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Each of you represents a trinity of energy which you call mind, emotions and spirit. Each of these parts of your being has its own separate energy which operates independently of the other, creating confusion and sometimes chaos in your lives, until you learn to resolve them. Each is important and does not operate independently of the other.

What inspires you? What moves you to take action, to focus your energy towards a specific goal? What are you so passionate about that you forget your doubts and fears and move forward with clarity of thought and purpose? Do you act only when you feel you must or are forced to and therefore react to situations? Or do you take action in order to avoid potentially difficult situations? Learning to take inspired action, to use divine timing, spiritual guidance and your own intuitive knowing will help you step into the flow of the Universe and draw you closer to your desired reality with effortlessness.
Although it is the part of you that can often be the most easily ignored, your Spirit is your source of strength, inspiration and joy. When all else in the material world fails you, when all else has abandoned you, your spirit is always available to you. It is in those times when you lose faith in the material that you can turn to the spirit for guidance. But this means that you only turn toward Spirit when you are at the lowest points in your life. Your relationship with Spirit is most effective when you create a peaceful spirit, one that is in balance with the material. And when you create a peaceful spirit you are able to walk with the guidance of Spirit every day of your life.
What are you focusing your attention on at this time? Is it on the beauty of your world, the wonder of life, the gratitude in your heart for the blessings you have? Or are you focused on what is lacking in your life, the dangers around you and the precarious state of your environment and world political situation? As you focus on the perceived deficiencies you move yourself farther and farther from the light, from the truth of who you are. Every thought of who or what you are not is a reaffirmation of this perceived lack or chaos and a step towards darkness.
Imagine a banquet spread out before you, with every kind of food you can imagine. Everything is beautifully presented, quantities are unlimited and you can have anything that you desire and as much of it as you want. Before you get to the table of food, however, you must choose the plate on which you will place the food. The plates available to you are in a variety of sizes, from a very small bread plate to a large platter.
There is nothing insignificant in the Universe. Every person has a purpose, every thought has an effect, every thing in the Universe has a unique reason for being at a certain place at a specific moment in time. In the grand context of life, everything has meaning and value. So if you consider yourself to be a small or even insignificant part of the grand game of life, reconsider this opinion. You are just as valuable and meaningful as every other thing in the Universe. Because you, like everything else, has purpose that you fulfill every day, with everything that you do.
Would you be willing to tell others that you believe in yourself, in your abilities and your perfection? What would they think about you? Would they call you conceited, arrogant or self-absorbed? More importantly, can you tell yourself that you believe in yourself and really mean it? When you believe in yourself you are not acknowledging the physical aspects of your being, you are acknowledging your own divinity. You are accepting that there is a non-physical part of you, your Self or your Higher Self, and acknowledging its presence and its role in your life. Can you believe in your Self when others do not believe in or acknowledge you? Do you see this as the ultimate test of your willingness to acknowledge your Source connection?
Do you spend your time trying to 'do good' so that you will eventually be rewarded for your efforts? Do you hope that you will eventually reach a 'promised land' where life will be easier, less stressful, more joyful? Are you so focused on that 'other' place that you spend time wishing and hoping that you were there? The Shift will open the concept of multi-dimensional reality to you and make you aware of the many different worlds that exist simultaneously with your perceived reality, all of which are available to you. But what is more important for you to realize is that your promised land, your nirvana, is right where you are, at any moment in time. If it is unpleasant, uncomfortable or disagreeable, you have to change it. If you were sleeping and were awakened because you were cold, would you not put a blanket on your bed? If you are hungry, do you not stop to eat? When you are thirsty, do you not drink?
The world offers many different ways to improve yourself. You can improve your body by making it look younger, thinner or more fit. You can improve your mind through education, reading, and sharing in others' knowledge. You can improve your lifestyle by getting a different job, earning more money or buying successively bigger homes and cars and purchasing more material goods. All of these things can make your life appear to be better on the outside. But the outside is not what is important. The focus on continuously improving yourself on the outside implies that you are not already perfect. And it ignores the fact that the outside is merely a reflection of what is happening on the inside.
What do you think heaven is? The place your soul returns to when your body dies? A place where you can finally be at rest, free from the burdens of life? A reward for a life well lived? Heaven is all of those things and more. It is the place where all is at peace, where joy and unconditional love reign, where there is no hatred, anger or fear. It is a place where you live in perfection with the knowledge that you are perfection and where you feel safe and secure. But Heaven is not a place where you go, it is something that you carry with you every day of your life. It is here with you and accessible to you right now, at this moment. With your intention and beliefs, you create your own version of Heaven in your life every day.


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