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It is the fear of others that creates dissention among humanity, stemming from a lack of tolerance for their differences. While it is easy for you to accept those who look, think and act like you do, those who are different represent a greater challenge. Do they need to become more like you to gain your acceptance? Can you accept others as they are and not feel threatened by their differences? Are you able to accept that each person learns and grows at their own level? It is challenging and even threatening to you when others do not agree with you because you internalize this situation and wonder whether you are right in believing and thinking as you do? If you can convince others to be more like you would you be more comfortable with yourself?

Uriel Heals > Past, Present and Intuition

It would be nice if we could erase the past and start over without any trace of the pain or memories to remind us of that part of our life. But we know that life doesn’t happen that way.

Uriel Heals > Living a Mindful Life

It sometimes seems that being on a spiritual path involves constant watchfulness.

Each step on our spiritual path gives us new insight and information to reconnect us to our power and to Source. As we receive this information we are challenged to change our beliefs, open ourselves up to new possibilities and accept new truths.

Uriel Heals > Ascension and Truth

Ascension is first and foremost the willingness to accept new truths, about ourselves, our potential and possibilities, about humanity — who we are, individually and collectively, about the world, and our universe.

As you complete one lesson and prepare for another you are in a space of 'not knowing', unaware of what will happen next and unsure of the next step to take. This is a powerful place as it is the place of unlimited potential and pure possibility. It is also a place of great fear when you view it from an emotional level because your mind has nothing it

Uriel Heals > Use the Power of Prayer

A prayer is not a petition to God for mercy, blessings, and grace, as you are taught by religion. A prayer is an affirmation of your divine connection and a declaration of the creative power that you already have.

Uriel Heals > From Destiny to Power

Every person in your life has a purpose that is centered in helping you achieve your soul growth for this lifetime. Some of you have already surpassed what you came to do and are in new and different patterns. These patterns are unfamiliar and often confusing because you have never experienced them before, so you do not know how to proceed. You have

Our mother is ‘supposed’ to love, support, and nurture us so what happens when they do not do that?

Do you receive guidance and messages about a new idea, something that you can do or what appears like the next thing for you to do? When do you act on them? Do you wait for confirmation, worry about the results or possible problems or create reasons for not acting?
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