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Uriel Heals > Disappointed or Inconvenienced?

What is the difference between disappointment and inconvenience?

Each soul comes to the Earth with karma, the spiritual debts that you have with others. During a lifetime relationships are created to help resolve the karma and ultimately to heal and release it.

Uriel Heals > The Eternal Quest for Truth

In your lifetimes you have experienced every aspect of truth in your search for the truth that sets you free from your belief in your powerlessness. There are no lies, there are different aspects of truth. Some will resonate with you, others do not. Yet each aspect of truth resonates with the one who believes that it is true.

Is the light you shine any less bright if no one notices or acknowledges it? Or is it possible to shine the light just because that is part of your life path?

Last Tuesday night I was in my office writing while music played in the background. It was a peaceful, joyful evening and I feeling very motivated and energized. Then, in a moment, the power went out and I was sitting in the quiet darkness, with my computer monitor as the only light in the house. So I took the candle I keep in my office and walked to the kitchen to get some matches so I could light some candles until the power was restored.
We have come full circle in humanity's journey from separation to integration, from total focus on the material to re-integration of the spiritual and from polarity to connection.

If you can pat your head and rub your stomach at the same time, you will be able to easily navigate the energy now. But you know that to do that, you have to focus carefully on what you’re doing.

Uriel Heals > Eclipsed by the Light and Dark

Do you remember strobe lights? They made movement look choppy and unpredictable, where you saw someone in one place and then when you looked again they were in another place. That’s what the eclipse period can feel like.

Uriel Heals > Forgiveness without Regret

I was thinking about forgiveness today and what a difficult subject it can be to talk about, consider, and take action on.

Each of your lessons has purpose and meaning. The purpose is to guide you on your path and assist in your spiritual growth. There are two aspects to the meaning. The spiritual meaning is one of healing and understanding. The other meaning is one that you choose for it. When you have completed a lesson it represents new knowledge and understanding and is something that you can use on your path. Whether you can use your lessons as tools on your spiritual journey depends on whether you understand the purpose and the meaning that you give to them. Each of your lessons has a purpose and therefore has value. The purpose may not be obvious to you until long after you have experienced the lesson or even until you encounter the lesson again. Lessons are never a punishment, they are simply ways in which you learn to use your gifts and power. And the purpose of all lessons is the same, to help you realize and acknowledge your divinity, your power and your Source connection.
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