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An echo is created when sound waves are reflected off of a hard surface, which results in the continuous repetition of the sound until the sound waves lose momentum and finally become so faint they can no longer be heard. The volume of the echo depends on the strength of the original sound and the distance between its source and the hard surface. If you have ever created and then listened to an echo, you know two things about it:  it repeats exactly what is said (and no more) and does so until there is no more energy in the sound waves, at which time it just fades away.

Another month is over and we are now into the second half of 2010, which has gone by very quickly. It seems that each year goes by faster than the one before and we barely have time to register what is happening before it's over and we're on to the next one. That was not the case, unfortunately, at the end of June when events stopped us in our tracks (again) and we were reminded, once more, that we are still on a journey of learning, healing and growth. We're on the right road, in the right car, we just have not quite reached our destination (but we're close).

Like many of you, I have felt the energies of Saturday's eclipse building for several weeks. And they have been challenging at best, including physical and emotional symptoms that have left me exhausted, drained and confused. At times I feel like I am exploring a cave deep underground, wondering what treasures I'm going to find and at each turn, finding yet another tunnel that leads me in a new direction that is farther, it feels, from where I want to be. And my only light is a strobe light, which reveals only part of what I need to see. With this eclipse a lot of energies were released but now what?

Uriel Heals > Your Greatest Gift

The words you speak are powerful forces of creation. If you could see the energy behind your words and how they command, are responded to and manifest, you would use them very carefully. Yet you use words as a method of communicating with each other, unaware that you are also communicating on many other levels each time you speak. How would you use your words if you knew that they were your tool for manifestation?

This is such a busy week. First we had Father's Day in the US, a day can bring up strong emotions for those who have issues around their fathers. Then we have the Solstice today, in which we have (in the northern hemisphere) the longest day and the Sun appears to stand still. It is a celebration of summer, harvest, and new beginnings. And a lunar eclipse on Saturday brings in powerful energies for clearing and transformation. This will be a busy week, so be prepared for some unusual and at times uncomfortable energies.

As we expand our awareness of our reality, the places we have been limiting ourselves take on a larger than life quality. We see where we have not been in our power, allowed others to influence our choices, been afraid to express our own energy or simply been stuck, unable to move in any direction. With this awakening comes an awareness of our potential, the things we could be doing with our life and there is a rush of energy to become something else. We have just tapped into our potential and for all of us, it presents an unlimited panorama of opportunity, waiting for us to decide what we want.

Uriel Heals > An Electromagnetic Storm

Do you know that our angels and guides are around us all of the time, giving us hints, support and guidance on a constant basis? They often do this in subtle ways, by bringing certain topics, ideas of thoughts to our attention. This past week I was tired to the point where I felt drained, totally exhausted and unable to meet my usual productive schedule. More than once I had to lie down and take a nap. I couldn't think clearly and began to think my health was compromised. "What is wrong with me," I kept asking and I did not receive a direct answer but I kept thinking about the Philadelphia Experiment movie.

I am a do-it-yourself person, so the furniture I buy usually comes in a box with instructions. After opening the box and removing the many pieces of wood and hardware, I wonder how it will all fit together so it looks like the photo on the box and works as intended. If I am lucky, the instructions are helpful and with the right amount of time, commitment, perseverance and tools, all of the various pieces do fit together (and there are no leftovers) and I have a new piece of furniture. This is how we create life from potential.

Uriel Heals > Floating or Swimming Against the Tide?

It seems like the world is falling apart right now. So many different things are happening that are eroding our beliefs in humanity. As we learn more about what goes on in the world, politics, economics and with people in general, it can be hard to not spend the day being angry, depressed and sad. How could things be so wrong and will we ever feel safe and secure again? Were we ever safe and secure or were we just living an illusion that we are now awakening from? Have we all been floating in a sea of ignorance and how can we change direction?

Uriel Heals > The Energies of June

I know that I am not the only person who is glad to see May end. Although it had a rather benign beginning, it brought every fear and doubt we had to the forefront and challenged us to deal with past, every connection we needed to release and to do that while staying focused on manifesting what we wanted and holding that energy in place, no matter what else was happening to us. But it was the uncertainty that made the month of May so difficult, and the way that things seemed to manifest at the very last minute, just as we had almost given up hope.

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