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Uriel Heals > Paying for Parking

Those who know me will laugh when they read this article because they know that paying for parking is one of my pet peeves. I think that parking should be free and I will go out of my way to look for a free parking spot, rather than paying to park my car somewhere. When I was in Los Angeles with a friend a few months ago, we drove around for fifteen minutes looking for a free parking spot but eventually had to pay a nominal rate because there were no free spaces available.

Knowing your path in these times is difficult because it seems to be changing constantly. As your energies shift options you did not imagine were possible for you become available. And lifelong dreams, things you have worked towards believing that they were part of your path, suddenly come to an end.

In quite a few readings clients have expressed dismay over how people in their life are acting. They are seeing negative energy, strange behavior and attributes that they had not noticed before and relationships are suffering from it. And they wonder why their partners or friends have suddenly changed and what they can do to deal with the 'yuck' factor that is now present in their relationships. And it is 'yuckky' energy that they do not really know how to handle. Do they stay or leave, accept and try to ignore it or is there another option?

If you called in to the latest Healer's Hour show you discovered that someone was missing on the call, me. My apologies to all of you who called in only to discover that I did not make it and I have re-scheduled the call for Friday, August 7 at 8PM. I am not sure what happened or why I did not remember the call as it was on my calendar.

Uriel Heals > Create the Ascension

Accepting your role as creators in the third dimension has been a difficult task as you have used its polarity to reinforce the negative aspects of your experiences and the illusion of separation and powerlessness that were one option among many that you could use to define your journey.
Your presence is the manifestation of the divine in human form, a Light for the world and of the world. Your presence in the community of humanity was created for the fulfillment of your soul's growth and because you are completing a soul, human and universal cycle, the ascension into higher dimensions of being.

Uriel Heals > Why Do They Hate Me?

From your emails and readings, I know that many of you are confused with what is happening with relationships at this time, not the romantic ones but friends, family and other associations where suddenly you go from being friends to being their worst enemy. Sometimes you can make an innocent comment and are bombarded with words and feelings that shock you.

In our day to day lives, where we do the ordinary things such as eat, sleep, work, play, have children, pay our bills and get through life we are not accustomed to looking beyond the person we see in the mirror every morning and thinking of ourselves as anything but ordinary.

Uriel Heals > Time for Your Self

You know there is much work to do and as the energies accelerate you feel you have less and less time. All is moving forward in perfection at the right levels and in the right order. You may be surprised to know that there is no plan in place, nothing is pre-determined and things are unfolding in conjunction with the shifting energies.
This is the time of the acceleration, as the energies of the earth move out of lower vibrations of density and into higher vibrations of movement and creation, connecting you to the flow of Universal energy. You experience this as a feeling of time passing quickly and feel that you are losing control of time. But time as you have created it is a measure of your earthly manifestations.
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