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When something goes wrong someone has to take the blame. This occurs on individual, cultural and national levels. No one wants to be at fault but someone has to be blamed to give the anger and emotional energy a focal point. On a national level, you may blame your leaders; on an individual level, those to blame can be your parents, employer, partner or friends. It is always someone else's fault when things go wrong. This has created a global abdication of responsibility for the creation of the world you live in and is a central reason for the world's situation. You live in a state of blame instead of a state of peace, joy and potential.

When you pray, you reconnect with the Source and remember who you are. Prayer is any form of communication with the spiritual realm, whether you are asking for something or expressing your gratitude for what you have received. You can pray for anything, at any time according to your needs.

The Universe supports each choice that you make, no matter what it is. There are no good or bad choices for you, there are simply choices that have different outcomes. You know that your free will is the point from which your guides and angels must act and they cannot do anything that goes against what you have chosen, no matter what the outcome may be. There is no power in your life or in the Universe greater than your own free will. Whatever you choose will determine how the next step on your journey unfolds. No matter what you choose, the Universe will support you.

As we move through the Shift and along our spiritual path we are challenged to change the way we look at ourselves and our reality. While the Universe may make helpful suggestions as to where the changes should be made the final choices and decisions are always ours.

Each life circumstance is an opportunity to learn and grow spiritually. Every lesson has many different emotional and spiritual aspects and they work together in a way that allows you to fulfill your spiritual contract and your soul to accomplish what it is here to do. The lesson is not complete until you have reviewed and fully understand both of its aspects. These two aspects are present in all lessons and both are important. You understand them and incorporate them on your spiritual journey when you review your lessons once they are completed or recognize them during the lesson.
There are many ways to heal your karma with others. From a spiritual perspective, you can learn the karma's lesson, apply forgiveness and your part in the lesson is over. From an emotional perspective, you can try to arrive at a resolution that the mind and ego are comfortable with, which can mean that you want recognition, an apology and acknowledgement of your value and participation. When you approach karma from the spiritual perspective, your understanding of the lesson is complete when you are able to forgive and move on. But when you look for validation from the emotional perspective, you are able to partially heal the karma but it will continue. Karma is complete when you do your part and stop.
 If your life seems to be weighed down with obligations and responsibilities and you feel that you do not have the freedom to do what you want, remember that your reality is always under your control and you must learn to define what freedom means to you and then surrender to it. Your definition of freedom may have been defined for you by others and may reflect on what you feel you are able to do in your life. But freedom starts from within and having freedom in your life is a way of being. What does it mean for you to be free? Understand that and you can surrender to freedom.
Whatever is going on in your life that is not working as you wish, whatever lack exists in your reality, anything that is not bringing you joy is not God's fault. And you can ask the Source to help you, solve your problems and send you blessings, and you will feel like change is not happening because changing your life is not God's responsibility; it is yours. You already have everything that you could possibly want; it is yours by divine right as a child of God. You can receive only that which you can acknowledge and connect with. And God waits for you to acknowledge your own power and recognize and accept your blessings.
Our spiritual journey can unfold in two ways: it can be a journey of overcoming obstacles, where we constantly battle our fears and feelings of inadequacy or it can be a journey of enlightenment, where each new experience allows us to enrich our lives with a greater appreciation of our power. And we can experience our journey alone on both the spiritual and material plane or realize that although we may be alone in our physical life, we have countless friends and supporters on the spiritual plane.  
The reality that you experience can be one that expresses your fullest potential, where your every need is met, your every dream is fulfilled and everything comes to you effortlessly. That is what you can create for yourself when you follow spiritual law and principles in creating your reality. The only thing that limits you from this is your ability to understand, connect to and believe in your own potential and then allow it to unfold in the most perfect way.
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