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Everyone has a victim story, a memory of a situation when they felt powerless, out of control or helpless. The details of the victim story are very real and serve as a reminder that despite our best efforts, we can be overcome by people or events and our life can change in an instant.

You empower everything that you think and speak about. Every situation that you focus on receives greater power in your life. Every person that you think about becomes a more powerful force in your reality. Every event or situation from the past that you cannot release has a place in your current reality. When you do not take responsibility for your reality you empower others with the ability to create your reality. What do you empower? Your thoughts about the present create the reality of each moment, but so do your thoughts of the past. Each past occurrence or event that you remember with fear, anger or disappointment is given an opportunity to be re-created in your present reality. You have empowered the situation, or given it additional power, and invited a future occurrence in your life. That is why it is important to release the past. If not, it becomes part of your present.

Uriel Heals > Using Your Lessons

Each of your lessons has been carefully designed to bring you closer to the Source and to teach you about your power. Every lesson has the same purpose, no matter what it involves. Those things are difficult to remember when you are in the lesson, especially if you are afraid and the lesson challenges everything you believe about yourself, your power and the control you have over you reality. The more difficult the lesson, the greater its ability to achieve its purpose. But there is another purpose to your lessons, and that is for you to use them to create your reality in a new way.

Uriel Heals > Use the Power of Prayer

A prayer is not a petition to God for mercy, blessings, and grace, as you are taught by religion. A prayer is an affirmation of your divine connection and a declaration of the creative power that you already have.

Releasing the victim paradigm is more than the focus of our individual lifetime, it is our mission during the Shift to transform this energy into empowerment. This means a complete shift from our win/lose, better/worse, rich/poor and have/have not mentality. What would the world look like if there were no more victims?

Uriel Heals > Can we Create More Karma?

In several readings this week I have had clients tell me that they were afraid to take steps to end karma with people and situations because they were afraid to create more karma for themselves. Is it OK for them to end a relationship, to stop a situation from going any farther or to
It is the fear of others that creates dissention among humanity, stemming from a lack of tolerance for their differences. While it is easy for you to accept those who look, think and act like you do, those who are different represent a greater challenge. Do they need to become more like you to gain your acceptance? Can you accept others as they are and not feel threatened by their differences? Are you able to accept that each person learns and grows at their own level? It is challenging and even threatening to you when others do not agree with you because you internalize this situation and wonder whether you are right in believing and thinking as you do? If you can convince others to be more like you would you be more comfortable with yourself?

Uriel Heals > Past, Present and Intuition

It would be nice if we could erase the past and start over without any trace of the pain or memories to remind us of that part of our life. But we know that life doesn’t happen that way.

Uriel Heals > Living a Mindful Life

It sometimes seems that being on a spiritual path involves constant watchfulness.

Uriel Heals > Ascension and Truth

Ascension is first and foremost the willingness to accept new truths, about ourselves, our potential and possibilities, about humanity — who we are, individually and collectively, about the world, and our universe.

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