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Uriel Heals > Floating or Swimming Against the Tide?

It seems like the world is falling apart right now. So many different things are happening that are eroding our beliefs in humanity. As we learn more about what goes on in the world, politics, economics and with people in general, it can be hard to not spend the day being angry, depressed and sad. How could things be so wrong and will we ever feel safe and secure again? Were we ever safe and secure or were we just living an illusion that we are now awakening from? Have we all been floating in a sea of ignorance and how can we change direction?

Uriel Heals > The Energies of June

I know that I am not the only person who is glad to see May end. Although it had a rather benign beginning, it brought every fear and doubt we had to the forefront and challenged us to deal with past, every connection we needed to release and to do that while staying focused on manifesting what we wanted and holding that energy in place, no matter what else was happening to us. But it was the uncertainty that made the month of May so difficult, and the way that things seemed to manifest at the very last minute, just as we had almost given up hope.

Uriel Heals > Embrace Transformation and Become

Transformation is a new path for humanity and a gift from Source, whose desire is to enable humanity to use this energy for the purpose of becoming. Becoming is a new paradigm for humanity, it is the path of growth, change, of shifting forms and allowing new energies to merge with those of the third dimension. Becoming is the path of unfolding and allowing, of being open to shifting your forms, which is transformation. It adds to the third dimensional experience and is done without loss, but it does require release of the belief in limitation.

There comes a time on our spiritual journey when we run out of road, we have to admit that we cannot go any farther and we have three choices, to quit, to figure out how to continue on the current road or to find a new road. Each choice has its benefits and drawbacks, one is not better than another. What we choose depends on how much awareness we have and whether we are ready for the new road, which could be anything from a completely different road to a new mindset to a new way of looking at ourselves.

Uriel Heals > Claim It As Done

As masters of the third dimension you have dominion over its energies of form and creation. You can, through your thoughts and voice, say what you wish and it is done. While you may not be able to see the energies moving or have doubt that your voice has been heard, the movement is created as soon as you begin the process.

As I write this two of my three children are preparing to move into a new life purpose, one which will take them into new territories, geographically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. To arrive at this point they had to make some difficult choices about what was important to them, who they would be influenced by and whether they would serve themselves or others. Their biggest challenge was to decide what served their purpose and to have the courage to follow that path, even if it meant walking it alone.

Uriel Heals > Would You Eat a Purple Potato?

During my years as a technical project manager I worked with a colleague who was intelligent, highly skilled and professional. We often traveled together and have dinner after a long day at a customer site. One night we ordered the same thing for dinner and when our plates arrived, they contained several small, round purple vegetables. The waiter said they were purple potatoes, which neither of us had ever eaten before. I tried them first and, despite their unusual color, decided they were good, so I ate them. My colleague, on the other hand, refused to eat hers.

Uriel Heals > The Energies of May 2010

Well, another month has gone by in a year that seems to be going by so quickly that it's hard to keep up. Linear time is collapsing into universal time where all things happen simultaneously and we are integrating other aspects of ourselves into this reality. Where are we grounded and functioning?

What is the purpose of life? What is the purpose of our presence on earth? What are we doing here and how can we know we are living our purpose? Is there a specific path we are supposed to follow and how can we know whether or not we are following it?

The aspect of our presence we are most aware of, even more than the physical, is our emotions. We judge everything in our life, including our body, by how we feel. When emotions are the predominant aspect, we can be completely oblivious to anything that is occurring around us. We believe we are emotionally whole when we have healed the emotions but one additional step must happen.

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