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Uriel Heals > Be Willing to Be Blessed

Each of you is blessed by a benevolent Universe that is an endless, continuous flow of giving. You are a vessel for the energy that gives it purpose and direction. When you are willing to be blessed you are in the miracle vibration, where you are constantly receiving as you create your reality.

Uriel Heals > Victim Speak

Overcoming the victim paradigm is an essential part of our soul journey. Wherever the victim paradigm exists in our life is where we have a soul wound that needs healing, fear that we came to resolve or karma that we came to transform. When we have victim energy we attract people and situations whose purpose is to make our victim status so apparent to us that we know exactly what we need to transform. But too often their actions make us feel even more like a victim and our language, our 'victim speak', affirms it for us.

Uriel Heals > The Healing Journey

With each lifetime we return to Earth to complete an aspect of our healing mission. This healing journey is the fulfillment of our soul contract, whose ultimate purpose is to remember our divinity, reconnect to Source, and to re-align our energy from polarity to connection.

Uriel Heals > The Eternal Quest for Truth

In your lifetimes you have experienced every aspect of truth in your search for the truth that sets you free from your belief in your powerlessness. There are no lies, there are different aspects of truth. Some will resonate with you, others do not. Yet each aspect of truth resonates with the one who believes that it is true.
We are at a crossroads in humanity's evolution, an opportunity for us to choose whether to live in polarity or step into a new dimension of being. Polarity is the either/or, better/worse or have/have not mentality that defines the third dimension. Through spiritual growth and understanding we have become aware that there are other possibilities for us. Now we have to choose what they are and how we will express them without the hierarchy that exists within polarity. 
We have come full circle in humanity's journey from separation to integration, from total focus on the material to re-integration of the spiritual and from polarity to connection.
When you limit your knowing to what you can see before you, your vision is limited to a small part of a vast reality that is available to you. Every limitation you experience is a small part of a much larger potential for your life. Everything you believe as truth, if based in the material world, is the reflection of your own knowing and not your spiritual truth.

Uriel Heals > 2009 predictions

2008 was a year of completion, endings and closure. It was a time for us to review everything in our life that was not working for us, meaning that was not bringing us joy, peace and abundance, and choosing transformation instead of resentment, fear, despair and hopelessness. If this was a difficult year it was because many of these issues came up at the same time.

2008 is nearly over and what a challenging year it has been. Looking back through the past twelve months I can now see the clearing and transformations that occurred, how the shifts and portals have been working, where the new energies have been focused and how all of the pieces played together to bring us to this moment.
Everything on the earth plane and in the world of spirit is yours. It is yours by divine right and is always available to you. It is not the nature of the Creator to deny, all abundance is a wellspring that you can draw from at any time. Are you aware of this wellspring?


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