money on their Christmas gifts. That brought to mind the other side of Christmas, which has little to do with peace and good will and everything to do with obtaining the best gifts by spending the least amount of money.
There is a choice to accept opportunities that cross your path, or not. Each opportunity that is presented to you is an option that is a potential path for you. You always have the choice to accept it or to choose something else. Some opportunities present themselves at another time, others do not. There is a lesson in the choices you make and those that

Uriel Heals > Grounding the Unfoldment

You are living through the unfoldment of the Shift, as humanity is reconnecting, finding a new center and creating space for the energies that have come to help you through this process. These are new experiences for you and as they unfold you can feel physical and emotional distress because your bodies are not used to energies of this

Uriel Heals > The Pressure is On

I always know how much energies are shifting by the kinds of questions asked during readings and the information and healing clients received. And these past weeks have been an interesting blend of experiences. More than half of my readings had to do with clients wanting clarification of the information they have been receiving, confirmation of changes

Uriel Heals > Mad At God

There are times when every aspect of our life is wrong, when we are tired of fighting, tired of living, tired of trying and we just want to leave and go home. I spent much of this weekend talking a friend out of a suicide attempt that she felt was her only option in dealing with the mess her life had become.  She wondered why, after she had worked so

Uriel Heals > Live Consciously

You are here to experience spiritual growth, healing and transformation. This is the task your soul undertakes with each new incarnation. But this time is different and special, because you are here to participate in this process for all of humanity, to create a powerful shift in the energy and vibration of the planet.
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