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Uriel Heals > 2011 Predictions

We are once again at the dawn of another year, which is another opportunity for us to fine-tune the integration of lessons we have been learning for several decades and beyond that, multiple lifetimes. What 2011 brings is more clarity, understanding, transformation and growth as long as we approach this from the point of detachment, observation, unconditional love and acceptance.

Uriel Heals > How Much 'Go' is in Letting Go?

As we wind down the year, there are only a few weeks left, the situations that we need to release for the coming year are becoming very apparent to us. That is what I have seen with clients in the past few weeks and I know that more is coming before the end of 2010. How much do we need to let go of, though, before we can move on?

Uriel Heals > Retrograde, Solstice, Full Moon and Christmas, oh my!

There is so much happening this week that we may feel rushed, tired, overwhelmed and frazzled. In addition to the holiday season, which some people view with mixed feelings because they must spend time with those that they manage to avoid for the rest of the year. For others it is a happy time that allows them to spend time with those they love. For everyone this is the end of a rather challenging year and the beginning of a new journey. This week we have Christmas, the Solstice, Mercury is still retrograde and a powerful full moon.

Uriel Heals > Useful Clarity

We ask for clarity and when it comes we often don't know what to do with it. Suddenly we understand the reasons for everything in our life and this doesn't always make us happy. With a critical eye, clarity can show us every dark spot in our energy, every powerless act and thought, or point out where we have given our power away to others. But with a more discerning eye clarity is a wonderful tool that can empower us in an instant if we learn to use it in a useful way.

Uriel Heals > See the Divine, Deal with the Human

Occasionally I receive negative feedback from a reader and I appreciate their taking the time to write. Although I read and respond to their emails, my response reflects my belief that every teacher has an audience and they may not be part of mine. I must admit that receiving  criticism was a little shocking early in my writing career, but of the millions who read my newsletters and messages each week, there are bound to be a few people who do not like something and who will voice their displeasure.

Uriel Heals > My Way Or the Highway

What do you do when you try hard to please someone and no matter what you do they refuse to see things your way or to compromise with their position? They want their way, no matter what and they want you to honor their path, fears and needs no matter how much it costs you in terms of time, energy, or emotions. You are at an impasse and you have to make a choice that you don't want to make-to tell them 'no', and then deal with the consequences of their anger, do what they ask and then be angry with yourself or walk away and risk that they will cut you out of their life (which may actually be a good thing).

Uriel Heals > Hey You, Get Off of My Cloud

Yes, the title of this article is from the Rolling Stones song but it is what I heard when I recently shared a success with someone, only to be met with a stream of criticism and doubt that made me take a step back. Was I looking at my situation the wrong way? Was she seeing something I had missed? Should I ignore her comments or were they true? I had been happy on my cloud until she stepped on it and brought rain into my sunny day.

Uriel Heals > The Energies of December

It's finally the last month of what has been a challenging year but not as much as previous years. This month may seem to move slowly because there will be many opportunities to complete work we have been doing all year and that includes the final release of beliefs, people, situations and memories that we have been working on since 1995. To give us support Mercury is retrograde all month, Venus is re-tracing its retrograde path until the 21st and we have a full moon lunar eclipse on the same day.

Uriel Heals > The Power to Choose

Your power to choose is an aspect of your free will and it is how you create your reality. Everything you are and have reflects a choice you make. Every aspect of your life on all levels is a reflection of what you have chosen. While you know you have this power you do not always use it to obtain the best results. When you feel powerless and stuck you question whether you have choices and that is not the issue. You must learn to use your power of choice to create your reality in a mindful, powerful way, focusing on yourself and your needs and rejecting any choice when it involves another's free will.

Uriel Heals > The Cycle of Worth and Value

Earlier this month I wrote about the current Venus retrograde cycle, which ends this week. This cycle is important because it is recycling energies and lessons of 2002, as the retrograde sign and degrees are very similar to those that occurred then. What were you doing then, what was happening in your life, what were some of the challenges you were facing and are they repeating themselves at this time? Chances are that you can find similarities in what you are experiencing now and what was happening then and make some profound changes with that information.

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