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As we move through these tumultuous times the energy shifts can be difficult to process. There is a greater awareness of the energetic polarities, so while there is more light, there is also more fear, there is more joy but also more pain, and while we experiences glimpses of peace and hope, we also feel the fear of those who do not know what is happening.
Whatever you have forgotten about joy, peace, unconditional love and the blessings of spirit, your soul remembers. It remembers that there is a connection within you to a place where you are free of guilt, shame, and the energies that weigh you down and allow you to believe that you are less than perfect.

Uriel Heals > Choosing the Energy

The cycle of completion we are entering is the end of the era of the 'human human' and the beginning of the 'spiritual human'. And we are here because we collectively chosen to raise our vibrations and become open to new and higher energetic levels.
Each moment of your journey is planned to give you every opportunity to transcend the darkness that you believed was your path and find the light. Each experience is a lesson in healing, finding your power and reconnecting to Source.
We are at an important stage in humanity's evolution, a time of completion and closure, the end of separation and karma and the creation of new energies of reconnection, creation and being powerful. This is a cycle that exists within our own lives as well as for the earth itself. Every aspect of the material world is in a completion cycle at this time.
In many ways, the new earth has come quietly and without much introduction. Is it because we have worked so hard to get here that we have not yet had time to settle down and enjoy it? Or is it because the physical confirmation we had hoped to receive did not happen? That is the mind at work, wanting to know by seeing something it can believe in.

We have been waiting for the new earth for many lifetimes and are now at the crossroads between two worlds. Our mission is not to abolish one for the other but to bring them into balance, fulfilling the promise of bringing heaven on earth. Our desire is to experience our power in ways that have not been possible on the material plane.

Each of us plays an important role in the energetic changes that are happening at this time and the work we are doing in our own lives resonates exponentially in the world. As we acknowledge the importance of each step that we take towards transformation we also step into our role as energetic healers, teachers and vehicles of transformation.

Uriel Heals > Prioritize Your Energy

There are many demands on your energy at this time as you are called to hold energy for yourselves, the planet, for humanity and to shine your light as a healing beacon for others. You came as teachers, healers, energy workers and channels, with work to do, contracts to fulfill and karma and ancient energetic paradigms to heal and complete. You are also the light for your soul groups, creating new paradigms for them to adopt or reject, allowing them to heal or engage with the new energy you create.
We can congratulate ourselves on the work we have done to create space for the new earth, it has been a long and challenging journey. But we are here, even if we are not sure what 'here' means. This is a new paradigm for us, a new opportunity for us to step into our spiritual mastery and live within the miracle vibration.


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