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Welcome to a new month! While the energies are intensifying, we're also re-adjusting our own energy centers to accommodate new frequencies and vibrations.

Uriel Heals > Are You Prepared for Your "Yes"?

The Universe is your co-creator in your life and on the earth. Everything on earth has been created through the interaction between human and divine, although the human role is often played at an unconscious level with little awareness of its power and potential. The Universe must respond with ‘yes’ to every intention because this is the mandate of Universal Law.

Uriel Heals > The Energies of October 2013

Another month has gone by in this year which has been a source of so many opportunities for healing, clearing and release.

Uriel Heals > The Many Paths of Enlightenment

You can learn about enlightenment from many teachers, each of whom may have experienced some form of enlightenment and want to share it with others. Their motives are good and there are people that they will help along this path. But others will not see the results that they expect and will feel that they have missed something or worse, are not capable of enlightenment. There are many paths of enlightenment, many levels and each of you is on a different course. There is no single definition of enlightenment and no single experience of it. And you can have many experiences of enlightenment every day.

Uriel Heals > One Light Can Change the World

Any limitation that you feel blocks your path is an expression of a memory you carry deep within your physical, emotional

If November wasn't enough to make you wonder what is happening to your life and to the world, it isn't time to get too comfortable yet because December brings us another round of energy for completion, release and closure. Whenever a month opens with an active Mercury retrograde, between an eclipse sandwich, with a Solstice, we can expect big things. Notice I said 'big' things, not 'good' or 'happy' or 'easy' things.

Uriel Heals > Q&A: A Foot in Two Worlds

How have you been holding up with April’s events so far? We’re not done yet, as we will have the April 29 eclipse looming ahead, but that is the last event of the month, then we are into May.

Uriel Heals > Activate Your Dreams

Are you ready to make your dreams a reality? You know that it is all an illusion, in fact all of life is an illusion that is nothing more than an energetic manifestation at a specific vibration. There is nothing in the third dimension that is real, except your perception of it. There is nothing in the third dimension that is permanent, unless you hold an energetic space for the continued manifestation of that reality. Hope for a better future is the starting point that must be followed by activation of this as a new paradigm for the next moment.

Uriel Heals > The Energies of April 2012

We have been in a heavy retrograde period since January 23 and it has impacted every aspect of our lives. Whether it’s a project, relationship, life decision, or outcome that was would not move, no matter how important it was or how hard we tried, this period has brought much of our lives to a standstill. Like a breath of fresh air, energy that has been stuck for weeks has begun to move  again and now we can start taking action.

This is a collection of channelings from Archangel Uriel received by Jennifer Hoffman from May 2nd through May 30th, 2011.

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