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Uriel Heals > The Fear Energy Imprint

One of the stops on a tour I took of St. Petersburg, Florida was an old military prison. The building was small and had thick stone walls and iron bars on its few windows. As we approached the building I suddenly felt very cold although it was a warm, sunny day. As the tour group was led through the door I hung back, feeling nauseous and dizzy. I felt a

Uriel Heals > The Many Names of Fear

Our spiritual journey has two aspects, healing and growth. The healing aspect involves resolving karma and our belief that we are separated from Source. The growth aspect can occur once we are able to heal any aspect of our karma, no matter how insignificant we believe it to be. This releases another level of separation and allows us to take one step closer to

Uriel Heals > The World is Shifting

As Lightworkers you have experienced the forces of the Shift in your lives for many years. Some of you have experienced enormous upheaval on financial and emotional levels, others have had health issues that have kept you hidden from the world for long periods. As you watched your life unravel you felt fear, confusion and wondered when your life would

Uriel Heals > The Pressure is On

I always know how much energies are shifting by the kinds of questions asked during readings and the information and healing clients received. And these past weeks have been an interesting blend of experiences. More than half of my readings had to do with clients wanting clarification of the information they have been receiving, confirmation of changes
What is described as the battle between the darkness and the light is not a battle at all, it is a choice for humanity to make from the two different paths that have always been available to it. The path of the Light leads to unconditional love, the path of the Darkness leads to fear. At this time humanity is being presented with the choice of which

Uriel Heals > Is this True?

Being in our spiritual power awakens us to the need to review the truth of the different truths we believe. Without this kind of introspection we can life our life according to a range of beliefs and things that we accept as the truth and they serve to limit our ability to create and receive abundance, joy, peace and love. But just like the day we

Uriel Heals > Surrender or Resist?

Every lesson you experience is accompanied by the choice to surrender or resist. Often you do not see surrender as an option because you do not understand what that means or see it as a choice that is always available to you. The need to resist, to continue to press forward and try all options until you feel you have overcome is a fear response.

Uriel Heals > Conscious or Not?

As the energy shifts intensify we are able to see the difference between those who are on their spiritual path and those who appear to be totally unconcerned with anything spiritual. We define people who do not appear to be on any sort of spiritual path as non-spiritual but that is not true. Everyone is spiritual because we all come from the same
I receive many emails from readers, some are very complimentary, others less so. Sometimes I receive comments that are critical of me for disagreeing with other teachers because my messages contradict theirs. There are many spiritual teachers today because there is a great need for spiritual information. And each teacher writes what they know.

Uriel Heals > You Did Your Best Today

With every experience, person and interaction, you did your best today. Today, you were as abundant, joyful, loving, kind and faithful as you could be. Whatever you did today you did with all of the knowledge, information and talents that you have accumulated over lifetimes. In fact today, you did the best you could possibly do with the soul


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