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Uriel Heals > Q&A: A Foot in Two Worlds

How have you been holding up with April’s events so far? We’re not done yet, as we will have the April 29 eclipse looming ahead, but that is the last event of the month, then we are into May.

If November wasn't enough to make you wonder what is happening to your life and to the world, it isn't time to get too comfortable yet because December brings us another round of energy for completion, release and closure. Whenever a month opens with an active Mercury retrograde, between an eclipse sandwich, with a Solstice, we can expect big things. Notice I said 'big' things, not 'good' or 'happy' or 'easy' things.

Uriel Heals > The Energies of April 2012

We have been in a heavy retrograde period since January 23 and it has impacted every aspect of our lives. Whether it’s a project, relationship, life decision, or outcome that was would not move, no matter how important it was or how hard we tried, this period has brought much of our lives to a standstill. Like a breath of fresh air, energy that has been stuck for weeks has begun to move  again and now we can start taking action.

Uriel Heals > Never Can Be a Long Time

Have you ever said that you would ‘never’ do something again, usually after going through a situation that didn’t have very good results? Maybe someone betrayed you and you said you would ‘never’ put yourself in that position again.

11-11-11 was a special day whose significance extends beyond its unique date. It was special because the entire world shared in the hope, blessings and meaning of this day. Around the world people shared conversations that focused on enlightenment, possibilities and potential. But the world didn't end (it wasn't supposed to) and we continue with our life journey. Now that 11-11-11 has come and gone, we must focus on carrying the energy's momentum into the days following it.

As I write this I cannot believe that it is already September and this year is nearly over. Some of us are looking with some degree of anxiety at next year, wondering what is going to happen in 2012. Is the earth going to end? Will all of our social and economic systems fail? Will we be annihilated through cataclysmic earth changes? Don't let the fear of what could happen be the dominant theme in your life for the next four months because we do have the ability to shift anything, including the potential for 2012. And in September we begin to step forward and integration is this month's theme.

Uriel Heals > The Energies of November 2012

The back and forth energies of October have thankfully ended and we are entering the relative calm of November, although two eclipses and several retrograde planets, including Mercury retrograde all month, will contribute to this slower movement. We will have to decide whether it feels stagnant or is a period of well deserved rest before we move into December and then into 2013.

I've been writing for some time that the transformation we have been going through for the past five years or more will soon be felt by everyone and that time is here. And others will experience this transformation through the filter of their fears and have to address their own energetic alignment and integrity. They will make choices that include us, or not....

The good news about this month is that it’s not October any more. With so much energetic activity, a Mercury retrograde, daily X class solar flares, multiple planets changing signs, and our need to de-clutter, clean, and clear our internal and external spaces, last month was busy.

Uriel Heals > Whose Truth is True?

We spend our lives wanting to know the truth because, as we are told, 'the truth shall set us free.' But as we search for the truth we begin to see that there is not a single truth, everyone has a different version of the truth and even in our own lives, that which we think of as true can change many times. So what is true and what is not true? If a truth changes, was it ever true in the first place? Will we ever know the truth? And when we know the truth, what happens to everything else we have known up to that time?

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