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Uriel Heals > Would You Eat a Purple Potato?

During my years as a technical project manager I worked with a colleague who was intelligent, highly skilled and professional. We often traveled together and have dinner after a long day at a customer site. One night we ordered the same thing for dinner and when our plates arrived, they contained several small, round purple vegetables. The waiter said they were purple potatoes, which neither of us had ever eaten before. I tried them first and, despite their unusual color, decided they were good, so I ate them. My colleague, on the other hand, refused to eat hers.

Uriel Heals > The Energies of May 2010

Well, another month has gone by in a year that seems to be going by so quickly that it's hard to keep up. Linear time is collapsing into universal time where all things happen simultaneously and we are integrating other aspects of ourselves into this reality. Where are we grounded and functioning?

What is the purpose of life? What is the purpose of our presence on earth? What are we doing here and how can we know we are living our purpose? Is there a specific path we are supposed to follow and how can we know whether or not we are following it?

The aspect of our presence we are most aware of, even more than the physical, is our emotions. We judge everything in our life, including our body, by how we feel. When emotions are the predominant aspect, we can be completely oblivious to anything that is occurring around us. We believe we are emotionally whole when we have healed the emotions but one additional step must happen.

Uriel Heals > Physical Wholeness

In order to do the healing work that is the foundation of each lifetime we require a physical presence on the earth. This physical presence begins with our body and all of the aspects that are required for it to function within its healing path. In addition to these physical aspects, such as gender, skin color, height, weight, and health, we have other material aspects such as personality and emotions that are important in realizing our mission. It is the combination of aspects that creates the perfect material presence for us to begin the journey of healing.

Uriel Heals > The Presence of our Present

One of my favorite quotes (from the actor Woody Allen) is “Eighty percent of success is showing up.” Each lifetime is a way in which we show up, ready to complete a task begun long ago, to work through any karmic cycles which have the power to ensure our return for completion and transformation. While we may wonder why we do it, we volunteer to return because we know that every energetic opening we leave behind must be closed through our own healing. No one can heal, transmute or complete energies that we have left incomplete. And to do this we must be present in many ways, physically, emotionally, energetically, experientially and spiritually.

Uriel Heals > The Energies of April

Well, once again I'm happy to say that a month has ended. March came in with a somewhat gentle energy that certainly changed as we approached the month end with an outpouring of highly charged vibrations that left everyone wondering what happened. The full moon at month end came with an enormous amount of clearing and transformational energy that felt like a cosmic vacuum cleaner so whatever we had not already cleared was moved right out.

I was talking to a friend about the energies this past week, because they were so unsettled and so much seemed to be on the verge of happening but not quite ready to appear. I described myself as being halfway between joy and panic, straddling the middle line between knowing that everything was going to be OK and yet not sure whether a full blown panic attack was going to be part of the next step.

As we are watching the old world paradigm wind down we are beginning to see the world as it truly is, without the benefit of the blinders, rose-colored glasses or other means we use to hide the aspects of life we do not want to acknowledge. Our eyes are now open to where and how we give our power away, allow others to take control, and avoid responsibility for ourselves.

For the last two weeks I have been feeling the energies of the equinox of March 20 building and they have been very powerful. So many people have felt these energies as physical illness, ranging from strange infections to hospitalizations for serious conditions. It is not an accident that at a time when we are thinking about spring cleaning, our energies are also being cleared and we have an opportunity, in the presence of this highly charged energy, to complete areas of transformation that we have either not been ready for, been willing to do or were not aware of.

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