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In our day to day lives, where we do the ordinary things such as eat, sleep, work, play, have children, pay our bills and get through life we are not accustomed to looking beyond the person we see in the mirror every morning and thinking of ourselves as anything but ordinary.

Uriel Heals > Time for Your Self

You know there is much work to do and as the energies accelerate you feel you have less and less time. All is moving forward in perfection at the right levels and in the right order. You may be surprised to know that there is no plan in place, nothing is pre-determined and things are unfolding in conjunction with the shifting energies.
This is the time of the acceleration, as the energies of the earth move out of lower vibrations of density and into higher vibrations of movement and creation, connecting you to the flow of Universal energy. You experience this as a feeling of time passing quickly and feel that you are losing control of time. But time as you have created it is a measure of your earthly manifestations.

Uriel Heals > Choose Joy

When your reality is marked by pain and suffering joy seems to be the reward that is out of your reach. And many of you believe that if you suffer enough you will eventually atone for your separation and find joy in life.

Uriel Heals > Choose Peace

The duality of the earth energy allows multiple vibrational levels of energies to co-exist so that you can each choose the path you wish to follow.

Uriel Heals > Choose to Love

Your life journey is a choice between the light and darkness, Your life journey is a choice between light and darkness, love and fear, connection or separation. Everything about this journey is focused on your healing, reconnection, transformation and ascension.
This Sunday is Father's Day, a day when fathers will receive cards and gifts that show their children's appreciation for them. This is an awkward day for many of us, because our relationship with our fathers has not been the loving, kind, compassionate image we have of fathers from Hollywood movies.

It is your intention for healing, closure and clearing that allows you to release energies you no longer need. This is confirmation that you are raising your vibrations and are willing to move forward on your path and it allows you to be aware of the veil that separates you from your divinity, in the form of energies you no longer resonate with.

Uriel Heals > Release Your Suffering

None of you suffers by conscious choice but many of you suffer through your choices to do so. And you believe that it is part of your contract, your agreement for healing with Creator that suffering must occur. Suffering is humanity's choice and is an aspect of the third dimensional energy that you can choose. ut there are many other options available to you.

We are each a collection of many different aspects, each of them contributing to our unfolding path of reconnection to Source and re-membering our physical, emotional, spiritual and mental bodies into wholeness.


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