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Your spiritual path is a journey of discovery and learning. With each step you have an opportunity to find your power, reconnect to the Source and complete a lesson. You may complete only one step in a single lifetime and this is not a failure. Each lesson is so important to your soul's growth and to the vibrations that you are setting for humanity during this time.

You have expectations of yourselves that concern how you are able to create your life, the money you earn, the material goods you possess, your success and happiness. How do you create the expectations and what happens when they are not met? It is disappointing when your expectations are not met. Then what you do achieve seems unimportant even though you may have achieved great things when viewed from the perspective of your soul's growth and the lifetimes that you have spent in trying to achieve your goals. Are you perfect and do you strive for perfection in all that you do? In order to be successful in all that you do, you must look at what you expect of yourself and how you measure perfection.

You have many options to choose from when you respond to others. You can respond from fear and judgment, your past experiences or your expectations and beliefs. Or you can respond from detachment, unconditional love, peace and joy. Each interaction you have with another presents you with an opportunities to choose from which place you will respond.

Our soul’s journey is focused on learning to be in alignment, where our spiritual and material worlds become one, where we live a life of effortless manifestation, filled with joy, unconditional love and abundance. Most of us wonder what that is like, for it may not be the state of our lives at the present moment. We may have issues or problems, we are unhappy, unfulfilled and discontent. Or, if we do manage to create some magical moments of alignment, they do not last long. Is it possible for us to be in alignment all of the time and still be human, living in the material world? Are there sacrifices that we must make to achieve this?  
How many times do you try to change circumstances in your life only to find yourself in exactly the same situation or in something that works out exactly the same way. Do you feel like you have wasted your time and energy? This is discouraging for you and can cause you to lose faith as you often think that it is the Universe working against you. It is not. What happens is when you leave one situation without first healing it or understanding all of its dynamics and then go into another one, you simply trade one thing for another. Everything is the same in the Universe, there is only one life and many different ways of experiencing it. It is your experience of life that determines your everyday reality. And that can be changed, simply through your ability to see past what is going on and to understand its dynamics. But sometimes you need to experience the situation several times before you grasp its lessons or its significance.

What does a spiritual person look like? Are they tall, short, thin, fat? How do they act? Are they happy, sad, pleasant or angry? How do we know if we or anyone is spiritual or not? Are there signs that we can see or special things we can look for? And what is the difference between being spiritual and not spiritual? Is there such a thing?

The first spark of spiritual awareness is hope, for it is hope that keeps humanity moving forward in its quest for peace and joy. No matter how bad things seem, hope is what allows you to rise and face a new day, with the belief that any situation can get better. Many people today have lost hope and live in fear. Their lives have become a series of events of varying degrees of difficulty from which they believe they will never escape. They have become wanderers in their own lives, moving from one experience to the next, blindly accepting what they are faced with and not feeling capable of changing any of it.
It is important to maintain boundaries with others so that they treat you with respect and in appropriate ways. Your boundaries allow others to know what you will accept from them in terms of behavior, language and attitude. But if you continue to attract people who seem to ignore your boundaries, perhaps it is because you have set your outside boundaries but have ignored your internal boundaries. Is it possible that others around you are ignoring your external boundaries and mirroring how you think of yourself?
So many lightworkers today have a longing to 'go home,' to reconnect with their spiritual birthplace, to return to the place where they feel a sense of belonging, acceptance and love. And as the veil that separates the material and spiritual world becomes thinner, as it is during this time of the Shift, many of you will feel that longing to a greater degree. It is a longing that is difficult to resolve because you no longer see the world as you once did. You are now able to recognize the drama and materialism of the third dimension and because you have agreed to Shift your consciousness, can no longer participate in it. So where do you feel comfortable and how do you reconcile the new emotional and spiritual you with the world around you? And when can you go home?

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You set the energy of your reality by what you surrender to. Surrender in this sense is not giving up, it is an act of embracing and accepting. You can surrender to any of the energies that are around you, love, joy, peace and abundance or fear, sadness, drama and lack. Each of these energies is present in your life in varying degrees at every moment. What you focus on is what you surrender to and as a result, it becomes the predominate energy in your life. Surrender to the joy in your life and allow joy to become the energy of your reality.


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