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Uriel Heals > Even the Inchworm Eventually Arrives at its Destination

I was sitting on my deck enjoying the sunshine when I saw a little inchworm moving up the side of my house. It moved slowly, drawing its body up and forward, one tiny step at a time. It did not stop or falter, did not look around, it just kept moving slowly, ignoring everything but the side of the house and its destination. Now my house is tall and I am not sure what the inchworm was going to do when it got to the roof but it kept moving.

Uriel Heals > Guilt and Shame

The more the energy shifts open our hearts to the divinity of who we are, the more we become aware of the darker, denser energies we carry. And we see the connections those energies have to our limitations, unhappiness and frustration. Some of these are easy to let go of because we can detach from the experiences that come with them. Learning to not take others’ behavior personally makes it easier to release betrayal and disappointment.

Uriel Heals > Is Ascension Making You Sick (and Fat and Tired?)

For the past two days I've had a splitting headache, been nauseous, dizzy, spent a sleepless night, felt so tired that I can hardly stand up, had trouble talking and can't focus. I'm not sick, this is what happens to me when we experience huge energy shifts like the one that began last Friday. Chances are, you felt them too. Our bodies go through many physical changes with energy downloads and they can make us feel like we have been run over by a truck. We can't change that as there is more energy coming but we can understand how to manage these symptoms

Uriel Heals > Your Hair's on Fire, That's Why Your Ears Are Burning

As we are being propelled into more soul growth and even more challenging lessons, it is obvious that we are longer alone in our suffering. Everyone is experiencing 'karma in the face' syndrome and when we know there is an easier path for them, we can be tempted to help them avoid the drama. But it seems that all we can do is look and watch as they drive themselves over a cliff. No matter what we tell them, they just keep on going, smiling and waving us away from their business. Can we help them? Do we need to? What happens to them if they continue along their path?

Uriel Heals > The Energies of September

This year has been relentless as far as clearing energies, making peace with our current and karmic past (which are intertwined), releasing things that do not serve us and basically doing an energetic house cleaning that is long overdue. We have made a collective commitment to ascend, the desire and will are there but the process has been much harder than we thought.

Uriel Heals > In the Land of the Obvious, Looking for a Clue

We're feeling like we're in the land of the obvious and looking for a clue.  Just when we are sure that we finally know what we are doing we find out that everything has changed. After months or years of working on ourselves, do we feel any differently than before? Maybe we don't because it has taken us such a long time to get here that we have completely forgotten the person we used to be, and maybe that is a good thing. I, for one, am glad to be beyond the fear, doubt, confusion and uncertainty that I used to have.

Uriel Heals > The Re-Birthing Teachers

Every aspect of our life, with each lifetime, is an opportunity for us to remember who we are within the context of our power, love and divinity. We don't enter the world as powerless humans, we enter it as humans who do not remember their power. Then we experience a series of lessons whose purpose is to help us reconnect to our power and use it to make powerful decisions and choices. To do this we have countless teachers whose role in our life is to assist in the re-birthing process.

Uriel Heals > Self-Healing

Each lifetime is a journey in self healing and the world is a mirror of the healing that each one of you has come to accomplish. The world does not need to be healed as much as it needs to experience your healing. Then it experiences the higher vibrations and moves into its healed potential. Each person in your life is a mirror of your own healing. Those you believe come to you for healing are a mirror of the healing you have agreed to complete. If you heal them you are not healed. But if you heal yourself they can become a mirror of your healing.

We alternating between periods of breakneck speed transformation and achingly slow gaps of stillness, moving between trying to keep up with the changes that are being thrust on us to being stopped in our tracks. In the fast periods we focus on movement and doing what we need to in order to stay focused and grounded. And in the slow periods we are challenged to also stay grounded and address whatever is presented to us until the next period of movement.

Uriel Heals > Re-Assess Your Responsibility

Your responsibility as healers is a serious one and you fulfill this in ways that have often caused you great sorrow. The soul groups you choose are those that need your light and healing, but often do not respect or honor the responsibility you have undertaken for them. The roles you play in each lifetime demand sacrifice yet the rewards are often not given to you. The pain you carry for the world weighs heavily on your shoulders and yet the world does not appreciate you for it. Do you take on more responsibility to see the results you wish for or do you give up?


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