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Uriel Heals > Emotional Baggage and Nothing

The energy of the Universe is comprised of nothing, not in the sense that we are all alone because there is nothing else out there, but in the sense of "no thing", it is pure potential waiting to take form. There amount of power at our disposal is beyond our human comprehension because we have unlimited power to manifest anything we want, from any aspect of our life.

Uriel Heals > When Nothing is Something

Our ascension journey is an exciting opportunity to live in a new paradigm. While the paradigm is new to us, it is part of our reconnection so we are simply returning to who we have always been. We will have new access to gifts that are already ours, continue to manifest our reality as we always have and still live in the world we have always lived in.

Uriel Heals > The Energies of October

I am so glad that September is over, it was a very tough month on many levels. Not only were we bombarded with some very powerful energy, but we had multiple astrological signatures that put us on the path to transformation, whether we thought we were ready for it or not. Were you sick last month?

Uriel Heals > The Power of Nothing

During the course of our lifetimes we experience every aspect of emotional density imaginable, creating a storehouse of emotional memory that we return to the physical plane, again and again, to resolve.

Uriel Heals > There is Love in the World

There are times when I look at the world and wonder whether we are making progress. It seems that no matter how hard we work, how much energy we process with the downloads and shifts, we see more proof of the darkness and fear that appears to rule the world.

Uriel Heals > Be Your Purpose

The true purpose of your life journey is being revealed to you as you proceed into your ascension for this is when you can discern between the different roles that ego and spirit play in your reality. This is a profound truth that humanity has tried to understand without success because when approached from the ego, your purpose is seen as being to conquer the world.

Uriel Heals > When Are You Healed

Healing is not a never-ending journey although it appears to be that when all you seem to do is learn lessons that uncover yet more lessons to be learned. What you see as a lifetime of learning, suffering and healing is not that at all. You are participating in a birth process, in the creation of a new earth, integrating new energies and a new paradigm for the planet.

Uriel Heals > Creating Balance

Our ascension path is both ending and beginning as we move from polarity to balance. We accomplish this work in two different avenues, by seeking reconnection to Source and closure with the energies we have come to complete. We do both by trying to find balance between what we feel emotionally and what we know spiritually, balancing our memories of the past and their application in the present.

In a recent reading a client was concerned because she was losing her house, had serious financial issues and was not sure how she was going to move ahead in her life.

It is become clear to many of us that as we disconnect our energy and raise our vibrations the people around us become lost, agitated and even resentful. This is our time to be careful where we are putting our energy because we can be drawn into others' dramas without realizing that they want us to help them resolve their feelings, issues and fear.

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