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Uriel Heals > Heaven or Hell?

As divine, timeless beings we know that our purpose in the third dimension is to create connection, to ascend the third dimension into high planes of being. We have done this countless times, on many other planets as this is the Universal cycle of creation and ascension.

Uriel Heals > Happy Holidays and the Solstice

There are two important events this week, the winter solstice on December 21 and the celebration of Christmas on the 25th. This is one of the few times when the entire world recognizes and shares a holiday celebration and is focused on a similar event whose focus is love, birth and renewal. We can use that energy to bring love and light to a world that is open and ready for it.

Uriel Heals > Do You See Clearly?

Everything in the third dimension is an illusion of the collective consciousness that mirrors the vision of humanity for the world. The third dimensional aspects of the illusion are a reflection of humanity's judgments which block the flow of transformation. As judgments are released, through clarity and connection, the collective consciousness is altered.

Uriel Heals > Celebrate Yourself

Your human presence is a cause for celebration because it is the light of transformation for ascension, which is your contract with Source and the earth. You are the embodiment of the light and its manifestation in the third dimension. Your physical presence, lessons, learning and healing are all celebrations of the victory of the transformation and the continuation of ascension.

Uriel Heals > The Energies of December

If November was hard for you, December will appear to be much easier on many levels. But we are still in an important cycle of release and transformation which we have been on for many years and it is bringing us closer to our core areas of healing.

Uriel Heals > Allowing, Recognizing and Choosing Connection

If connection to our divinity is our goal of our lifetimes, it certainly has taken us a long time to achieve it. Or has it? If we look at connection as the final journey of re-establishing ourselves as divine, spiritual beings and being fully integrated with our God-self, then the journey has been long and difficult and it is not yet completed.

Uriel Heals > Thanksgiving Day

This Thursday is Thanksgiving Day in the U.S., a day when family and friends come together to celebrate with food and parties. There are many aspects to this day, for some it is a time when they make an annual, difficult pilgrimage to visit family. Others have no family and this day reminds them that they are alone.

Uriel Heals > Be Peace in Action

Your journey of mastery is a search for peace, the calm in the storm that is the energy of the third dimension. You seek peace in this storm and wonder why you cannot find it. There is no peace to be found on earth for peace is a gift from Source, the light that gives form to the darkness. This peace resides within you as your connection to Home, to Source, to your inner center of light that is within each of you.

Uriel Heals > Be Love in Action

Love is your Source connection and it is your gift to the world. Through love you express your divinity and share your light. Without love, the Earth is in darkness and fear, as those are the energies of the third dimension. When you put your love into action, by loving yourself and others, you bring the energy of higher dimensions to raise the earth's vibrations.

Uriel Heals > 11-11-11

This week introduces a new milestone for humanity, a powerful day with a powerful date. On November 11, the date will be 11-11-11, which combines 11, the number of the initiate, with 33, the master teacher.  33 is the sum of the master numbers 11 and 22, giving them new definition and the opportunity to express their energies at a higher level.
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