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Whatever learning you are blessed with, whatever you have achieved in this lifetime is your gift. All of the lessons, heartaches, disappointments and challenges that you have overcome are what has brought you to the place where you can begin to experience the joys of your connection with Spirit, to know the peace and blessings that achieving one-ness can accomplish. This is but a step on your path and not the final destination because you have come to know so that you can help others. All of those who are experiencing the Shift have a sacred task, to share their knowledge with others.
There is nothing insignificant in the Universe. Every person has a purpose, every thought has an effect, every thing in the Universe has a unique reason for being at a certain place at a specific moment in time. In the grand context of life, everything has meaning and value. So if you consider yourself to be a small or even insignificant part of the grand game of life, reconsider this opinion. You are just as valuable and meaningful as every other thing in the Universe. Because you, like everything else, has purpose that you fulfill every day, with everything that you do.

Uriel Heals > Recognize Your Options

What are your options in life? Can you imagine yourself being everything that you want to be, living each moment in the way you want to live it and experiencing joy in all that you do? Can you see these as options for yourself or do they only exist in your daydreams? Your options include not only all of the possibilities that you can imagine at this moment, but also a limitless number of options that you have not yet begun to perceive. You have glimpses of these other options in your dreams, when you wish or when you have a strong desire to do something else. They come to you when you focus on what you want and can do, instead of what you cannot do, what has passed you by or what seems to be impossible. The impossible only appears that way because you see it from the limitations of your mind. Each time you move into a higher vibration, by releasing fear and trusting in the Universe, you also move into a different range of options for your reality.

Uriel Heals > Live in Compassion

Humanity's greatest challenge is to live in compassion, to see themselves and others as they are and to accept every person's divinity and spiritual wholeness as the truth. By living in compassion you see others without judgment or expectations, so no one can disappoint or hurt you. You become your fullest potential because there is nothing to hold you back. When each person does this, the world knows peace because there is no reason for war. Everyone has what they need, so there is no lack. This is all possible when humanity lives in compassion.
Would you be willing to tell others that you believe in yourself, in your abilities and your perfection? What would they think about you? Would they call you conceited, arrogant or self-absorbed? More importantly, can you tell yourself that you believe in yourself and really mean it? When you believe in yourself you are not acknowledging the physical aspects of your being, you are acknowledging your own divinity. You are accepting that there is a non-physical part of you, your Self or your Higher Self, and acknowledging its presence and its role in your life. Can you believe in your Self when others do not believe in or acknowledge you? Do you see this as the ultimate test of your willingness to acknowledge your Source connection?

While the Universe is active in the present moment that does not always mean that the results you seek will be available to you in the immediate future. Sometimes you must wait, have faith and trust that what you have asked for will come to you or that a lesson will be completed when all of its learning has been absorbed.

It is the nature of humans to suffer and you have suffered for eons, through war, hatred, disease, and many atrocities that are waged on the basis of gender, culture, age or race. There are many examples of suffering on the Earth today, from countries that are ravaged by war, to hunger and abuse in your own neighborhoods. Suffering can be experienced globally and individually. Each person who allows suffering into their lives is responsible for both its presence and its resolution. Those whose nations are at war have relinquished their power to others and have chosen to live their lives in a state of powerlessness. Suffering, as with any aspect of life, is a choice, whose presence in your life is determined by your free will-you choose to suffer, just as you choose to remove suffering from your reality.
Love creates an energy that outlasts any other; in fact, love never dies. The love that you share with others, in any of the many forms that love can take, lives long past the end of the relationship. Even your casual daily encounters with people provide you with many opportunities to show your unconditional love for others. Each time you treat someone with love you bless them with a gift that will outlast the briefest of encounters. So the person that needs your help with a small task, the one you smile at or say hello to, each of these people is on your path to give you an opportunity to spread love. And as you do that you give them and yourself the gift of love.
If the Universe could give you one hint to help you make your path easier, it would be to tread lightly through life. You live under the illusion that life is serious, demanding and that it must be lived within the scope of what the world defines as accomplishment and success. And you are surrounded by a steady stream of emotional energies that have the potential to create chaos in your lives. In fact, everything around you is not as concrete as it seems to you-it is all just potential, waiting for you to interact with it. With your history of karma and emotional chaos, it can be very tempting to engage with whatever emotional energy crosses your path. But if you want to walk an easier path, you must learn to tread lightly, carefully choosing what and who you interact with.
In order to have peace in the world you must be peace. War does not create peace, only peace can create peace. Chaos and turmoil do not have their roots in the present moment, they are manifestations of a long history, across eons of lifetimes, of unforgiveness. While it may seem that you are powerless to stop the chaos that exists today, that is not true. Each of you has agreed to be here at this time because you knew that there was a perfect opportunity for you to work together to create peace. And you do so by reflecting peace in every aspect of your being, no matter what the outside world appears to be.


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