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If the Universe could give you one hint to help you make your path easier, it would be to tread lightly through life. You live under the illusion that life is serious, demanding and that it must be lived within the scope of what the world defines as accomplishment and success. And you are surrounded by a steady stream of emotional energies that have the potential to create chaos in your lives. In fact, everything around you is not as concrete as it seems to you-it is all just potential, waiting for you to interact with it. With your history of karma and emotional chaos, it can be very tempting to engage with whatever emotional energy crosses your path. But if you want to walk an easier path, you must learn to tread lightly, carefully choosing what and who you interact with.
Love creates an energy that outlasts any other; in fact, love never dies. The love that you share with others, in any of the many forms that love can take, lives long past the end of the relationship. Even your casual daily encounters with people provide you with many opportunities to show your unconditional love for others. Each time you treat someone with love you bless them with a gift that will outlast the briefest of encounters. So the person that needs your help with a small task, the one you smile at or say hello to, each of these people is on your path to give you an opportunity to spread love. And as you do that you give them and yourself the gift of love.
Every thought that you have, every word that you speak either adds to or takes away from the light of humanity. Everything that you think and say about yourself, whether it is silently to yourself or aloud to others, either adds to or takes away from the light of humanity. Everything that you think and say to and about others, whether it is silently to yourself or aloud to others, either adds to or takes away from the light of humanity. There are no insignificant thoughts or words, each one has energy and an effect. Does knowing this make a difference in what you will think and say?
In order to have peace in the world you must be peace. War does not create peace, only peace can create peace. Chaos and turmoil do not have their roots in the present moment, they are manifestations of a long history, across eons of lifetimes, of unforgiveness. While it may seem that you are powerless to stop the chaos that exists today, that is not true. Each of you has agreed to be here at this time because you knew that there was a perfect opportunity for you to work together to create peace. And you do so by reflecting peace in every aspect of your being, no matter what the outside world appears to be.
There is nothing insignificant in the Universe. Every person has a purpose, every thought has an effect, every thing in the Universe has a unique reason for being at a certain place at a specific moment in time. In the grand context of life, everything has meaning and value. So if you consider yourself to be a small or even insignificant part of the grand game of life, reconsider this opinion. You are just as valuable and meaningful as every other thing in the Universe. Because you, like everything else, has purpose that you fulfill every day, with everything that you do.
Take time to pause and reflect as you go through your experiences. When you pause and reflect you do two things-you stop your mind from engaging your emotions and reacting from the memory of karmic experience. And, you allow your inner guidance to have a voice in the choices that you are about to make. When you do not take time to pause and reflect, you act from the past and not from the present moment. Are you afraid that you will miss the opportunity to do or say something if you wait before you take a step or make a decision?
What inspires you? What moves you to take action, to focus your energy towards a specific goal? What are you so passionate about that you forget your doubts and fears and move forward with clarity of thought and purpose? Do you act only when you feel you must or are forced to and therefore react to situations? Or do you take action in order to avoid potentially difficult situations? Learning to take inspired action, to use divine timing, spiritual guidance and your own intuitive knowing will help you step into the flow of the Universe and draw you closer to your desired reality with effortlessness.
Would you be willing to tell others that you believe in yourself, in your abilities and your perfection? What would they think about you? Would they call you conceited, arrogant or self-absorbed? More importantly, can you tell yourself that you believe in yourself and really mean it? When you believe in yourself you are not acknowledging the physical aspects of your being, you are acknowledging your own divinity. You are accepting that there is a non-physical part of you, your Self or your Higher Self, and acknowledging its presence and its role in your life. Can you believe in your Self when others do not believe in or acknowledge you? Do you see this as the ultimate test of your willingness to acknowledge your Source connection?
What are you focusing your attention on at this time? Is it on the beauty of your world, the wonder of life, the gratitude in your heart for the blessings you have? Or are you focused on what is lacking in your life, the dangers around you and the precarious state of your environment and world political situation? As you focus on the perceived deficiencies you move yourself farther and farther from the light, from the truth of who you are. Every thought of who or what you are not is a reaffirmation of this perceived lack or chaos and a step towards darkness.

Each of you represents a trinity of energy which you call mind, emotions and spirit. Each of these parts of your being has its own separate energy which operates independently of the other, creating confusion and sometimes chaos in your lives, until you learn to resolve them. Each is important and does not operate independently of the other.


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