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We alternating between periods of breakneck speed transformation and achingly slow gaps of stillness, moving between trying to keep up with the changes that are being thrust on us to being stopped in our tracks. In the fast periods we focus on movement and doing what we need to in order to stay focused and grounded. And in the slow periods we are challenged to also stay grounded and address whatever is presented to us until the next period of movement.

Uriel Heals > Re-Assess Your Responsibility

Your responsibility as healers is a serious one and you fulfill this in ways that have often caused you great sorrow. The soul groups you choose are those that need your light and healing, but often do not respect or honor the responsibility you have undertaken for them. The roles you play in each lifetime demand sacrifice yet the rewards are often not given to you. The pain you carry for the world weighs heavily on your shoulders and yet the world does not appreciate you for it. Do you take on more responsibility to see the results you wish for or do you give up?

Healing is the purpose of every lifetime, until healing is complete. Then you are free to live your lives through creation, instead of your destiny. But you are so focused on healing that you do not know how to proceed. What do you do when your healing purpose is fulfilled? While there is always some aspect of energy to transform, healing as a focus removes joy from your lives. You forget to live, to be in joy because you feel that there is a reward that comes when the healing is completed. Yet the joy you seek is there for you on each step of your journey.

Uriel Heals > Rebirth or Rebound?

So often we leave one situation only to find ourselves in another one that is exactly the same. Why do we do that? Because we try to fix what we see as our failures by fixing the other person or setting up a similar scenario, hoping that we will do things differently the second time around. But sometimes the second time becomes a third, fourth and so on and we find ourselves in perpetual rebound. What we are trying to do is complete a cycle so we can be re-born but that cannot be accomplished unless we shift our own energy.

The events in our lifetime take us through cycles with a beginning, middle and an end, that then lead us into other cycles. Cycles are not always orderly or obvious, the end can feel nothing like an ending and cycles often overlap, so a new cycle can begin before one ends. If this sounds confusing, it is. But the cycles and where we are in them (we all look forward to the end) are less important than what cycles do, which is bring us to re-birthing, where we emerge with new wisdom and understanding, prepared for the next cycle and steps on our life journey.

Uriel Heals > The Energies of August

July went by so quickly that I look back on the last 31 days and wonder what happened. Where did the time go? In many ways last month appeared to be less challenging than May and June but was it really? Or are we now so accustomed to the roller coaster that we can anticipate the wild ride and don't get so excited about it? I think this is partly true and August brings a whole new set of energies for us to consider.

Nothing in our life happens by accident, from 'out of nowhere' or without some sort of input from us. The Universe never creates a reality that is different from our most unconscious intention. No matter what is happening, we have set that energy in motion by a thought, word, action or belief. And everything we think, say and do has relevance. So why are we so surprised when something happens that we don't expect?

Uriel Heals > Have You Done Enough?

Your many lifetimes prepare you for the journey of reconnection and you wish for this final stage of your spiritual path to occur. In each lifetime you are unaware of the vast amount of learning, healing and growth that you have accomplished since your first entry into the earth plane and third dimension. You feel that you come with no knowledge, learning or understanding and yet it is all available to you once you release your fear of your own power and accept that within you is a core of divine light, despite the darkness and fear you may feel.

The illusion is the path of the third dimension, the creations of the mind that are the physical representation of your beliefs, thoughts and perceptions. The mind does this to create a physical foundation from what it knows to be true. When you believe in the creation of the mind, you are in delusion, creating truth where it does not exist and allowing the belief in the physical world to become the reality of your existence. You can shift the illusion but you must also transform the delusion or you will continue to manifest the same reality in your search for stability and truth.

We all have potential, which is the limitless field of possibilities that we can create our life from. Our potential is the small voice of our heart which calls us to explore opportunities, to create a reality from a long held dream, to become the powerful, joyful person we know we can be.

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