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If your thoughts were aligned with the mind of God, would you know the secrets of the Universe? Would you have access to all of the world's knowledge, and even beyond? Would you be able to instantly manifest what you wanted, as all spiritual knowledge would be available to you? All of this is true and it does not take a magical formula or special person to align with the mind of God. You are always aligned with the mind of God through your Source connection. What makes you feel different is what is in your own mind, whether you are aligned with the mind of God or with the ego.
Many people live their lives fearing the day of judgment, when they stand before their Creator and are judged for what they have done, or not done, in their lives. There is a review of the soul's journey during the lifetime but there is no judgment, for the Creator does not judge. And with the Shift things have changed; there is a different process now because you are no longer so far removed from the spiritual world. Each of you is responsible for your own judgment and review and it occurs in the present moment. What this means is your soul journey is constantly being assessed and guided and you have the opportunity to change your path at any time in your lives.

Uriel Heals > Live Powerfully

Whether you believe that you have power or not, you use your power every day. Everything that exists in your reality is there because you used your power to create it. Take a moment to consider everything that you enjoy and appreciate in your reality-you used your power to create it. Now take a moment to consider everything in your life that you do not like-you used your power to create that too. There is no separation between good and bad or right and wrong in the Universe. Everything that is in your reality is there because you used your power to put it there. Does your reality reflect powerful living?

Each of you is a divine spiritual being and each is equally loved by the Creator. The choices that each individual makes in their lifetime are a reflection of their belief in their divinity, their level of spiritual understanding, their lessons and their spiritual journey. Some souls have difficult lessons to learn; others may be blessed with a lifetime of ease and abundance.

Uriel Heals > Surrender to Joy

You set the energy of your reality by what you surrender to. Surrender in this sense is not giving up, it is an act of embracing and accepting. You can surrender to any of the energies that are around you, love, joy, peace and abundance or fear, sadness, drama and lack. Each of these energies is present in your life in varying degrees at every moment. What you focus on is what you surrender to and as a result, it becomes the predominate energy in your life. Surrender to the joy in your life and allow joy to become the energy of your reality.
How many times do you try to change circumstances in your life only to find yourself in exactly the same situation or in something that works out exactly the same way. Do you feel like you have wasted your time and energy? This is discouraging for you and can cause you to lose faith as you often think that it is the Universe working against you. It is not. What happens is when you leave one situation without first healing it or understanding all of its dynamics and then go into another one, you simply trade one thing for another. Everything is the same in the Universe, there is only one life and many different ways of experiencing it. It is your experience of life that determines your everyday reality. And that can be changed, simply through your ability to see past what is going on and to understand its dynamics. But sometimes you need to experience the situation several times before you grasp its lessons or its significance.

You have many options to choose from when you respond to others. You can respond from fear and judgment, your past experiences or your expectations and beliefs. Or you can respond from detachment, unconditional love, peace and joy. Each interaction you have with another presents you with an opportunities to choose from which place you will respond.

Uriel Heals > Step by Step

Your spiritual path is a journey of discovery and learning. With each step you have an opportunity to find your power, reconnect to the Source and complete a lesson. You may complete only one step in a single lifetime and this is not a failure. Each lesson is so important to your soul's growth and to the vibrations that you are setting for humanity during this time.

When you pray, you reconnect with the Source and remember who you are. Prayer is any form of communication with the spiritual realm, whether you are asking for something or expressing your gratitude for what you have received. You can pray for anything, at any time according to your needs.

You may call patience a virtue, a painful necessity, a lesson or a challenge but it is merely an aspect of time, density and energetic movement. Patience is a third dimensional definition of energy movement which you will eventually be able to see with a multi-dimensional perspective. What you call patience is the movement of energy through time and within the filter of the density.

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