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Each situation, person and experience exists to bring you to greater understanding and to assist in your spiritual growth. You call these things to you because you know, in your spirit, that they are an essential part of your journey. It is easy to love and appreciate the joyful and fulfilling situations and much more difficult to feel the same way about the more difficult situations. Can you be as appreciative of a betrayal as a new love? Can you love financial gain as much as financial difficulty? Are you as willing to be as accepting of a wonderful new career opportunity as you are the loss of a job? Yet it is only when you love all of these things that you can free yourself of them.
Every thought that you have, every word that you speak either adds to or takes away from the light of humanity. Everything that you think and say about yourself, whether it is silently to yourself or aloud to others, either adds to or takes away from the light of humanity. Everything that you think and say to and about others, whether it is silently to yourself or aloud to others, either adds to or takes away from the light of humanity. There are no insignificant thoughts or words, each one has energy and an effect. Does knowing this make a difference in what you will think and say?
There is nothing insignificant in the Universe. Every person has a purpose, every thought has an effect, every thing in the Universe has a unique reason for being at a certain place at a specific moment in time. In the grand context of life, everything has meaning and value. So if you consider yourself to be a small or even insignificant part of the grand game of life, reconsider this opinion. You are just as valuable and meaningful as every other thing in the Universe. Because you, like everything else, has purpose that you fulfill every day, with everything that you do.
Are you glad when a difficult experience is completed? Do you try to forget it and move on as quickly as possible? Does a difficult experience make you feel foolish, gullible or believe that you lack the understanding to avoid these experiences? Do you promise yourself that you will never do that again, only to find yourself in a similar situation, learning the same lesson once again? Every experience has value and meaning and when you can learn to see the gift that each experience has for you, your spiritual journey will become much easier.
Each life circumstance is an opportunity to learn and grow spiritually. Every lesson has many different emotional and spiritual aspects and they work together in a way that allows you to fulfill your spiritual contract and your soul to accomplish what it is here to do. The lesson is not complete until you have reviewed and fully understand both of its aspects. These two aspects are present in all lessons and both are important. You understand them and incorporate them on your spiritual journey when you review your lessons once they are completed or recognize them during the lesson.

I have three indigo sons. The eldest, now 25, seems to fit the “Indigo prince energy” description and is still struggling trying to figure out his path. He is healing from drug addiction and is unable to focus on anything, doesn’t like to make plans for the future and prefers to fly by the seat of his pants.

You are challenged to develop your mind by gaining more knowledge, education and wisdom. Your mind is busy, every day, processing the information that it receives and molding it to fit your belief systems. Although you are not aware of it, the mind is constantly speaking to you, reminding you of the past, ensuring that the information you receive fits into the belief template that it has created. What if your mind were peaceful, thinking only thoughts of peace, joy and unconditional love? What if every thought was focused on what you want in your reality, instead of what you must do to avoid pain, become a better person or ensure that you are always doing what others expect you to do? You can do this by developing a peaceful mind which takes some effort but will bring joy into your life.
When you learn to co-create with the Universe you allow yourselves to connect with that part of you that is divine and perfect. And this allows you to be that which you are, divine and perfect. In this way, the Universe answers your faith by allowing you to be who you are, to create the reality that you desire. The universe never rejects you, at any point in time, because you have not yet connected with who you are, or have not reached that point where you can express your full potential. This process is reflected in your relationships with others, your family, friends and partners. In each of these relationships, you share a connection that allows you to express yourself, and your full potential. But can you allow others to be who they are, without judgment, criticism or disappointment? Are you able to detach from your own desires and expectations about what you want the relationship to be and allow others to be themselves?

Uriel Heals > Recognize Your Options

What are your options in life? Can you imagine yourself being everything that you want to be, living each moment in the way you want to live it and experiencing joy in all that you do? Can you see these as options for yourself or do they only exist in your daydreams? Your options include not only all of the possibilities that you can imagine at this moment, but also a limitless number of options that you have not yet begun to perceive. You have glimpses of these other options in your dreams, when you wish or when you have a strong desire to do something else. They come to you when you focus on what you want and can do, instead of what you cannot do, what has passed you by or what seems to be impossible. The impossible only appears that way because you see it from the limitations of your mind. Each time you move into a higher vibration, by releasing fear and trusting in the Universe, you also move into a different range of options for your reality.

Uriel Heals > The Energies of March 2014

As the saying goes ‘March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb.’ That may hold true for the weather, as March typically begins with winter weather and ends with warmer, spring-like temperatures. But for everything else, I think that March is going to enter like a semi-toothless lion and end like a hungry one.


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