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The reality that you experience can be one that expresses your fullest potential, where your every need is met, your every dream is fulfilled and everything comes to you effortlessly. That is what you can create for yourself when you follow spiritual law and principles in creating your reality. The only thing that limits you from this is your ability to understand, connect to and believe in your own potential and then allow it to unfold in the most perfect way.
Trusting that you will be provided for is one of the lessons of the Shift and yet, for many of you, despite your trust, this path has not been easy. You may feel that your trust has not been rewarded, that your needs have not been met and that your spiritual journey is much more difficult than that of someone who is not on the spiritual path. Yes, the Universe does provide and your trust is abundantly rewarded but you must act with trust, not wait in trust. Trust requires that you act on opportunities and situations that are provided to you, no matter how illogical or unfamiliar they may be. Having trust but being unable to take a step in any direction merely shows a lack of trust.
So many lightworkers today have a longing to 'go home,' to reconnect with their spiritual birthplace, to return to the place where they feel a sense of belonging, acceptance and love. And as the veil that separates the material and spiritual world becomes thinner, as it is during this time of the Shift, many of you will feel that longing to a greater degree. It is a longing that is difficult to resolve because you no longer see the world as you once did. You are now able to recognize the drama and materialism of the third dimension and because you have agreed to Shift your consciousness, can no longer participate in it. So where do you feel comfortable and how do you reconcile the new emotional and spiritual you with the world around you? And when can you go home?
When something goes wrong someone has to take the blame. This occurs on individual, cultural and national levels. No one wants to be at fault but someone has to be blamed to give the anger and emotional energy a focal point. On a national level, you may blame your leaders; on an individual level, those to blame can be your parents, employer, partner or friends. It is always someone else's fault when things go wrong. This has created a global abdication of responsibility for the creation of the world you live in and is a central reason for the world's situation. You live in a state of blame instead of a state of peace, joy and potential.
If you could know the heart of God, you would see each person that you meet, each person in your life, as their spiritual self and would know no emotion but unconditional love for them and for everyone and everything on the planet. You would see yourself as the powerful, wise and wonderful being that you are. You would be free from fear and all of its manifestations. You would be at peace, knowing that you are always protected, loved and guided on each step of your journey. The heart of God lives in each of you and manifests in your reality as miracles. The heart of God is where you must connect with your own heart, if you are to understand and experience the concept of unconditional love and true joy.

What does a spiritual person look like? Are they tall, short, thin, fat? How do they act? Are they happy, sad, pleasant or angry? How do we know if we or anyone is spiritual or not? Are there signs that we can see or special things we can look for? And what is the difference between being spiritual and not spiritual? Is there such a thing?

I have three indigo sons. The eldest, now 25, seems to fit the “Indigo prince energy” description and is still struggling trying to figure out his path. He is healing from drug addiction and is unable to focus on anything, doesn’t like to make plans for the future and prefers to fly by the seat of his pants.

The first spark of spiritual awareness is hope, for it is hope that keeps humanity moving forward in its quest for peace and joy. No matter how bad things seem, hope is what allows you to rise and face a new day, with the belief that any situation can get better. Many people today have lost hope and live in fear. Their lives have become a series of events of varying degrees of difficulty from which they believe they will never escape. They have become wanderers in their own lives, moving from one experience to the next, blindly accepting what they are faced with and not feeling capable of changing any of it.
There are many ways to heal your karma with others. From a spiritual perspective, you can learn the karma's lesson, apply forgiveness and your part in the lesson is over. From an emotional perspective, you can try to arrive at a resolution that the mind and ego are comfortable with, which can mean that you want recognition, an apology and acknowledgement of your value and participation. When you approach karma from the spiritual perspective, your understanding of the lesson is complete when you are able to forgive and move on. But when you look for validation from the emotional perspective, you are able to partially heal the karma but it will continue. Karma is complete when you do your part and stop.
When you watch the Source, or God, work in your lives, you experience amazing results. The abundance that you can imagine for yourselves is miniscule in comparison to the limitless blessings that are available to you. It is not possible for you to imagine or to know all of the possibilities that are available, only to know that they are there. Each step on your path opens new doors and new avenues for you to explore and experience. First, though, you must learn to watch the Source work.


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