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It is important to maintain boundaries with others so that they treat you with respect and in appropriate ways. Your boundaries allow others to know what you will accept from them in terms of behavior, language and attitude. But if you continue to attract people who seem to ignore your boundaries, perhaps it is because you have set your outside boundaries but have ignored your internal boundaries. Is it possible that others around you are ignoring your external boundaries and mirroring how you think of yourself?
Before we are born we determine a path for our life that provides us with the best opportunities to fulfill the terms of our spiritual contract. The contract is the level of growth that our soul will achieve in a lifetime. The path consists of the lessons we must learn and the karma we have an opportunity to heal that will fulfill our contract. The journey is the series of experiences that we undertake in order to make this all happen. Our ultimate destination is reconnection with the Source and ascending into higher levels of consciousness.  We know that fulfilling our contract benefits our own soul’s growth and creates that possibility for all of humanity as well. Each of us undertakes this important task when we volunteer to come here and do our work.   

You may call patience a virtue, a painful necessity, a lesson or a challenge but it is merely an aspect of time, density and energetic movement. Patience is a third dimensional definition of energy movement which you will eventually be able to see with a multi-dimensional perspective. What you call patience is the movement of energy through time and within the filter of the density.

Uriel Heals > The Energies of March 2014

As the saying goes ‘March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb.’ That may hold true for the weather, as March typically begins with winter weather and ends with warmer, spring-like temperatures. But for everything else, I think that March is going to enter like a semi-toothless lion and end like a hungry one.

Uriel Heals > Surrender to Peace

If humanity could surrender to peace there would be no war. But peace does not have to do with the end of war, it has to do with how each of you lives your life every day. The difference between war and peace is also reflected in the need to be right and someone else wrong, the need to be good and someone else is bad, the need to have more while others have less. Peace means an end to separation, to differences and to inequities. In order for humanity to surrender to peace everyone must be able to know that all are one and all are connected and live in a way that reflects that knowledge.

I have three indigo sons. The eldest, now 25, seems to fit the “Indigo prince energy” description and is still struggling trying to figure out his path. He is healing from drug addiction and is unable to focus on anything, doesn’t like to make plans for the future and prefers to fly by the seat of his pants.

 If your life seems to be weighed down with obligations and responsibilities and you feel that you do not have the freedom to do what you want, remember that your reality is always under your control and you must learn to define what freedom means to you and then surrender to it. Your definition of freedom may have been defined for you by others and may reflect on what you feel you are able to do in your life. But freedom starts from within and having freedom in your life is a way of being. What does it mean for you to be free? Understand that and you can surrender to freedom.
There are angels among you and you interact with them every day. Their purpose is to guide you through your life, to help you when you need it most and to provide you with opportunities to confirm your own spiritual growth and understanding. You have proof of their presence in your lives when you meet with someone who extends a helping hand, who steps in to solve a problem when it seems that no help is available, to give you a smile, a word of encouragement or a sympathetic ear. You will be aware of their presence when you remember that you are never alone on your journey.
Do you spend time worrying about what may happen in the next moment, week, month or year? What do you believe will be the result of your worry? Will it resolve the situation or bring a solution? Worry in any form is an expression of the fear that you feel about a situation, whether it is about something that has happened in the past or may happen in the future. When you worry you are no longer living in the present moment and all of your attention is focused on what you fear. Since this is where your energy is flowing you will manifest more of what you worry about. Worry is not necessary when you trust that the Universe will meet all of your needs.
There are many ways to heal your karma with others. From a spiritual perspective, you can learn the karma's lesson, apply forgiveness and your part in the lesson is over. From an emotional perspective, you can try to arrive at a resolution that the mind and ego are comfortable with, which can mean that you want recognition, an apology and acknowledgement of your value and participation. When you approach karma from the spiritual perspective, your understanding of the lesson is complete when you are able to forgive and move on. But when you look for validation from the emotional perspective, you are able to partially heal the karma but it will continue. Karma is complete when you do your part and stop.


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