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Uriel Heals > How To Use Fear to Be Happy

Have you ever wanted to do something but were paralyzed by your fears? Have you ever been angry with yourself for missing an opportunity, not taking action, and ignoring your dreams, once again? Do you wish you could get rid of your fear so you could be happy?

Uriel Heals > Live Consciously

You are here to experience spiritual growth, healing and transformation. This is the task your soul undertakes with each new incarnation. But this time is different and special, because you are here to participate in this process for all of humanity, to create a powerful shift in the energy and vibration of the planet.
If we could create miracles, how great would our lives be? If we could create miracles our lives would be filled with everything that we needed, we would never be poor, unhappy, alone or unfulfilled. Every day would bring new blessings and surprises, each one more wonderful than the one before. If we could create miracles, we would enjoy each day and life would be a joyful process. We believe that these things are possible for us if we could create miracles.  And we can; we just go about it the wrong way.  
All of the readings I channel have a healing message that focuses on the most direct and efficient path to transformation. While these messages may help the client arrive at transformation more quickly, it is not an easy shortcut, sometimes far from it.
All of humanity has a single lesson to learn and every healing journey is focused on acquiring this final element that makes a global spiritual transformation possible. It is the reason that the Shift is occurring at this time. When it is learned every aspect of your lives will change. The lesson is compassion, for yourselves and for others.

Uriel Heals > What About Them?

Clients often call for readings when they are facing difficult life situations, particularly when those situations involve people who are creating problems for them. This can be problems with someone at work, in a relationship or within a family. When faced with the sometimes truly horrible behavior of others, the question is 'what about them, when do they pay

Uriel Heals > Be Confident

Each of you has a special gift or talent that is your contribution to the world. This gift is part of everything that you do in your life, from your job to relationships to the choices that you make.
In many readings clients tell me that they want signs from the Universe and when I point out that the signs are there but they are ignoring them because they are not the signs they want to see, they have to acknowledge that while they want confirmation of how to proceed, they want conditional signs. These conditional signs include areas that they don't want to

Uriel Heals > The End of Judgment

Heaven on earth is ours to create at this time, as we have been processing energy, clearing old paradigms and are now ready to accept new ways of being. One of our rewards is the end of polarity, the energy of either/or or better/worse.
Each time you shift your vibration you have access to a wider field of potential realities that you can connect to. Each of these realities is a possible one for you. Not all of them can be experienced or have to be. But they are all available to you. You can choose any one without fear of making a wrong decision and the things you do not choose may be available at a later
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