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2011 will see a transformation of the many different aspects of love on both individual and collective levels. This has been a sore spot (literally) for so many people as they have been unable to create or sustain relationships in their life for most of the past decade or longer. Because we define ourselves to such a degree through the presence of love in our lives, being without someone who 'loves' us has been extremely challenging. Our love life has either been completely uneventful or so painful that we have abandoned our dreams of love. It's time for a change and change is coming in 2011.

Uriel Heals > Energy Shifts and Power Plays

In 2011, as in previous years, we will experience a number of vortex shifts and the influx of new energies as we progressively move towards the energetic recalibration of the family of humanity (which includes the earth) into higher vibrations and dimensions. We have been involved in this process for more than a decade and each wave builds on the preceding one as they work together to alter our physical, physiological, psychic, emotional and mental bodies, allowing us to incorporate more of our spiritual beings into our human bodies through a process that releases density and replaces it with light.

Uriel Heals > The Energies of January

January holds some wonderful surprises for us as another year of amazing new energies begins to unfold. Chances are you have already begun to see movement in your life and this will continue throughout the month and extend throughout the year. There are several themes for January which are personal responsibility, balancing your needs with those of others, being in energetic integrity and using your personal power.

Everyone seems to be getting lessons in dealing with people who seem to not only disregard their needs but who do the exact opposite. What do you do with someone who appears to deliberately oppose your wishes, stand in your way and block your efforts? Their behavior is not OK and they force you into a corner. Do you come out fighting or walk away? And how do you decide what is not OK and what to do after that?

Uriel Heals > The Dimensions of Life

As we begin a new year we feel like we have so much to do in order to change the world and ourselves. Each new level of awareness we achieve opens our eyes to what is 'wrong' around us. But it is our ability to move into a new level of energetic vibration that allows us to  become aware of our disconnection, missteps, mistakes and poor choices.

Uriel Heals > Create Space for your Intention

Every new year begins with resolutions to be better, smarter, more successful and happier. And this generally lasts for a little while then we step into our old ways and the new year can become a repetition of the previous one. What happened? We set out with good intentions and yet nothing changed. There is a very subtle understanding that will help you create resolutions that you will be able to keep and see the results you want in your life, and it has to do with how you set your intention.

Uriel Heals > 2011 Predictions

We are once again at the dawn of another year, which is another opportunity for us to fine-tune the integration of lessons we have been learning for several decades and beyond that, multiple lifetimes. What 2011 brings is more clarity, understanding, transformation and growth as long as we approach this from the point of detachment, observation, unconditional love and acceptance.

Uriel Heals > How Much 'Go' is in Letting Go?

As we wind down the year, there are only a few weeks left, the situations that we need to release for the coming year are becoming very apparent to us. That is what I have seen with clients in the past few weeks and I know that more is coming before the end of 2010. How much do we need to let go of, though, before we can move on?

Uriel Heals > Retrograde, Solstice, Full Moon and Christmas, oh my!

There is so much happening this week that we may feel rushed, tired, overwhelmed and frazzled. In addition to the holiday season, which some people view with mixed feelings because they must spend time with those that they manage to avoid for the rest of the year. For others it is a happy time that allows them to spend time with those they love. For everyone this is the end of a rather challenging year and the beginning of a new journey. This week we have Christmas, the Solstice, Mercury is still retrograde and a powerful full moon.

Uriel Heals > Useful Clarity

We ask for clarity and when it comes we often don't know what to do with it. Suddenly we understand the reasons for everything in our life and this doesn't always make us happy. With a critical eye, clarity can show us every dark spot in our energy, every powerless act and thought, or point out where we have given our power away to others. But with a more discerning eye clarity is a wonderful tool that can empower us in an instant if we learn to use it in a useful way.

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