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Nothing in our life happens by accident, from 'out of nowhere' or without some sort of input from us. The Universe never creates a reality that is different from our most unconscious intention. No matter what is happening, we have set that energy in motion by a thought, word, action or belief. And everything we think, say and do has relevance. So why are we so surprised when something happens that we don't expect?

Uriel Heals > Have You Done Enough?

Your many lifetimes prepare you for the journey of reconnection and you wish for this final stage of your spiritual path to occur. In each lifetime you are unaware of the vast amount of learning, healing and growth that you have accomplished since your first entry into the earth plane and third dimension. You feel that you come with no knowledge, learning or understanding and yet it is all available to you once you release your fear of your own power and accept that within you is a core of divine light, despite the darkness and fear you may feel.

The illusion is the path of the third dimension, the creations of the mind that are the physical representation of your beliefs, thoughts and perceptions. The mind does this to create a physical foundation from what it knows to be true. When you believe in the creation of the mind, you are in delusion, creating truth where it does not exist and allowing the belief in the physical world to become the reality of your existence. You can shift the illusion but you must also transform the delusion or you will continue to manifest the same reality in your search for stability and truth.

We all have potential, which is the limitless field of possibilities that we can create our life from. Our potential is the small voice of our heart which calls us to explore opportunities, to create a reality from a long held dream, to become the powerful, joyful person we know we can be.

Uriel Heals > Aligning with the Highest Potential

How do we become what we were always meant to be? How do we know what that is? What is the link between us and our potential, between what we are and what we can become, that allows us to always be in integrity with our highest good and best purpose? What can we do to create our lives as an unfolding reality from the conscious use of our highest potential in every situation? It is something we can learn by paying attention to what we choose and do not choose, and asking one important question.

Uriel Heals > Putting the Puzzle Together

As a child I enjoyed putting large jigsaw puzzles together. I remember the joy of getting a new 500 or more piece puzzle, looking at all of the pieces and the challenge of trying to put them together like the picture on the box. The first thing I would do is find all of the edge pieces, put them together and then begin filling in the inside. It took a long time but eventually the last piece was put into place and the puzzle was finished.

In our process of awakening to our true selves, which is that which expresses our divinity and power, we become aware of our unused potential. These are the things we could have done, the person we could have become and the life we could have had. And it makes us feel sad and depressed. Looking at our past from the present moment we see all of our missteps, our fear and our misguided actions. Can we get those moments back? What happens to our unused potential?

An echo is created when sound waves are reflected off of a hard surface, which results in the continuous repetition of the sound until the sound waves lose momentum and finally become so faint they can no longer be heard. The volume of the echo depends on the strength of the original sound and the distance between its source and the hard surface. If you have ever created and then listened to an echo, you know two things about it:  it repeats exactly what is said (and no more) and does so until there is no more energy in the sound waves, at which time it just fades away.

Another month is over and we are now into the second half of 2010, which has gone by very quickly. It seems that each year goes by faster than the one before and we barely have time to register what is happening before it's over and we're on to the next one. That was not the case, unfortunately, at the end of June when events stopped us in our tracks (again) and we were reminded, once more, that we are still on a journey of learning, healing and growth. We're on the right road, in the right car, we just have not quite reached our destination (but we're close).

Like many of you, I have felt the energies of Saturday's eclipse building for several weeks. And they have been challenging at best, including physical and emotional symptoms that have left me exhausted, drained and confused. At times I feel like I am exploring a cave deep underground, wondering what treasures I'm going to find and at each turn, finding yet another tunnel that leads me in a new direction that is farther, it feels, from where I want to be. And my only light is a strobe light, which reveals only part of what I need to see. With this eclipse a lot of energies were released but now what?

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